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Hair Straightening Brush ace of mockery of the color, Wu Chi leisurely said This can be how to do, demons attracted too early som. e, at least have to wait for half a day Okay. Paused, Wu Chi looked to the eyes of Bai Rong, has been full of ridicule of the color, White Brother, you say right This moment, even if the reaction and then slow people, but also aware of the exception. Yun He looked at the eyes of Wu Chi is full of horror, obviously do not understand how Wu Chi suddenly so crazy. Wu Yidi, what do you want to do Pincouring demon heart, so that the Yaoqi scattered, hair straightening brush once attracted to the demon, we who can not live. Face abnormal abnormal ugly, Bai Rong Shen sound asked. Yes, ah, yes, white brothers said, there are half of the elders of the door there is a long time, It s time for me to live for a long time. His face full of mockery of the color, Wu Chi s hand but impressively holding the flirt with the heart of the bag, as long as a little hard, you will be able to crush all these witch Before the broken a demon heart, but also not tight, but if it is dozens of demon heart all broken, that horrible Yaoqi, it is bound to shock the demon will be. Eyes tightly staring at the hands of Wu Chi, Bai Rong Chen Sheng asked Wu Shidi, you do not nonsense Wu brothers, what do you want to do in the end Yun pay nervously looked at Wu Chi asked. I am sorry, I may be naughty, but it will not be nonsense. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi indifferent said trouble, just to fight a line of vitality White Brother, you say Angry and extremely laughing, Bai Rong Chen Sheng said Wu Yidi, what am I really sorry for your place, so you have such a big hostility to me Put a waved, stop the cloud and Chen He, Bai Rong continued We are between what is the contradiction, it should return to the door to say that you are now regardless of the occasion of the nonsense, is it in use Are we all joking about our lives I said before, I admire the white brothers you, now it seems, I still look down on white brothers ah Eyes reveal a chill chill, Wu Chi said White Brother, to this point, you want to continue What is it Remark, everyone can not help but at the same time. White Brother, I would also like to ask you a sentence, what is the place where I Wu.time, those people will be like a chicken waggard, vulnerable Looked at Wu Chi, middle school continued To be the seat to return to the upper bound, you are the brush straightener price real disciples of this seat, enough to rely on this aspect of the world. Playing a slap, naturally have. to give a date to eat. Dangerous when sure, can be dangerous, the same will be a huge income This is the key to want to move Wu Chi. For a time, Wu Chi can not help but frowned tightly. This is so nice, but in fact, but it is simply Chedan Perhaps middle aged is indeed very strong, can be among the upper bound, I am afraid more enemies. Had been able to be imprisoned with the dark prison community, do not go out, you can kill the Quartet not a It is not necessarily a good thing to be a disciple of such a person. But now, Wu Chi has no room for rejection. Slightly thought for a while, Wu Chi once again asked dare to ask the older generation, you had offended, what is the person Eyelids jumped, middle aged sneered how, but also want to take off with this seat not a relationship How could it Wu Chi s head shaking with a rattle, the mouth denied. Do not care about the mouth of Wu Chi heart, middle aged indifferent, best hair straightener straightening brush said You can look down on your body imprisonment mark. Yep Moment, Wu Chi heart suddenly raised a bad premonition, subconsciously bow to see, this discovery, the palm of the prison on the prison mark fresh and eye catching, and reveal a touch of special atmosphere, simply can not cover. You entered the seven prison from the beginning, your body has been imprisoned in prison, broke into the gods, the prison mark the deeper the traces Middle aged faint, said This prison seal, even when So that people can not listen to you reason, feel the breath of the prison community, you will be regarded as the seat of the people This relationship, you will never pick not clean At this moment, Wu Chi simply hair straightening brush hate the root itch No wonder Han Shan people ban all Han Shan disciples into the dark prison community, presumably already know which secret. But their own but the slightest is not clear, one to step into the trap, and now want to jump out, but it is difficult to climb the day. Worse, it is hair straightening brush not just their own, Su Wan Zhou Bo said they also.

Wu Chi not only did not get angry, but unexpectedly laughed. Yunhuo Shimei, in fact, you are like that Bai Rong brothers, right A word break Yuno s face instantly more ugly, What is your nonsense Even if I pit him, with his strength may not be able to get out If you do not do so, we will all die so we these people s life, together, denman thermoceramic straightening brush review it is less than him Wu Chi words have not finished, once again interrupted by cloud load. Pooh, I even die, and disdain in this way Gouzhuo Sheng To the present, you want your despicable act to make excuses Listening to the clouds of the drink curse, Wu Chi also completely put away the interpretation of the idea, calm looked at the cloud and asked So you want to kill me Eyes fell on the sword of the sword, Wu Chi s face is still very calm. For a moment, the surrounding atmosphere seemed to suddenly solidify. Some of the trembling hands of the sword, the heart of the heart of the extremely complex, since she has been so angry Wu Chi this despicable behavior, but, after all, is the same door, and if not before Wu Chi said that the presence of so many people, I am afraid Also have been dead. How can she let her hard to kill Wu Chi His face revealed a trace of indifferent color, Wu Chi calmly said If you do not kill me, then I will go. Where are you going Heart slightly Yi Chan, Yun He finally could not help but asked the export. Road is different, do not seek You want to wind and sun months, and I am just a despicable little people only Mangshan great, we life and death of every life is. Wu Chi eyes revealing the touch of color, no trace of hesitation, turned and walked toward the depths of the mountains to go. Just a moment of absence, until the reaction after the cloud load, Wu Chi s figure has long been disappeared in the night. Slightly shaking his head, Li Yunpeng also retreated a few steps, toward the other side hair straightening brush of the walk, Yunhuo Sister, you may have forgotten, that demon will be white brothers attracted, if not white brothers, we do not need to risk Mangshan deep. Having said this sentence, Li Yunpeng s stature also disappeared in the mountains, even though he did not even the star d. id not light up, but still go clean and neat. For a time, cloud heart has lo.r. Jianjun mercy At that time things, others can not see clues, Luo Ying is to see clearly, but no shot to stop it. Now since the exposed face, it is natural to fall afterwards Simply ignore the request of Liu elders, sleeves thrown, hanging in the air of the sword suddenly cut off, and instantly cut the head of Liu Chang old man, blood splash This sword will also Liu Chang old life star chopped, kill the crisp and neat. Luo Brother, you say, what evidence Step by step, cold star sword Jun coul. d not bear to ask. Public beheaded elders, even Luo Ying shot, but also contrary to the door. evidence Sneer a cry, Luo Ying indifferent said I Luo Ying s words, is evidence overbearing Wu Chi was just heard before hair straightening brush wet to dry the overbearing of Luo Ying Luo Ying as the first four Jianjun, and now is the real insight into Luo Ying s overbearing and decisive. Do not care about the cold star Jianjun, eyes suddenly a turn, once again fell to Lingtian Jianjun body, Luo Ying Lengran asked Ling days brothers, who give you the power, unauthorized disposal of my disciples Lengheng a cry, Ling Tian Jianjun Chen Sheng said Since you see, why not stop to kill Wu Chi to kill the matter, I think you should give me a confession just right. Zongmen test, is the door of the test, since he dared to kill the next, is damn Even Wu hair straightening brush Chi does not kill him, I will cut him, why should explain Still the same, Luo Ying proudly open Road. you This is the gas Lingling Jianjun some trembling. Luo Ying is now just put out a unreasonable gesture out, let him argue Lingtian brothers, I long time to ask the matter, fear is to let you forget, who is the first of the four Jianjun My things, but also less than you ask For a moment, the whole theory of Jianfeng silent Four Jianjun between the weekdays are a group of harmony, even if there is a dispute, it is only a moment of debate only But now, Luo Ying is hair straightening brush rotating one for the Wu Chi, polished torn face. Although to call Xiushui Jianjun and Ling Tianjian brothers, in fact, on the strength, Luo Ying is the first, the four sword king of the first, not who arbitrarily discharged, but really hit out. Weekdays Luo Ying is not in the door, do not want to control these chores, this all to other people to deal with, but.s. uppress, at this moment, seems to have completely lost any meaning. All the defense before the sword, as if just a piece of paper as fragile. hair straightening brush This moment, Bai Rong is really felt the fear of death He can clearly see the eyes of Wu Chi. It is a pair of clean eyes, without trace of impurities It hair straightening brush loreal is a pair of cold eyes, without a trace of emotions It hair straightening brush is a pair of crazy eyes, leaving no trace of room He can feel the crazy Wu Chi, this moment, Wu Chi turned out to really want to die with him Bai Rong seems not afraid of death, in order to take enough risk to take any risk. But Bai Rong is the most afraid of people, because, then the big benefits have to live all meaningful. If Wu Chi has half a minute hesitation and fear, he certainly dare to go on, but now he can only feel from the Wu Chi s cold and crazy. This is a madman No one is willing to die with the madman. Although Bai Rong has 100 percent of the grasp, as long as the moment of time, you can kill Wu Chi, the same, he also knows that only need a moment, Wu Chi s sword will be beheaded him. Life and death, he was still afraid of the time. Suddenly, Xinghua nine cut suddenly was forced to disperse, the residual star wrapped in the shape of Baireong retreat back. Bai Rong such a retreat, had already pierced the body of Wu Chi Jian also collapsed, the crisis naturally resolved. It can be said that to hair straightening brush do this step, Wu Chi has been hard to resolve the crisis, as long as the timely hand, since hair straightening brush there will be a penalty penalty Bai Rong And calculate the time, has also passed eighty nine interest, the elders have been rushed to the front of the sword sword stage. This series of changes, it is too fast, until the moment came the elders heart can not help but suddenly relieved, although dangerous, as long as no dead, after all, is still a good deal. In fact, this moment, the presence of all disciples are also the hearts of one loose, that all this is over. Unfortunately, everyone is wrong Wuchi Wu Chi what is the temper What are willing to eat, is not willing to suffer the Lord ah Oh, you said to kill me to kill me A look can not afford to kill, ran, not light is not heavy by the door to punish even if finished How can such a cheap thing in the world.

Hair Straightening Brush , Zhou Xu and Li Fernan heart suddenly jump, burst of scalp tingling, if not afraid of the threat of Wu Chi, I m afraid long ran away. We are what people, you can not control Bite his teeth, Zhou Xu raised his head, his face disdain opening You hit you, we just take the opportunity to pick up something. you wanna die Murder Dasheng, led by the two people do not say anything, pull the sword turned to Zhou Xu killed in the past. Only, his footsteps have just taken a step, then abruptly received back, not because of a sudden change of mind, but because, in the hands of Zhou Xu, there was a golden sword character Although the sword hair straightening brush eu plug has not yet launched, but that horrible atmosphere, but it is enough to be prohibitive. Chapter 446 on the bound using hair straightening brush world Tianjiao Jin Ling swordsman Pupil suddenly a shrink, the man immediately recognized the origin of the golden swordsman, the heart can not help but suddenly Yi Chan. In any case, he did not think, even in this situation, see Jin Ling swordsman, but also by Jin Ling swordsman abruptly brush n go hair straightener forced back. You know like. Zhou Xu Ang head, disdain of ridicule Road. Who is you Staring at the hands of Zhou Ling Jin Ling swordsman, the man looked ugly Chen Sheng asked. This is my brother lend us, we do not want to get involved, so you better do not force me to shoot. Zhou Xu Lengheng a cry, continue to say. Since there is Jin Ling swordsman in hand, do not want to go to kill Jun Jun should, but do this under the things. that are not afraid of losing the gold Ling Jianjun face it Able to Recognize the gold Ling swordsman, the other party will naturally be able to guess the origin of youth, could not help but rhetoric. Unfortunately, he did not do it in the past. If it is that young, naturally can not do this kind of things do not lose this person But Wu Chi did not this troubled ah, this slut is simply not afraid of shame, not to mention, and vice versa is not his people. And now even the surface is not exposed, then what can be concerned about As for Zhou Xu, it is even more clear how the matter. All this is nothing but in accordance with Wu Chi s command to do it, even the words, are Wu Chi told the root, no matter what you say, he just plan to do it is. hair straightening brush Raised his he.ip to the Soviet Union, happened to Su Wan back, let him see, I do not know what the child with the magic, in the Soviet Union on the trouble up, Said to Su Wan to marry him, he was suddenly out of the Soviet Union, this is not the time to come back to marry Su Wan, forced the old lady to the Soviet Union to mention the pro, how to persuade no use. Frowned, listen to these clear, Jiang Zhengyang s heart is can not help but slightly dengkou soon as. Su Wan and Wu Chi s relationship he is too clear, not to mention Song Tianque actually mediocre talent, but also not the Hanshan Master s disciples, even if it is Han Shan Master value, how could hair straightener brush walmart it be Su Wan see on Song Tian Que trouble to marry Su Wan, it is not a joke This thing, the original is nothing to do with him, but now, he asked for Song, and even the urgent hope that Song Lufei can come forward to recommend Han Shan Shang In this case, Song Tianque is almost the only person who can contact Han Shan. Think of this, Jiang Zhengyang mind has given birth to a touch of ominous premonition. Tianque, you are grandpa grandfather came, but also not come out to meet. Song hair straightening brush Yu Chen Lengheng a cry, snapped snapped Road. No, you do not promise me to go to the Soviet Union to mention the pro, I have no see. Not the slightest point to Jiang Zhengyang face meaning, Song Tianqi hands continue to hit something, a word directly back to the top. Nonsense Looking sank, Song Yu Chen suddenly furious, big step into the other hospital, snapped When you want to nonsense Su Wan has been a clear refusal, you want to how A pedal fly around the chair, Song Tian Que stubborn opening I do not care so much Let hair straightening brush s four families of marriage, when not all parents arranged As long as you put pressure on the Soviet Union, fear Su did not promise to marry me presumptuous Song Yuchen can not help but furious, What do you say that bastard Into the other hospital, Jiang Zhengyang slowly opening The day Que ah, as far as I know, Su Wan has a man, and this woman is not for you. Pooh, is not the hair straightening brush rumors with what that Wu Chi have a relationship Disdainly grunted, Song Tian Que turned his eyes and said left and right have a dead, and she also want to give a dead widowed Can not get mar.

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