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Saks Straightening Hair Brush Uk urally no room for resistance, but this is the jail prison. Forbidden star power, he naturally no exception. In the absence of star power, he wanted to live Wu Chi, where so simple. Qinglian Jianqi again burst open, Chen elders of the palm suddenly blocked back. boom Forcing the next, Chen elders once again launched the jailbreak of Jian Qi. The terror of the sword from the rolling, even Wu pool is simply unable to bear. If the heart of some hard, naturally, the first to kill himself by the disciples, but Wu Chi is not that after all such a vicious person, before the disciples that live, but for the threat, Chen Changliang really shot, he Where it will really hurt each other s life. Wrist doubled, a palm shot in the jail disciples of the body, the other party shot out, Wu Chi itself is hard to pick up a Jianqi. Click Between the twinkling of an eye, Qinglian collapse broken, Wu Chi the whole person was bombarded hair straightener brush in india to the wall, a saks straightening hair brush uk blood spray out, the letter will be red half of the letter. However, once again hit by the heavy, but still not the slightest meaning of retreat, and even the eyes but revealed a touch of Hanmang. Get out Stature slightly flash, Wu Chi suddenly sword out to go out. To this point, Wu Chi mind than anyone else know, since it has been trouble, it must be to the big trouble, annoyed to the other side can no longer cover, or even shock Jianjun Only to that time, they have room to speak. boom Between the twinkling of an eye, but also a Jianqi bombardment and to. See Wu Chi and did not attack the disciples of the prison, Chen long heart can not help but suddenly relieved Wu Chi did not dare to kill, for him, the biggest scruples have gone. Although he did not dare to kill Wu Chi, but it is possible to Chong Wu Chi, in any case, he can not let Wu pool escape jail prison. Moreover, this way, but actually hair straightener brush price in philippines confessed Wu Chi s charges, as long as the matter will be temporarily suppressed today, the Wu Chi Guan Tianjian prison no longer any problems, the situation is still still in his control. Responsible for guarding jail prison, by virtue of the character of the Fu, he can move the sword of Jian Qi, Wu is not afraid to go against the day to go. But also a note Jianqi fall to Wu Chi.into the broken world. The strength is undoubtedly too much than Wu Chiqiang, and this gap, from a certain extent, a sword with a hundred swords and no difference. Not dare not, where to come so much sophistry. Lengheng a cry, Li Dongsheng strong defense. He said Wu Chi did not dare, although somewhat argued that, but it can also be exposed to the matter. Just Li Dongsheng but did not think, Wu Chi words suddenly a turn. If you lose, it is necessary to violate the meaning of the master, refused to Yunshi Shimei, but you lose it No loss of any. Face sank, Li Dongsheng cold channel If I lose, willing to give you kowtow admit. I bother Grinly spit a mouthful, Wu Chi contemptuously said What kind of character you count Kowtow admit what is worth it Yunhuo Shimei beautiful woman, is it better than you These words so that Li Dongsheng simply can not refute, say what Do you say that he. kowtow admit, more precious than the cloud load Took a deep breath, Li Dongsheng coldly said how do you want The brow of a pick, Wu Chi cold channel If you lose, I want you to make a statement of my life, give me a good care of the centuries A hundred years later, and then re complete our gambling about, the real sub win, you dare What His words, including Yunhe and Li Dongsheng, including the presence of all people can not help but pour a cold air Wu Chi said the categorically, can be described as leaving a trace of retreat, full of momentum Could it be that he is really sure to take Lee Dongsheng full of sword How can this be Looked at Wu Chi, his face some gloomy. Made a vengeance may not be the slightest retreat, and if missed, would not really want to guard the hole thousands of years Why, dare not Sneer a cry, Wu Chi disdain once again ridiculed If not dare, to get out honest, do not install any hero in this. Li Dongsheng said before the hearts of some drums, then hear the words, but the heart is a bit better This threat, seems to be pressing step by step, but in fact, it is not revealed a trace of guilty conscience Heart secretly sneer a cry, Li Dongsheng has been assured, Wu Chi is to scare him out of hair straightening brush or flat iron this. The eyes revealing a wipe, Li Dongsheng openly said I promise you can only But the sword without eyes, i.

icky, but did not think but is self defeating. Formerly, in the Donghua Xianfu in the time, Donghua emperor had left a warning of the language. Do not stand on the left side of the road, the road only to himself The road is hard to find, and how can we trick In the prison community when the four, Wu Chi can be miraculously reversed, because he understood that through the test is nothing, to enhance their own is the only purpose In this process, both with Yang Xiuchuan their heart of victory, or stone on the rankings, have been ignored by Wu Chi Li down. It is precisely because of this, so he can make four big progress in the prison community. But now in the face of the mirror, Wu Chi but lost his sense of balance, perhaps, from the heart, he did not want to overcome t. heir own mirror To tricky saks straightening hair brush uk way to deceive, all the way to cut off those mirrors. It seems to be right, but can not forget, through the test is simply not the meaning lies. From the incense to the road, this one realm, in fact, there are still shortcomings, and only in the saks straightening hair brush uk fight with the mirror, is from another point saks straightening hair brush uk of view of their own shortcomings the best way. Each within the realm, can make some breakthroughs, positive victory over the mirror, add up, will inevitably make the strength once again a leap, then at the moment even if the face of a lot more than their own black mirror, will be very calm. Can be chosen Wu Chi has been tricky, plain will be missed before all the opportunities, and this way, this last mirror of the test, it became a fatal threat It is no exaggeration to say that before everything is just prepared, in front of the black mirror, is the mirror of the real test on the bridge. Can be chosen before those who prepare their own time and opportunity, have been wasted, and this way, not self defeating what is it The brain quickly turned these thoughts, in fact, but also a moment of time only. In fact, Wu Chi s response has been fast enough to be able to instantly want to understand all this, unfortunately, to this point, it is understood that too late. This one stupid, curse just right. Step hair straightener brush original by step, black mirror mirror suddenly burst out of the terror of the sword, forcing Wu Chi even breathing a hurry a bit F.ndation is the saks straightening hair brush uk key to stability. Once Wu Chi really can survive from this crisis, they are destined to create a perfect foundation of the road, truly become a well deserved upper bound Tianjiao. Even enough with the fairy palace, and the upper saks straightening hair brush uk bounds in the top of the door of the Tianjiao contest. Xiushui Jianjun look to Wu Chi s eyes are more complex The presence of so many people, the only one can be guessed to see the king Wu Jun Wu Wu and no malicious people, I am afraid that is only him. After all, from Wu Chi with Xi Jun should come to the sky when the stars, he already know. During these years, in the door of the Wu Chi s care, are also derived from Xi Jun should be ordered. It is precisely because of this, he was more able to speculate on the Wu Chi in the heart of the status of how high saks straightening hair brush uk Jun. Such saks straightening hair brush uk a Wu Chi, as long as they can survive, they are destined to have an unlimited number of future. As for the other people, look to Wu Chi s eyes, it is difficult to use words to describe. Ji Yifeng eyes have pernicious, there are jealousy and curse. Already into the broken star, he naturally understand the importance of Xinghai Before he was aware of the strong Wu Chi, it can be said at all costs to suppress Wu Chi, trying to kill Wu Chi But now, watching Wu Chi in the heart of the impact of the heart, even to support so long, only more and more understand the gap between themselves and Wu Chi. It is almost enough to make a desperate gap. At the moment, the only thing he can do is to curse Wu Chi died here. Burning more than half of the whole mountain above a silence, each person s eyes are on the Wu Chi s body, waiting to see a result. To this point, everyone is very clear, Wu Chi opened the Xinghai, is bound to have a thousand feet Thousands of stars, ah, just think about it, hair straightening brush bearmoo you can make people jealous of madness. How much s. uffering, how much will be harvested. Wu pool body Xinghai, already approaching three thousand feet. However, at the moment, even saks straightening hair brush uk if there is a desire to support, Wu Chi has also been difficult to support it, and between the moment, the body has been constantly bleeding out. Whether it is the will, or the body, the spirit of this moment, have also been completely reached.or three days only, to the evening, so that he thought I went to bed on the line, there will be no danger. Nodded his head, small research confidently said The And looked at, still sleeping in the Wu Chi, everyone will be assured a lot. Other do not say, small study that Mei surgery, but they have personally tried, is the culmination of the master of the stars, it may not be able to get rid of. Go here, you should not stay here You go first, saks straightening hair brush uk back to where he lives, let s contact. Wu looked at a look, small research then open Road. Well, little research, you are more careful. Nodded his head, Zhang Fengyang and told a sentence, everyone immediately left the room. The whole dress, small research then once again to Wu Chi s side sat down, waiting for a while, this hand to shake Wu Chi s arm, son, son, you wake up. Moment, Wu Chi was shook up, and some headache rubbed his head, how Son, you re just drunk. Drunk how can I drunk Wu Chi looked puzzled look. Cemetery, when not early, let s go saks straightening hair brush uk back. Holding Wu Chi s arm, small study pouting mouth said Fenger tired, let s go back to rest good Chapter 533 The office is too smart Do not you live here Followed by Wu Chi all the way back to the other hospital, small research can not help but slightly Yizheng, immediately seemed to surprise some asked. In the fairy palace among the other homes rarely, even the fairy palace disciples, and rarely live on the other homes, as outsiders want to live, spend is an astronomical figure. Beautiful ha ha, for a while there are more surprises Mouth brought back a touch of smile, Wu Chi looked proudly said. Holding Wu Chi s arm, small research did not pay attention to Wu Chi s meaning. Remove the ban token to open the ban, Wu Chi took the other step into the other hospit. al, the ban was dropped. Took a small study back to the room, Wu Chi suddenly a look of anxious, dragged a small study toward the bed. Son, do not worry Pretend to refuse, taking advantage of the gap after Wu Chi, small research immediately raised his hand to play the letter. Yes, son, this other hospital Do not look at me, I can not so much the ability to get other homes. Took small research homeopathic down on the bed, Wu Chi lazily replied This is my.

Saks Straightening Hair Brush Uk inding, once signed, do not regret it. Since the other party saks straightening hair brush uk dare to sign the contract, it is very sure that this kind of thing is to do not leave. Just, the other said the more true, Wu Chi heart more unbelief. Too clever, and how to see are white accounted for cheap, no matter how the look is like a real, it is bound to be a hoax. Originally wanted to refuse, philips hair brush straightener just mind a turn, Wu Chi heart is can not help but sneer up. He had just arrived at the front of the challenge, stood a tea time, the other to pick their own, I am afraid that may not really just coincidence, it is likely that someone has long been eyeing himself. Escape this time, is bound to have the next time, is always a trouble In this case, it would be better to throw out the fifty thousand stone to see if anyone wants to start with their own. As for the fifty star stone may be wiping, Wu Chi is do not care, no matter who, want to take his star stone, can not be so easy to eat into the number, always double the spit out the job. A thought to this, Wu Chi immediately nodded and said Yes, you ready to contract it. okay Heard Wu Chi promis. ed, the man suddenly burst into tears, immediately ready to take out the contract, directly down the spirit of the brand. Of course, as a commitment, Wu Chi must also sign the contract with the promise, if earned, must be like about the stars to pay each other. Son, you look good Signed a good contract, Wu Chi s fifty thousand stone received a good, that wretched little man when turned into the crowd even into the crowd Become Will take the contract back, even when the small man made a letter to Zhang Fengyang letter. Zhang brother, which is too easy, right To see the letter, the other few people incredibly asked Do not say that he is also with our peers How easy so fooled saks straightening hair brush uk Shook his head, Zhang Fengyang then sneered The flaws of the trap, naturally hiding him, if not wrong, then his attention is bound to all in the small seven of the body, waiting for the small seven exposed, doubled Get the star stone back Ah Zhang brother, do you mean Want to fish on the hook, always put bait, especially this self thinking of the fish Mouth showing a trace of cold, Zhang Fengyang Chen Sheng said OK, this thing I.ple give birth to a sense of powerless heart. This is too metamorphosed it is impossible How could that be Zhou Xu and Li Fernan almost crazy, compared to breaking the three thousand stone before, Wu Chi s enlightenment speed soared several times, or even beyond the initial reference to the speed Although the strength of the two good, but no one finally reached this point, naturally can not guess the breakthrough after the boundaries of three thousand stone, what will happen, but Wu what is a hair straightening brush Chi this crazy breakthrough in the momentum, brush straightener malta but let the hearts of the two again Has a trace of chill. If Wu Chi is only enlightenment of more than three thousand seats, for them, is undoubtedly the best results. hair straightener brush for afro hair Both to leave here, and will not have too much threat, even if beat, if you want to run, it hair straightener brush yellow should be no problem. But if let Wu pool so break down, once Wu Chi played against them, fear is not even want to run will have a chance. Even more frightening is that now the two are really not even regret the opportunity A hundred years time, with the help of Dong Fu, Su Wan s strength, has also reached the point of the peak of the road. Even even Zhou Bo Yan and Yu. an Ziyi, the strength also will be greatly improved, although not yet reached the peak of the road, but also not far away. This century, the same growth there are magic people. Now just stepped into the prison community among the three magic master, it has reached the point of nearly a hundred people. Even if not rely on Yang, and now they are in the prison community triple, has also become one of the most powerful forces. The only let Su Wan they are worried about this is a hundred years, there is no Wu Chi s message. It is time for the prison community to open, and this time if I can get the soul stone, I want to go to the prison community to break into a break. Holding the hands of the Wu Chi left a set of soul stone, Su Wan said softly. Wu Chi from the prison after the four back, there is a set of soul stone has not been used, they gave Su Wan, now so long time in the past, Su Wan s strength has reached a breakthrough again, and finally initiation of the To break into the prison community of the idea of four. Sue sister, this is too dangerous. Zhou.

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