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Hair Straightening Brush With Lcd Display years ago, if not for the Wu Chi s message, I m afraid already To break the prison community hair straightening brush with lcd display four. Now Su Wan put forward, naturally will take the opportunity to make a decision. So count, it touches Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple two of the strength of the poor, can not go with. However, it is good that the two talent is very good, but it is a breakthrough time The rules of the road, in fact, still limited and heaven and earth rules among the original so Constantly see the stone, Wu Chi has finally gradually realized the meaning of the law. The perception of the avenue, the source and the rules of heaven and earth, enlightenment is the process of conforming to the law of heaven and earth, you can want to prove, but need to break this bondage and restrictions. Three thousand hair straightener brush price in pakistan stone monument, the reason is a watershed, because, from the breakthrough after the three thousand stone, they really can to a certain extent, to break the shackles of heaven and earth rules And only have the power to break the constraints of heaven and earth rules in order to really break the space barrier, leaving the prison community six heavy. Breaking the boundaries of the three thousand stone, after the sentiment is to break the rules of heaven and earth, the formation of their own rules of the rules of the road, and the way, is to face the test of heaven and earth when the law. Point broken this layer of window paper, be considered a real right way, rather than conform to the rules of heaven and earth. A cis, an inverse of the change, is the gap between genius and ordinary. Whether it is Zhou Xu or Li Fernan, they actually did not break this. one word, so, will be trapped in this prison six heavy. To this and so on, Wu Chi was vaguely understand that the whole prison community six heavy, all the stone, in fact, really want to convey the key to people, in this one above the word. Clearly realized this, in order to truly break through, continue to enlightenment go. But it has passed a few decades time, Wu Chi, the hair straightening brush with lcd display number of reference to the stone, it hair straightening brush dual voltage has reached the point of nearly five thousand. This figure, once again Zhou Xu and Li Fernan staggering. Tianjiao Such a person, is the real heavenly arrogance, but also let.into the prison world four This scene is undoubtedly stunned all the people, that touch of Jianguang as if deeply straightening hair brush men penetrated the hearts of all These people do not know the cause of the prison mark involved in the cause, only to see the Wu Chi s overbearing and crazy In addition to the shock of the heart is full of jealousy Who can think, prison community can even break Of course, unlike other hair straightening brush with lcd display people, the magic of the hearts of all people are full of excitement, Wu Chi s tough will only make them feel blood boiling, like the original follow the devil when exactly the same. Soon magic people will find that, for them, the greater surprise is still behind Here Dong Fu is my stay with the devil disciples of the residence, dare to trespassers, kill no amnesty With Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple clothing into the prison community of four moments, Wu Chi overbearing voice rushed through the prison community triple, but also undoubtedly killed all the people Thank you few For a moment, all the magic disciples at the same time bowed Do not need any explanation, they also understand that this is Wu Chi for their previous struggle to protect Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple award. Wu Chi never forget them With this sentence, is the prison in the triple master and then powerful, but also bound to no one dare to fight this one Dongfu idea. A strong enough to get rid of the rules of the prison community, even if not in the prison community, and also enough to deter Xiao Xiao. From this moment on, Wu Chi the name has become a legend Chapter 440 Qinglian bloom, had that tortured Wu Chi puzzled, a full consumption of the two souls of the soul to break through the Baili Daoshan, now in this Qinglian under, but simply as hair straightening brushes reviews a trifling matter. The rules of confining infuriating, at the moment for Wu Chi, it is also useless. Wu Chi did not completely cut off everything, but in the two when they can not support the shot after the cover, after all, if there is no experience, even through the prison community four does not make any sense. Zhou Bo Ya. n and Yuan Ziyi Although the mouth has been heard from the mouth of Wu Chi heard the four scenes of the prison community, but only to this immersive time, can really feel the danger.

the subject, but also received a bit ahead of the wind Chapter 527 Pirates of the game A blink of an eye, the day will be black down. Yang Yan s letter as scheduled, Wu Chi this lazy from the other hospital came out. An appointment is in the back door of the auction, it is good to find. Such as Wu Chi to the door has been to the seven or eight people, and all are the strength of broken stars, and each bearing extraordinary, obviously I am afraid are also directed at the core of the palace of the examination of the genius of the disciples. Slightly looked at one, Wu Chi can not help but Ya. ng Yan gave birth to a bit admire meaning. Wu Gongzi, sent you See Wu Chi, Yang Yan suddenly greeted up, and then went to the crowd in front of Wu Chi, Yang Yan said people to the Qi, I am not much nonsense, and that This underground auction, although the participation Of the people less, but things are absolutely fine, all the auction, all the requirements are knot, not arrears Who is casually hair straightening brush with lcd display outcry, bad rules, villain can not pocket. Said Yang Yan arch toward the crowd arch hand Road. Well, do not dawdle Who is so bad that the star stone is not Yang Yan from a recent middle aged impatient snapped Road. Come, please come with the villain. Slightly Baoquan, Yang Yan immediately lead the way from the back door, toward the auction to go. Turn a few bends, and soon went to a small auction room, but it is already already waiting for this. Know everything, for an hour of time, you lust a little, do not give me what the tail. The auction room in a steward Chen Sheng opening Road. From the clothing to see, obviously it is the stalls of the auction, the use of their duties, to Yang Yan opened a back door, by auction place, open auction. Yang Yan is clearly cooked way, and easily put a storage bag stuffed in the hands of the steward, Do not worry, we are not the first deal, and I do not worry you do It s a lot of things, that s the way, I m gone. Here turned around at the same time, there are a few people from the outside came in, very strong atmosphere, obviously are master, responsible for maintaining order. So a get, but let everyone more and more assured a bit. Between the moment, immediately someone came out fro.orong against each other, was sentenced to jail prison, in the jail prison is to provoke killing sword king back hair straightening brush dafni to the case, is now rumors from the day jail prison Out of the prestigious. Such a Wu Chi, where they are these ordinary disciples can provoke from the. If it is known to Wu Chi, how will not play this bet ah Think of the original no matter how they ask, Wu Chi are not willing to say who they are, constantly care about him, the heart can not help but hate the root itch. This goods is simply intentional ah, but also what good people, say what to believe Xiushui Feng disciples of the credibility of the previous did hair straightening brush with lcd display not require everyone to come out of Star Stone, a ring of all the effort ah. Now in retrospect, if Wu Chi had forced the crowd to the first star of the gambling out, I m afraid a lot of people will calm down, refused to take this when the. Unfortunately, this is really too late to understand some of the. Wu brothers, we are just a hair straightening brush with lcd display joke it To your identity, are you interested in these teachers with what Know the identity of Wu Chi, before the beginning to say a few disciples to gamble suddenly sweating, again and again Zuo Yi. Oh, that can not dare to This high hat I can not afford. Eyes do not blink, Wu Chi mouth revealed a trace of sneer, righteousness said I do not see you out Do you think that I will care about it Mouth does not care about the star stone, but this slut body revealed the sword but did not mean the slightest convergence. This is the most simple reason, not I care about these stars, the most important thing is the hair straightening brush with lcd display most important thing to do, what is the most important thing Stone, but this is about your credibility, about the reputation of Xiushui Feng, is this little bit of stars. than you, than Shoufeng peak credibility is also important A look of iron into a steel, Wu Chi speak spittle flying, is simply bitterly A public Xiushui Feng s disciples, was simply said tears of tears. What is the reputation of this slut, what is the reputation of Xiushui Feng, which can be used to joke it If only to mention their credibility, playing a Lai also nothing, but who would dare to say Xiushui peak reputation is not three thousand stone important Of course, I also know.head, one of them whispered Wu Ye if not dead, but those who refuse, dare to let us want to presumptuous Mention this, a few people can not help heart sigh Yes ah, the original years, that is, those prison double, triple in the big man to this are not presumptuous, but now, actually followed by others A lot of battles, dead a hair straightener brush ulta lot of brothers Xiao Ye seems to have been injured. Do not say that nobody, I heard that the prison community among the three, some people dare to Su girl shot Just like, a lot of magic people together, this forced back each other Yes ah, Su girl has returned to the golden world, and I heard that is to find Yang apalus brush hair straightener amazon Xiuchuan confirmed Wu Ye s message. Hard Shook his head, the hair straightening brush with lcd display man sighed Xiao Ye seems to have been initiation of the retreat, maybe some days will leave the dark prison community. Oh, so good Wu Ye and other people, even died in the prison community among the five, too terrible ah These people talked and walked in the past, but did not find in the side of the stature of the Wu Chi. Suddenly, Wu Chi s eyes is suddenly revealed a touch of terror murderous. Although only a few words, but he is still able to guess what happened in these years. Their own five years in the prison community spent more than ten years, it seems that these people are really dead when they are, even some people dare to deceive the head of Su Wan. Originally Wu Chi is going to see the night owl, at the moment but suddenly changed his mind. Since these people think they die, then let them jump enough, this account, sooner or later is to be considered a clear. And their own death of the news, who is out of what Yang Xiuchuan or night stars Whether it is Yang, or Chiang family or any other people, Wu Chi want to see, at the moment they are what hair straightening brush with lcd display attitude So they jump enough, this account, always have to clean up about. Mind transfer, Wu Chi suddenly left the night owl s station, flew toward the hair straightening brush with lcd display distance. Thinking for a moment, W. u Chi is still not assured Zhou Bo their security, from the arms out of the letter, quietly sent a message to Zhou Boyan. Just listen to those who said that Su hair straightening brush with lcd display Wan seems to have returned to the golden world, but their words may not be completely credible, always find Zhou.

Hair Straightening Brush With Lcd Display rushed over. No, these guards are simply dead Between the hit, the night Shen Xing suddenly realized what, cold voice Road. In the end what is the place Yang Xiuchuan gun also did not hurt these guards, could not help but curse the sentence. The two can not figure out what is going on, but these guards will not stop, aware of the two broke into, they immediately shot, fiercely toward the two hit, is not a life of the posture. More than ten guards together, and are such a strong body, almost simply can not hurt the existence of even the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan strong, straight n go hair straightening brush can not help but be playing some awkward up. It is almost at the same time, Wu Chi also entered this hall into the hall. Who wear a dead spirit, the hands still holding a pen, these guards naturally ignore the existence of Wu Chi, still toward the two men onslaught away. Brow picked pick, Wu Chi is also aware of the guards of these strange, but after all, did not care too much, but the line of sight fell to the door of a life and death. Chapter 385 Shocking of Fortune Far from looking at this life and death door, Wu Chi even have a direct break into the impulse. Now these guards will not stop him, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan are also entangled, want to enter the life and death door is really simple, but as long as an idea, a moment between themselves can break into the door of life and death, The But do not know why, Wu Chi always feel a little uneasy, or that can not be reconciled. Until now, even he also do not understand, life and death door is how the matter, rushed into it, it seems how to see is not a best choice. Mind turn, Wu Chi s eyes are suddenly once again fell into the Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing s body. Since they do not want to break into the first door of life and death, it must be someone to do this for their own mice. There is no doubt that at the moment Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing is the best cand. idate. Think of this, Wu Chi physique suddenly slightly flash, holding the judge pen, toward the siege of the two guards to go. Iron hat Wrist flipping, between the twinkling of an eye, Wu Chi will use a pen in the air to write a punish the word The last one down the moment, a horrible l.eart, not only related to me hair straightening brush with lcd display alone, but related to the rise and fall of the whole swords of death I must succeed, can only succeed. Jianzu s voice sounded again, very light, but revealed An unquestionable force. Among the disciples, you are the only one who perceives the mystery, so it is the only one who can help me. Between the words, a little stars fall, fell from the front of the Wu Chi. From the surface, this point of the stars completely nothing special, with the surrounding constantly shed the starlight no difference, but Wu Chi was able to feel that this is the star, is the sword of his heart to give hair straightening brush eu him the signal. Slightly pondered a little, straightening hair brush review gently out of the palm of your hand, that point the stars inhalation of the palm of the hand, between the breathing will be refining out. Almost in hair straightening brush with lcd display the refining of the moment, Wu Chi will be more of some special perception, suddenly react over, directly in my heart asked Why is it If I can help, the four Jianjun is not more confident They are strong, not strong enough Rush into the heart of the stars of the refining, will only let the situation out of control, and even directly to be bite back. Jianzu explained I need is a guide, Will be the power of the stars of the limited guidance, take advantage of refining. Sword ancestors, not the disciples do not want to help, it is simply can not help ah I am now the strength, even if only a little bit of the he. art of the stars, but also enough to support my life. Do not want to, directly refused Road. Now naturally not. Jianzu then shook his head But when you break through the broken stars of the moment, but it can be opened by the opportunity to guide Xinghai This way, not only can help me refining the stars of the heart, but also let You get an unprecedented opportunity to open up one of the most perfect star sea. Able to open, the sword ancestors naturally has long been considered good. Slightly a lag, Wu Chi then smile Jianzu, disciples timid, or forget it. Do not look Jianzu easy, but in fact, whenever a little brain, but also understand the danger. A bad control, but not the development of Xinghai, but the direct support Xinghai, collapse of the fate of the stars. This thing is purely life, but th.

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