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Philips New Hair Straightener Brush own life and death, all in the Chiang Zhengyang a read between. Play to play a big, left and right are adventure, why should a small stingy Carefully recalled from the prison community after all the happen, Wu Chi all the actions hair straightening brush eu plug are used to confuse each other, as is by Yang Xiuchuan and the night of the stars of the potential to cheat the soul of stone, and then broke into the prison community in one fell swoop Among them. If it is not empty monk and Yang Xiuchuan has long been agreed, Zhesi is going to put the five set of soul stone together to get the hand to stop. And the results are no doubt proved, Wu Chi s acting is absolutely first class Abruptly deceived everyone in the past. At the moment, when Wu Chi broke into the prison community four, other people back to think, naturally can understand it all, can understand that Gui understand, but also have to admire Wu Chi s boldness and means If you say before, but also feel that Wu Chi is a bold, daring talent, then this idea has been completely rewritten This product is simply the real evildoer Genius in genius And the kind of shameless bones to the bastard. Even think that more understanding of Wu Chi s Chiang Zheng Yang, at the moment can not help but some absence Such a person, where is he can be used, which is Jiang can restrain And then think of the departure of Su Wan, Jiang Zhengyang can not help but sigh again. If Su Wan is the only weakness of Wu Chi, then when Su Wan left the prison community triple that moment, it means that Wu Chi philips new hair straightener brush completely let go of the hands and feet Now even if there is a big anger Wu Chi, but also no catharsis. Eyes reveal a touch of cold, Yang Xiuchuan glanced at the law enforcement one, suddenly followed to the prison community to break into the four. Even at this moment has only a set of soul stone, and can Yang Xiuchuan pride, how can fear To know that this. time the prison community test, to be able to appear five times the soul of the soul itself is an accident, but also nearly a thousand years, the prison community countless results accumulated. Missed this time, at least a few hundred years, is no hope to come up with so many souls to the stone. Yang Xiuchuan where there are patience and so wait fo.e tablets Finally, that hundreds of years, in fact, little effect. There are rumors that the people want to break through the original Yanbei Chen s record Mentioned these past, Zhou Xu spirit a bit better, asked curiously. Yan Beichen If Wu Chi they heard the name, is bound to be extremely shocked, from the prison community began four, Yan Beichen the name, it was deeply into their hearts. Although the already strong, but compared to Yan North Chen smile a bit, Li Fernan shook his head a hundred years time, over million enlightenment monument, that type of supernatural powers realized when the enlightenment monument forest at the same time bloom Guanghua, hard Life and. life in this enlightenment forest among the monuments gave birth to a Yan Beichen enlightenment monument, that is how amazing Owned by this dark prison community began, and only this one Yanbei Chen ah In the dark prison community, Yan Beichen the name, is a legend Do not say to break, and even close to his record of people have not appeared again. Of course, in fact, the two do not know Just before, the prison community four last test philips new hair straightener brush before, that a stone has been erased on the name of Yan Beichen Red robe plus body, life and death big sentence Wu Chi in an alternative way, broke the Yanbei Chen s record However, whether it is Wu Chi or Yang Xiuchuan them, in fact, for Yan Beichen the name, also have not a real concept, naturally they did not realize that it is a glorious thing. If you can go out this time, you also intend to continue to break down Looked at Li Fernan, Zhou Xu suddenly asked. Continue to break into the mouth, the mouth overflowing a trace of self deprecating color, Li Fernan shook his head We are even prison six circles are not in the past, why continue to break down This time trapped nearly ten thousand years, and finally wait until such a possible opportunity to get out, is already luck Is it still hope that luck is always in my body You said, they will continue to break down Zhou Xu s eyes fell to Wu Chi s body, once again asked. Hear this, Li Futan can not help but a slight silence a bit. What do you want to say Li Fernan, we have done before, we have the heart, you really feel that after leaving, he will.

reason to refuse. Lengheng a cry, Zhou Yicong proudly replied shot it, otherwise, you are afraid to never shot the opportunity. Do not worry, do not worry Put a waved, Wu Chi did not care to say, while eyes again swept toward the audience. Watching Wu Chi s actions, all can not help but some inexplicable, this goods looking for Even even Liu Changtong also some touch the mind. Fortunately, Wu Chi did not let them guess too long. Hey, you, that is you That what, I went up to challenge Zhou Yiqun, you still continue to open gambling This sentence is a, everyone can not help but burst of faint impulse, this cargo is two more Brow jumped, just to send the stone to the lake where the fiercely staring at Wu Chi a glance, this opening open, but only accept your win bet. This is a test, there is hair straightening brush instructions no suspense, as long as the out, I am afraid that a small odds, but also some people bet, so to open only to open the pool to win the pool. However, even if it is open, who will be stupid to buy Wu Chi win If you accept me lose bet, I do not bet it Wu Chi a beat the thigh, s. haking his head and said how an odds, you say ah, ok, I bet I could not help but be stiff, but he was a little head, but did not have the power to open the odds, but replied This I can not do the Lord, must consult the top. That s fast to ask ah, all right, I do not worry Pielepiezui, Wu Chi said with no care Wu Chi looked at this rogue look, Zhou Yiqun is almost going to vomit blood, and this goods is funny than it Wu Chi speak at the same time, that person also issued a letter, the news passed out. Just a moment, the letter will come back. Just the same, or a compensable philips new hair straightener brush three This is too low ah You have to ask, I was broken star early ah, maybe a move was Zhou Shixiong slaughtered it, this odds are too hair straightener brush little black low ah Blinked Eyes, Wu Chi Tian shameless bargain This goods which is up to challenge the ah, is simply up to make fun of the treasure ah Although the hearts of those who also feel that even a philips new hair straightener brush compensable 10, and even 20 are ok, but the above is so ordered, he naturally did not dare to really ask, gently grunted is a compensable three, you Love bet does not bet Do not you, I bet Mosquito legs are small and flesh Muttered, Wu Chi said, but also understand that if the catch in the Wu Chi apalus hair straightening brush before the arrival of the two killed, I am afraid it may lead to Xi Jun should win But, as Wu Chi said even if it is really win, Xi Jun should be out of the storm, for him, is really a good thing Chapter 442 Space cracks Sword wandering If it is not a night star star tragedy, perhaps Wu Chi had a long time to find over, but the guidance of the tragedy is so clear, and this move is undoubtedly told Wu Chi, night Shen Xing they encounter danger The. This way, Wu Chi is almost the speed mentioned to the extreme, all the way to break the prison space barrier, abruptly killed here. Li Yunpeng hesitated, Wu Chi is at full speed came, the result is naturally obvious. When Wu Chi s figure appeared in the moment, Li Yunpeng but settled down. Before hesitant because they do not know how to choose, but the arrival of Wu Chi, but it means that he has no choice. The situation to this point, is a failure, to look at Wu Chi, and he has made a certain concessions, so that the other delay to the Wu pool came, if this way can not win Wu Chi, it means that Wu The pool did not win hope at all. Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Li Yunpeng eyes turned home to Wu Chi s body. Eyebrows swept, Wu Chi guessed just the situation, the hearts can not help but some moved, if the things directly dropped, Li Yunpeng is bound to be difficult with them, but they chose to die. This situation, Wu Chi also noted. Stature slightly flash, fell to Yang Xiuchuan side, Wu Chi softly said Thank you No thank you thank ah, we are just a rope on the grasshopper only. From the body out of three jade box handed Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan continued things are here, how to use, Han Shan Shang Did not you say that you were going to be. Received jade box, Wu Chi nodded slightly, but did not view the first time, but the eyes fell to the body of Li Yunpeng. Yang Xiuchuan they may not understand, but Wu Chi was able to guess, to support their own, Li Yunpeng is bound to have been waterproof. But this i. s not clear. Holding the jade box, Wu Chi eyelids slightly jumped, how, but also play it You sure, do not tell me back to the prison seven heavy Li Yunpeng did not answer, but a touch of faint askedtar force at the same time, small. research but suddenly felt a powerful bite force suddenly burst from the body Servant contract Signed a servant contract, she now simply can not violate the meaning of Wu Chi, or will immediately be the power of the contract back bite At least to her strength, but also did not break the contract may be binding. Cast charm control anyway, but there is no positive hands may be. Moment, small research has just mentioned the star force philips new hair straightener brush suddenly dispersed, the whole person fell to bed again. Seems to have long foreseen this scene, Wu Chi did not even the slightest surprise, even the mouth also appeared a trace of a smile, fingers slightly hard, light to unlock the small research clothes, revealing the inside of the pink dress. Hand is not ready. Hand of Wu Chi hand, small research is still a delicate and charming expression, Fenger first to help you undress To this point, she can only try to continue to control the Wu Chi Wu Yi. Well Wu Chi really stopped again again. Slightly relieved, little research had to reach out to remove Wu Chi s clothing, but this action is very slow, but also to their own style to play to the extreme. Have to say, small study of Mei Yi, or very terrible, and then she fully applied under, even Wu Chi, mind can not help but burst of trance. Unfortunately, the existence of the soul of the soul, but doomed all this is useless work. If you say, before the Wu Chi is still holding the share of cheap, play the mentality of the words, then at the moment philips new hair straightener brush was small research to remove the clothes, but also in such a close posture together, Wu Chi s mind is hair straightener brush rotating really gave birth to a difficult to control The desire. hope. Mei surgery can not control Wu Chi, but it is undoubtedly able to add some temptation, so that small research is more attractive. To this point, Wu Chi also do not bother to pretend to be charm, and the palm of your hand suddenly forced, completely ripped off the small study body clothes, suddenly holding the pair of crisp. Son sensitive parts of the body was Wu pool to hold, small study immediately shy shade to faint, scared and afraid, almost almost cry out. How she philips new hair straightener brush would also like to understand why, why suddenly, his own surgery on th.

Philips New Hair Straightener Brush worth mentioning, I will then your meaning, let you completely give up Just played against, but also to find out the wisdom of Wu Chi Zhou Xu, Thunder Kendo though good, but it is philips new hair straightener brush only just good Compared to the usual peak of the road, or can be considered a genius Can be in front of him, but simply not enough to see. In philips new hair straightener brush this prison community six trapped nearly ten thousand years time, through thousands of stone, Zhou Xu did not put the Wu Chi these new people in their eyes, even know that Wu Chi want to borrow the other two Hands to deal with him, but also do not care. People first hope, and then completely despair, would not it be more happy patient He has plenty of That exorcism, I do not know the way Wu Chi weak weakly said. Sniffed, Zhou Xu hair straightener brush vs flat iron disdain said Rest assured, Xuye I said, never count This takes you to find your friend. Hear this, Wu Chi was completely put down the heart. He himself a person, did not grasp to deal with this dead hair straightener brush flipkart metamorphosis, but if coupled with Yang philips new hair straightener brush Xiuchuan and night stars, it is much easier. Heart secretly sneer a cry, cursed Road. Dead and metamorphosis, and let you arrogant for a while And so will you cry, Xiao Ye if you do not take that nausea stuff stamping down, do not surname Wu Heart cursed at the same time, Wu Chi s face is still with a flattering smile, really flattery, only Zhou Xu praised the ancient hero to the past Although know Wu Chi is deliberately flatter him, but still listen to the daphne hair straightening brush words of Zhou Xu whole body floating, secretly wondering, do not let Wu Chi live some years to do better. Chapter 418 supernatural powers, the law of heaven and earth Ugly Asahi, who said you ugly According to me, this kind of person should be a slap in the face of death, what eyes Yaotouhuangnao followed Zhou hair straightener brush ceramic Xu walk, Wu Chi shameless flattery said You are a Unique temperament, is that they do not know how to enjoy it Besides, man man husband, what is the appearance of what With respect to your ability, where to go, is not it had to be ancestors for Well, your kid. is right. This is philips new hair straightener brush the whole body covered with comfortable, Zhou Xu even know that Wu Chi is nonsense, but also very satisfied, Well, your friend is there. Mouth bitter write, Zhou Xu leisurely opening Ro.Wu Chi what is it See the sword, three of those who have finally put away the color of brush straightener myer contempt, turned to Liu Changtong asked. Alone the sword, their hearts will be faint with a feeling, if they changed against Wu Chi, I m afraid is absolutely defeated You guys Shook his head, Liu Changtong softly said On weekdays I speak, always no one to listen to, now happens to be a chance, are good to see clearly For those real Tianjiao, simple state, never have any meaning Tianjiao Brother, you mean, he is the same as you Tianjiao Several people can not help but at the same time moving, incredible again asked. As early as a hundred years ago he is already Tianjiao Shook his head, Liu Changtong softly said. A hundred years ago, the three of them are known as the upper bound Tianjiao, in the dark prison community, the three together but still lost to Wu Chi And even Han Shan who died in the hands of Wu Chi, even then, Wu Chi and even have not been philips new hair straightener brush able to gather stars, has also been enough to call the days of arrogance Moreover, a hundred years broken stars do not say anything, alone, the speed of cultivation of horror, Tianjiao word, but also a well deserved Liu Changtong in talking with these youngsters at the same time, Zhou Yiqun finally shot. Originally said to be good to let Wu Chi first shot, but now, even Zhou Yiqun finally felt Wu Chi s terrible, where dare to have the slightest care of the meaning of the slightest. Between the twinkling of an eye, it has been pulling the sword in hand, homeopathic towa. rd the blooming Qinglian chopped. Chapter 541 people, expensive in self knowledge below Since stepping into the broken star, in fact, Wu Chi and no real sense of the fighting too. Even if it was in the gambling platform and Yang Yan played against, but only just test it, far from the real battle Until now, in the face of Zhou Yiqun, Wu Chi really let go of a war Of course, in fact, Zhou Yiqun also some of the meaning of the people received. Good to see a lively, but suddenly was calculated, the danger will be Wu Chi placed dead, Wu Chi heart has long been excited by the anger, and now the principal has not been able to find out, this cavity anger will only First scattered in the body of Zhou Yiqu.

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