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Simply Straight Brush o nothing. Three people fighting each other, is an internal thing, now face him this outsider, the position is surprisingly consistent. Who did not take care of Wu Chi, silent, Ma Shi Jie s ribbon, Liu Changtong fist, also locked the Wu Chi s air machine, made sure to be three to one. Chapter 449 Limit Counter Perfect Kendo simply straight brush is terrible, but the three are also straightening hair brush south africa the same Tianjiao, if it is easy to be scared off is not a joke. Although repair is suppressed, the face of Wu Chi, and no advantage, but under the three together, but also have enough to grasp the suppression of Wu Chi. As for the Wu Chi want to singled out, it is naturally do not even think about it. If in the upper bound, perhaps they do not mind with Wu Chi singled out, but in this repair is suppressed, the single to single challenge to the perfect Kendo opponents, it is not their own death Wind Chen fog are hair straightener brush citra the first out of the arrow, opened the prelude to this war. When the truth is not clear when the fist is the truth. Like just when the face of Li Yunpeng, the three together, there is enough confidence to win the victory. Arrow off the string, fast if thunder. Even if it is the strength of Wu Chi, this moment also clearly felt a trace of a sense of crisis. boom Almost at the same time Liu Changtong fist has also smashed over, vaguely and that arrows echo the trend, sealed Wu Chi all simply straight brush dodge the line. Breathe between the sword field suddenly started. The face of the three upper bound Tianjiao siege, Wu Chi also did not dare to have the slightest effect, just a hands, they directly use the supernatural powers. God s prejudgment In this case, if the brutal hard to each other s attack, is bound to be dragged, Wu Chi is clear that the upper bound of heavenly background, even if they are the perfect Kendo Road, nor qualified to despise each other. Om Breathing between the shadow of the sword light out of the point, very accurate stabbed to Liu Changtong fist on top. Just this sword, but not to fight with each other s fist, but to Qiaojin leveraging. Jianfeng point to Liu Changtong fist, slightly a song, Wu Chi the whole person as a bird like homeopathic inverted fly out, although only a tiny action, but it happens to avoid the Chen fog tha.ask what is not Next to someone brush straightener on short natural hair suddenly asked. Last night he said it was true, he did call Mo Yan, is a liar However, he is indeed to participate in the fairy palace assessment, but the quota is cheated, and must take the name of Wu Chi Caixing. The woman paused, continued He also has a master, with him together, but do not know what things, temporarily left the fairy palace However, for his dignity of identity, scruples deep, I Afraid to wake him, did not dare to ask. Who is his master who, since not in the fairy house, it does not matter Have the ability, let him find us a good account. Next to a person disdain said. Lying on the table, Wu Chi, although not see these people look, but it is out of the voice of each other. These people, was surprised that yesterday was just his extortion of hundreds of thousands of stars of the stone. Just Wu Chi is still some doubts, that the so called small study who Yesterday did not seem to have seen this woman ah. Wu Chi here secretly guess at the same time, the conversation there is still continuing. Zhang brother, now how do we do Small study before he signed a three day contract, how have to endure these three days to go. Shook his head, Zhang Fengyang Chen Sheng said. Zhang brother, want me to say, directly kill him forget, one hundred, as long as he died, the contract naturally useless. No Ranging simply straight brush from Zhang Fengyang answer, small study will be the first to say Our rules, only set up Bureau of fraud, but the hands will never account for life. Nodded hi. s head, Zhang Fengyang then echoed Yes, cheat cheat, even deceive him to die, but we can not touch the blood, this is the rules, can not break. What about that Do not know, small study is not to say that his spirit is very weak Since the small research can be used to control him, you do not have to worry, let the small research to continue with him, just can understand some of the situation He is not that he also There is a division of what, maybe leave some baby to him More inquire about this time, we put him clean Put a waved, Zhang Fengyang Chen Sheng said. Zhang brother, so small research will not have any danger, right Rest assured, since I have control to control him No more is to perfunctory f.

e, watching Ma Shijie, I do not know what to say. Some annoyed, Liu Changtong big step toward the two walked. Did not seem to be aware of other people close, watching Chen fog, Ma Shijie look a bit complicated. She naturally could not have thought that this war ended in this way. And did simply straight brush not enter the fog, she seems to be all out of tune with all this. Although no one seems to blame her, but it is clear that no one to greet her, as if she has been forgotten in general. In addition to Chen fog are Although, Chen fog have so far have not yet opened, but quietly standing in front of her, can bring her uneasy, but more heavy, she even rather Chen fog and did not come. Silence for a moment, Ma Shijie faint opening You are to Xing division to question it Poet simply straight brush Looking at Ma Shijie, Chen fog shook his head gently, poem sister, I did not blame your meaning That is my own choice, I just want to tell you I like you, than anyone else like No matter what you do, my life simply straight brush will never blame you. Chen Fu said this is very serious, it seems that every word represents a commitment. Moment, even though Ma Shijie heart can not help but suddenly Yi Chan. She naturally can feel Chen fog are sincere, but also precisely because of this, only more and more embarrassing. Compared to Chen fog, she seems to be a disgusting joke. Bang Punch furious hit over, crisp will be down the Chen fog Liu. Changtong shot very heavy, this punch hard life will Chen fog teeth are destroyed a few, mouth full of blood. Are you still a man Angrily staring at Chen fog, Liu Chang hastily cursed and said I have to see you, just this woman where you Is there a little bloody Can you live without you Bang While cursing, Liu Changtong followed by a punch is punched out, once again Chen fog all teeth destroyed a few. And did not mean the slightest resistance, Chen fog slightly head down, and even did not even say a word. A push Chen fog, Liu Changtong to see the eyes of Ma Shijie full of murderous, apart from anything else, followed by a punch to pound Ma simply straight brush Shijie. This distance, Liu Changtong s fist is not Ma Shijie can resist. However, seeing in this punch is about to hit the body of Ma Shijie moment, has not answered the Chen fog are suddenly stride.does not need to block From the beginning, Wu Chi did not want to go to the block, really let him have confidence to sign life and death, not their own kendo, but from the door of the supernatural powers Horror of the Xinghua shrouded down, but in the body of Li Dongsheng away from the Wu Chi s body less than three inches when Wu Chi whole person is suddenly disappeared. Is not a phantom, but really out of thin air. boom The horror of the sword suddenly bombardment down, Wu Chi just standing on the ground, the whole sword was twisted from the broken Void are sealed, the sword is simply a range of indiscriminate attacks, there is no dodge possible. Can be biased, the sword eventually lost. This moment, Li Dongsheng mind blank, how do not want to understand, this is bound to get a sword how will come to nothing. you lose Almost colleagues, Wu Chi indifferent voice slowly from behind Li Dongsheng sounded. Suddenly turned around, Li Dongsheng look to Wu Chi s eyes, just like to see the ghost in general, the whole people almost crazy. His face some pale, Wu Chi s body some difficult to suppress the slight trembling, but above the mouth, but full of contemptuous sneer. This is impossible Even to the point so, Li Dongsheng is still incredible, angry roar up. How, do you want to shameless Eyes revealed a chill chill, Wu Chi cold quality asked. This is impossible once again repeated the words, Li Dongsheng seems to be ignorant of simply straight brush the whole person. As for shamelessness, he would like to lie to come, but the venerate oath has long been set, which also have the opportunity to lie Chapter 472 You bully the patient Shrink into the inch After a brief absence, the cloud finally came to react, some incredibly asked out loud. Hear the four words, the crowd suddenly an uproar, Li Dongsheng is like a note Sap hit his head on the same, his face straightening hair brush cvs a white. Wan Jianzong of these disciples, naturally know the inch of this supernatural powers, did not react before, but did not expect Wu Chi actually this supernatural powers only. Li Dongsheng can be taught by the sword wheel of supernatural powers, it i. s already paid a great price, barely in exchange for the opportunity In order to practice this supernatural powers, L.t even if the other side of the real success, and the old chivalrous is bound to be associated with their own into the day jail prison, and this is also dangerous to the old three, but even so he is still doing so, It can only show that he hair straightening brush philippines had to force the reason to have to do. And all this, in fact, roots are in the Wu Chi s body. If this is not the past decade, the old three has bee. n with their own to go close, the other side will simply not be agile to deal with their own, then perhaps this time, the old three have been safe to leave the prison. This decade, the old three is really help Wu Chi a lot, although can not be called any life and death, but barely considered half a friend. Retreat this step, the next three will die, and can be said that it is simply because of their own death And their own, and even a chance to give him revenge are not necessarily. Trance, Wu Chi seems to have been able to see the sun outside the glare. His face showing a touch of smile, it seems more brilliant than that dazzling sunshine. boom Facing the last Jianqi, Wu Chi suddenly took the last step. May die, but sometimes die, it is also not a counterattack. Once really die in this, hair straightening brush singapore not only Chen elders can not afford to run behind the people who want to calculate their own, also can not escape the relationship. In the final battle of this sword will soon fall on the body of Wu Chi moment, a terrorist sword suddenly burst from Wu Chi body. Horror and overbearing sword to tear the world, through the world, in a flash will be the whole jibsan through Such a sword intended, naturally not Wu Chi can be pushed. In fact, it does have nothing to do with him The source of all this, just the body of Wu Chi that a true disciples token. Wu Chi never know that this symbol of his identity is a true disciples of the token, Luo Ying left him is a talisman. Mangshan in the time, Wu Chi to use it to intimidate the wolf demon, as long as he crushed the token, Luo Ying will be rushed. Wolf demon so fooled, not really because the wolf demon stupid, but the wolf demon really from this token on the feel of a fatal threat. Luo Ying naturally can not be a real moment, but this identity token, but best hair straightener brush dryer it is indeed a seal of the sword of.

Simply Straight Brush or, not only in the strength of the far higher than the Wu Chi, and the reaction is extremely fast, thinking more than Wu Chi more clear, even if you want to follow the tricky way to beat each other did not have any chance The The same moves, in the hands of each other, but always faster than their own line, this feeling simply let Wu Qi Qi crazy. If not by virtue of God s ability to predict, to avoid the other side of the fatal attack, or perhaps already already died here. If the opponent is someone else, Wu Chi and confidence with God s prejudice to drag enough time. Can be chosen, Wu Chi to face their own mirror, and all aspects are hair straightening brush myer stronger than their own terrible mirror, even God s prejudgment, in the other s eyes, it seems not so easy to use. Even this is the judgment of the particularity of God s decision, otherwise I am afraid that is the slightest role will not have. Of course, Wu Chi is not nothing. Under pressure, Wu Chi s rebound is also great Before want to fork, and this self defeating, but once let him react, that horrible talent will really show out. From the fall of the territory that war began, before all happened, it seems that all in the brain of Wu Chi s lightning playback. Before the opportunity to be wasted. , but also at least let Wu pool understand, simply straight brush where should start from. Wu Chi s mind and will, have been quench too much extraordinary people too much. Even in the face of this crisis, but also did not regret it. Wu Chi is clear, regret and pain simply do not have any meaning, rather than the energy wasted on these things, it would be better to think about how to remedy as well. Sword from the sword to Jianqi sword domain, Wu Chi through this opportunity to constantly reflect on their own all the inadequacies of the place. It is also because of these shortcomings, will lead to such a grips, will always be slower than the other side Poor this little bit, a lot of time, it will be worlds apart. Of course, to be able to do this, one is now from the black mirror of the body, still still get no small help, then, it is Wu Chi found that simply straight brush black mirror shot although fierce fierce, but actually not With how much to kill. If not so, Wu Chi is simply impossible to support so long t.eople, Li Yunpeng, but can easily feel from the Wu Chi who share the pressure, a hundred years gone, now Wu Chi, let him take the heart gave birth to a difficult to overcome the pressure. But now no one noticed these details. I am sorry, I just. come to see a lively. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi said with a chuckle Just hear this, Well, this brother you speak is not fair, it can not help but laugh. What is your man That hooked nose looked at the middle of the Wu Chi for a while, suddenly aware of the Wu Chi is also the pinnacle of the strength of the stars, but it was born, is definitely not Xiushui Feng s disciples, Is to ask again. I am a person is not important. Shook his head, Wu simply straight brush femjolie hair straightener brush australia Chi leisurely said I am the person is love to look lively The brothers talk, I think it is very reasonable, but since the gambling, then The two sides are hair straightener brush the good guys the next chip is. Pointing to Li Yunpeng and that hook hook nose middle aged, Wu pool shook his head and said The Lee Young if lost, the natural places will give you a senior you, if you lose your brother Only one apology, Too sincerity. Paused, simply straight brush Wu Chi continued Well, so be it I heard you just said, as long as Li Shidi promised, immediately sent three hundred star stone, it would be like this three hundred stone for the bet, If you are lost, you lose to Li Shidi three hundred Lingshi. Brow picked pick, that hook hook nose middle aged also some are not allowed to Wu Chi s meaning, and the words inside the meaning, seems to have provoked him with Li Yunpeng pound meaning. As to let him under the three star stone bet, that is nothing, after all, compared to the large number of places to participate in the three hundred star stone is nothing, not to mention, Li Yunpeng is only the middle of the stars only, he naturally confident The But also did not wait simply straight brush for him to answer, Wu Chi will continue to shout up, you brothers, we just look more lively and more boring, it is better, I come to sit a village, let s bet on how Do you have any good bet Do you dare to press Li Yunpeng to win Then someone disciples scoffed. Hey, these words say gambling, pay attention to is a small stroke, buy Li Shidi win odds naturally higher, so that we have a compensable three how Wu Chi loo.

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