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Straightening Brush Big W rely ridicule Let you deal with How do you want to deal with, in this to give me care to Dongfu to the old days of it Said before the time also fills, and now in. front of the cloud so that the surface of the mouth, is simply in his face slap in the face, the moment, Li Dongsheng shame angry face bloodstained, almost impossible to control their own. Wu Chi You will regret it, I swear, you will regret it How, but also threatened to kill me Careful opening, Wu Chi hair straightener brush as seen on tv is still a pair of dead and deadly posture. Waved to prevent the Li Dongsheng, Yun He turned to the direction of Dong Fu, said softly Yun hair straightening brush kohls He saw Wu brothers. Yunhuo Shimei no extravagant. Smile answered the sentence, Wu Chi is clearly very satisfied with this one of the brothers called, but the words are still revealing a trace of mockery of the meaning of the gas Li Dongsheng shaking. Yun He would like to ask Wu brothers, so that cloud to the sword, is the meaning of Jianjun, or Wu Brothers own meaning Do not care about Wu Chi s attitude, Yun He asked again. What is the difference Wu Chiwei some surprised, curious to ask. However, if the meaning of Wu Xiong brother, Yun Ying would like to ask for a relationship to the brothers, and now the practice of Yunhe is a critical moment, inconvenience distracted, it is not mind to take care of Brothers. Cloud of the sound is very light, but these words are revealing a rejection of thousands of miles away in the meaning. Let her come to kill Jianjun meaning, or Wu Chi s meaning is not important, because now Luo Ying is not in the case, how to say are Wu Chi a word thing. Importantly, she has shown her attitude, as long as Wu Chi homeopathic say a few words, you can put this matter in the past. This is also before, Yunhe already had a good idea. Unfortunately, she did not understand Wu Chi s temper. If not Li Dongsheng naughty, maybe Wu Chi also homeopathic expose, after all, for him, now some low key is always a good thing. But Li Dongsheng so a downtown, but it is so clear to understand the Wu Chi, no matter how their own concessions, the trouble will not be reduced. Even if there is no cloud of things, there will always be other excuses, their own not as hair straightening brush conair peaceful. Moreover, today has been offe.ined Li Fernan, like torture new people, torture torture until the other side completely collapse, will be killed Your friend, practice life and death, no easy to die of. Lest Wu Chi and gave birth to what thoughts, Zhou Xu continued Do not look at me, I can not save him Before I have been with Li Fonan better, will you three points, if suddenly to find him dignitaries, It s hard for him to beat him. Chapter 421 Whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or Wu Chi, apparently do not want to. provoke Li Fernan at this time. A more terrible than Zhou Xu master, but also far from what they are provoking from the beginning, at least now provoke provoke. Moreover, according to Zhou Xu said, the night Shen Xing is also no life threatening, as that tortured in the prison in the four, who has not been tortured Now able to force Zhou Xu promised such conditions, it can be said that Wu Chi single handedly fight out, if the wrong step, they are now the result is bound to be more miserable straightening brush big w than the night star. With the pledge of my life, Wu Chi this is considered peace of mind, but also let go of Zhou Xu. Re walk next to the stone next to the Wu Chi again began to see the stone. Zhou Xu for the interpretation of these monuments, Wu Chi, it is only a reference only, really want to go further, but also need his own to a little try straightening brush big w and sentiment. Watching Wu Chi quickly into the state of enlightenment, Zhou Xu straightening brush big w stood aside, his face is very complex. Put aside all the resentment, he also had to admire Wu Chi means. In the case of the difference between the strength of such a large, still able to break the straightening brush big w Council, and even forced him to make a vengeance, control of the whole situation, the mind and means, so that Zhou Xu ashamed. More importantly, he from Wu Chi s body to see a very strong self confidence. As if he was trapped here for nearly ten thousand years of things, but also did not make the slightest impact on Wu Chi general. Do straightening brush big w not know why, Zhou Xu heart suddenly raised a thought, although there is no reason, but Zhou Xu is still some believe that Wu Chi may really be able to leave from the prison six. And did not go far, looked around the Wu Chi Shen to the stone, but with the passage of time, Zhou Xu heart of the s.

dge pen, life and death filled the road, immediately let Wu Chi have a sense of control of all the strong sense. At the same time, Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing also once again broke into the hall entrance. Mouth slightly raised, Wu Chi wrist slightly doubled, urging the judge pen suddenly toward the two hook. Seeing the judge pen into the hands of Wu Chi, the hearts of the two is much vigilant, even more than the face of the guard when the more cautious. Step by step now to this point, who is also the Wu Chi as the weak, who is really a fool. What s more, now Wu Chi still judge straightening brush big w pen in hand. A check out the horror of the power of life and life lasing out, like a sword suddenly row down, suddenly. scared out a cold sweat. kendo Obviously holding the judge pen, but Wu pool has chosen to use this judge pen out of the power of the Kendo. As if the judge pen in an instant to the unrivaled sword Wu Chi to a judge pen dance tiger, but in fact, the two soon found that this attack but not too much straightening brush big w threat. Judge pen is not to let you use when the sword with the. Wu Chi this idiot play, simply can not really give the power of the judge pen out. Can be either night or Yang Xiuchuan naturally very clear, Wu Chi is definitely not such a fool, then, the intention is very obvious This goods is simply in the water, put two people into the temple Figured out this, the spirit of the two suddenly lifted, once again, suddenly toward the Wu Chi killed over. Oh, adults, no ah Righteousness simply can not stop ah Was beaten again and again, Wu Chi suddenly fly back, while opening exclaimed Road. Chapter 384 life and death door Wu Chi exclaimed at the same time, also suddenly guarded the guard again. Just to the judge pen to Wu Chi, Wu hope to be able to withstand a stick of incense at the time, but how long How could it stop It s too stupid. One to see the problem, guarding the collar look ironly curse fool, it is a judge pen, not a sword What are you doing Adults, I will not use it A look of grievances back back, Wu Chi some breathing to say This is a sudden control of the gas almost almost vomiting blood, before looking at this kid is not quite clever, how to this critical time, it becomes stupid like pigs and do.anced at the crowd one, Zhang Fengyang this reluctantly took the. past, pick the brow, Bale, today you count lucky OK, go, no you thing. Humph Lengheng a cry, everyone stared at Zhang Fengyang fiercely, this straightening brush big w turned away from the auction room, the head did not go back. Today, this somersault planted, but, as long as people remember, this is probably not so easy even if hair straightener brush kmart australia the matter. After the fall of such a thing, no matter where are not rare. Seeing other people are gone, Zhang Fengyang this suddenly found that Wu Chi did not even take the slightest meaning. Boy, do not you roll, wait for me to kick you out Eyes cross, Zhang Fengyang bluntly cursed. Lazy playing a yawn, Wu Chi smiled and looked at Zhang Fengyang and Yang Yan said how, people are gone, this play also finished it What a mess, boy, if you do not roll, may not even want to go Looked at Wu Chi, Zhang Fengyang openly Road. Do you want to cry again, grab me up, give the elders of the auction, set me a pirate of hair straightening brush citra the crime, please, please go to the elders come. Mouth revealing a trace of ridiculous color, Wu Chi leisurely opening Road. Moment, Zhang Fengyang s pupil can not help but suddenly shrink, tightly staring at the Wu Chi. You have great ah Eyes turned to Yang Yan, Wu Chi tut voices praise Xiao Ye I play wild geese all day, but today was almost bitten by the wild geese, she was just to cheat over Really great na Wu Gongzi, what do you say ah Yang Yan looked helplessly said. Enough ah You were originally a group, really when the young man is a fool does not become rolled his eyes, Wu Chi disdain said. See really Wuchi see through, Zhang Fengyang can not help but frowned brow, to Yang Yan made a wink. Well, forget, Wu Gongzi, this thing is my last thing Your star stone, I lost to you, this time I think I planted, you go Shook his head, took out from the body more than thirty thousand of the star stone into the straightening brush big w storage bag thrown to Wu Chi, Yang Yan looked painfully said. Do not ah, watching you play so half a day of the play, I can not split it Now to split the spoils, how can you feel my less Took the star stone, Wu Chi did not see a look, like Smile again and straightening brush big w said Yang brothers, but I told you my star stone, not so easy to take Cha.years are not, or a few people first please. Wu Chi is it Chen fog are hair straightener brush makro picking the pick, the hands of the bow suddenly turned, and instantly open the bow, the terror of the murder has been locked Wu Chi figure. Sister has already said very clearly, I think you do not need me to repeat it again Threaten This time, Chen fog are also not with Wu Chi reason to say. The hands of the bow, that is his reason If Wu Chi refused to play this head, it is bound to face his attack, or that is the face of their three attacks. In this case, as Wu Chi not trust them the same, they are more likely to trust Wu Chi. Moment, hair straightener brush cost Wu Chi suddenly felt a toothache. Xi Jun should be made clear that he ah Just, even if you know that the results, they actually can not cope, completely quilt came in. Sighed a cry, Wu Chi said softly three, I really do not want to be enemies with you If you insist on force, I had no choice but to resist. Between the words, sword into the sword, sword proud of the sky, and instantly confrontation with the three up. Sword into the body of the moment, even if the strength of the three, can not artnaturals ceramic hair straightening brush help but suddenly moved. Perfect Kendo If you say, before the Wu Chi is still somewhat contemptuous, then when the Wu Chi sword, the release of the sword when the time, they really let the three students gave birth to a hint of fear. Perfect how fast Kendo, they are more clear than anyone else. Even in the upper bound, to the perfect Kendo Road, genius, is also rare, each one straightening brush big w is a well deserved demon class At least, the three of them are far better. Before a Li Yunpeng has enough to let the three surprised, and now they found that Wu Chi even to the perfect Kendo Road, how can they not let them extremely horrified. Since they are not willing to fight this head, as we will use the strength to speak well Who lost, who will lead the battle, how His face showing a trace of serious color, Wu Chi Yi Zheng Yan said You three, who First shot Just Li Yunpeng and three of the fight, Wu Chi also seen in the distance, if the single to single fight, he really afraid of anyone. This opening, you want to use the words to the other box to live. Unfortunately, this slut s wishful thinking is. destined to once again come t.

Straightening Brush Big W nd Bai Rong between, but only small things, but Luo Ying and Ling Tian Jianjun trouble up, the movement may be too big. So the relative confrontation, and finally alerted the sword best hair straightening electric brush ancestors. When do you have a big deal Stature slowly appeared in front of everyone, Jianzu faint asked. This question, but it straightening brush big w is suddenly let the four Jianjun are some embarrassing up, the face of the sword of ridicule, no one dare to take the first step. Talk about it, what s going on Glanced at the Luo Ying, Jianzu immediately turned to Xiushui Jianjun. This time, asked Luo Ying or Ling Tianjian Jun no meaning, but is Xiushui Jianjun can be truly fair to explain. Jianzu was Luo Ying they alerted, before the things, in fact, it is not known. Slightly tacit, Xiushui Jianjun three words between the two, they will probably explain the matter again. Xiushui Jianjun s words are very fair, not the slightest biased, which is his door, the best reason for popularity. Slightly nodded, Jianzu Daoshi slightly Yaran, eyes slowly fell to the Wu Chi s body, it seems that this little guy trouble things out ah. Bowed a prayer, Wu Chi did not say any explanation. Things Xiushui Jianjun has explained very clearly, and does not need him to defend himself To ga. ther the stars cut off the broken stars, killing quite heavy ah, but also a bit of your style Well. Glanced at Luo Ying, Jianzu casually said, from this, it is difficult to hear his Tendency. Luo Ying did not wait to answer, Jianzu indifferent said But the things between the disciples, when you turn in this fight you die I live Bai Rong and Wu Chi s battle, who is wrong, in fact, not important. For the sword of ancestors, this is only a small matter after all, but Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian torn face, the nature may not the same. That is, just caused by the Wu Chi, but in fact, in the final analysis, or palm to teach this position downtown. This point, Jian Zu also aware of the same. Disciples know Hear this, Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian at the same time bend the wrong. Come on, you re coming with me. Glanced at the crowd, Jianzu lightly told Road. And did not immediately deal with this matter, because straightening brush big w in the eyes of the sword, this is not a big deal, no matter how trouble, as l.their own directly to the disciples, but. gradually let Wu Chi clear the idea. Deeply looked at Wu Chi one, middle aged silent for a moment, can not help but laugh, interesting It touches the seat look down on you. Wu Chi did not answer, still standing in place. Under the seat of this seat, the seat can pass your top practice of the door, you can pass your most powerful supernatural powers, even into the upper bound, you are enough to become the top genius. Look at Wu Chi, Middle age proudly said to this point, you should understand that soaring is not the end, or even the opposite, into the upper bound, but only just the beginning. These may not be false, as long as their promised, Wu Chi did not doubt that the other party can complete all this commitment. Can the problem be this world for no reason love it Or that sentence, dare to ask the Lord of the prison, I need to pay what Wu Chi asked again. Dark prison world of the test, no doubt cited countless talent to come, to step by step now, standing in front of the prison community, experienced numerous tests So, what about the purpose of these trials Is it really just to pick a suitable descendant No matter than the letter does not believe, at least Wu Chi is unbelieving. If this is true, Han Shan Shangren why the black prison community cause and effect involved very deep, repeatedly remind yourself, do not fly in the dark prison community on the upper bound. If this is true, anxious should be their own, rather than the main prison community Why should he be anxious to get himself into the jail seven, even let people directly lead to their own I only need you to promise me one thing. Pointing Li Yunpeng, prison the main body slowly said I want you in this prison seven of the soaring, and take him into the upper bound. Brow can not help but suddenly jumped, Wu Chi mind is more and more doubts up. Han Shan people let themselves in the golden world soaring, and bring him back to the upper bound. Now the king of the prison and let himself in hair straightening brush big w the prison community seven of the soaring, and to bring his disciples together. It all seems too coincidental. Wu Chi some reason is not clear which one of the clue, mind electric transfer, slightly Baoquan sa.

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