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Straightening hair straightener brush iron Brush Sally\'s what you say, I can not promise you. Turned his eyes, Wu Chi with a look to see the idiot look to him. There are a lot of ways to help him get out of trouble, and not necessarily be able to succeed You will never be an hair straightener brush on natural hair idiot, promise will be able to help him escape it Li Yunpeng snappily grunted, but it is simply too lazy to answer him. Even Xi Jun should not completely grasp their own difficulties, he is not stupid, naturally can not be buried in the pit to their own. There are many ways to help, you can try it slowly For example, is it better than me Even if it has long been experienced this slut shameless, and can hear these words when Li Yunpeng still can not help the eyes of a black, full black line. Sure enough, people are cheap to invincible it I am not suspicious of the Master, but also please the master clearly, what do you want to refining what Standing in f. ront of Han Shan Shang, Yang Xiuchuan slightly frowned, Chen Sheng asked. It is not his temporary want to ask so much, but Han Shan people find him, let him use the power of the whole Yang to collect things. The most critical is that Hanshan straightening brush sally's people need something, very strange. He is not what the rare material, but full of angry people before the death of the heart of the blood. For the desire, you know a bit Calm turned around, Hanshan people indifferent asked. Willing to Yang Xiuchuan slightly Yizheng, willingness is not a call it Or are not some religions used to deceive What do you think Tianjun is what Han Shan Master slowly said Shangjie seventy two days Jun, are all Emperor s seal Tianjun so strong, a large part of the reason is because by incense enshrined, willing to add body. Xi Jun should be trapped hair straightener brush walgreens in the dark prison for thousands of years, but the body still has the residual desire, this is his most terrible killer. Eyelids slightly on the pick, Hanshan Master continued You are now the realm of the country, simply can not understand the power of desire. More can not have a way to deal with. I let you collect your grievances, in order to get rid of his last wish. Han Shan Shangren explained in fact not too clear, but it is enough to let Yang Xiuchuan understand his meaning. I ll get it in a month. Thousands of drops o.the power of Luo Ying. When Wu Chi really encounter a fatal threat, the power of the token will be excited out. Mangshan, Wu Chi are not forced to this step, but now in the jail prison, but it has inspired the power of the sword. Torn world Even this jail prison ban, but also could not stop this horrible sword. Kill Jianjun Luo Ying, as the four swords of the first sword of the king, specifically for the Wu Chi left the power of the sword, and even enough to beheaded demon king However, the more terrible, but not the sword, but the sword behind the will. Once the real disciples of the token in the sword was inspired, is to tell ev. eryone, this is his kill Jianjun Luo Ying s disciples, even if the other side can block the sword, it must be thinking about, if the continued to Wu Chi Shot, can withstand the monstrous anger of Luo Ying. For a moment, three figure at the same time in the jailbreak In the door of the door, to stimulate the Luo Ying this horrible sword, so that they can not straightening brush sally's be aware of how In fact, in this sword to stimulate the moment, Chen Changde s face has completely lost the bloody, the whole people are ignorant, and my heart full of panic and fear. Just a glance, Xiushui Jianjun s eyes will reveal the terror of the murderous machine. However, the first person to attack, but still not Xiushui Jianjun, but cold star Jianjun. Jail prison itself is his control, and now in the jail prison, made such a scene, but it is to make his face already cold as frost. Chen Yang, give me an explanation Cold face cold heart, for all Wanjianzong disciples, the most afraid of the people must be the cold star Jianjun. Suddenly, the beans sweat suddenly from Chen Chang s forehead above the low, to this point, even if it is useless, he must die to go. Instantly kneel down, Chen Changbao bite the bullet and replied Wu Chi was sentenced to jail prison, but I do not know the reflection, but with people After I scolded, not only not afraid, but relied on the identity of the disciples, Prison disciples, regardless of blocking the forced out of the jailbreak Chen Yang is responsible for guarding jail prison, where the responsibility, had to stop. Cold star Jianjun brow slightly jump, suddenly looked to Wu.

re. Whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or night stars, at the moment are the so called future of the beautiful scenery can not afford the slightest interest to. Just to this point, they do not believe how can it Turned to Wu Chi, Han Shan Ren Chen Sheng said Wu Chi, you have to advance into the dark prison community is not no, but I want you to promise me, within three months, absolutely can not enter the prison community seven heavy. See Yang Xiuchuan time, in fact, Hanshan Shangren had already thought of the way. Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, then also guess the meaning of straightening brush sally's the Hanshan Shangren, then look turned to Yang Xiuchuan and night stars. Master wants us to do anything, may wish to quote. Forced to calm down, Yang Xiuchuan once hair straightener brush effects again asked. Very simple, three hair straightener brush natural hair months later, I want you to enter the dark prison again, the things to Wu Chi s hands. Wu Chi s posture, apparently no longer make concessions, and now want to unl. ock the impasse, Yang Xiuchuan is the best candidate. Weigh again and again, Hanshan Master finally made this decision. As Yang Xiuchuan will not accept, it seems that he is not within the scope of his consideration. Not every piece has the power to say no, at least in the eyes of Han Shan, today s Yang Xiuchuan did not say no qualifications. Chapter 436 respect for the great mood And Han Shan Master agreed, Wu Chi no longer hesitate, go back to the dark prison community. straightening brush sally's As Yang Xiuchuan said, now the whole dark prison community has been a mess. For these ordinary people, they simply do not know what happened, and even most of the even into the seven prison guards are not qualified, can be completely closed the prison community, and the dark prison community closed so that they feel To the deep uneasiness. In this case, the emergence of Wu Chi is undoubtedly the spirit of all lifted. Wu Ye, you give me through a bottom, what happened Reprimanded the next, the night owl softly asked. Hesitated, Wu Chi, after all, did straightening brush sally's not explain with the night owl. The dark prison community has changed, but this thing, you know too much, and no good. For the night owl, or those who simply do straightening hair brush south africa not even enter the prison for a person, Xi Jun should be things, really far away. Which is dangerous, wait on the forest less, such a statement of the export, but it is really angered Su Wan. Wrist doubled, suddenly around the moment Tengqi a colorful fog, quickly toward a few people shrouded away. Highly toxic Over the years, this place has long been arranged by the Soviet Union Xin Wan set a Jedi, that horrible and highly toxic, even if Chiang Zhengyang must be afraid of one third, let alone other people. At the moment, Su Wan annoyed a few people speak thin, but the heart is early move to kill the machine. Highly toxic under the sudden outbreak, even a trace of the opportunity to buffer did not give, just open that person suddenly the whole body suddenly was poisonous corrosion of all eyes, mouth issued a burst of miserable, fell in place to cry more than. Step by step, murder masterpiece, Su Wan Zhou body out straightening brush sally's of a touch of the power of the road, highly toxic boiling, sealed all around the space Toxic field Over the years, always practiced in the Dong Fu, Su Wan s strength has long been leaps and bounds, but has not shot the opportunity only. These people subconsciously think that Su Wan is only the original Yang who was almost trapped in the small hole in the ordinary road in the strong road only, under the effect, or even simply not the opportunity to respond, immediately poisoned, whole body Flesh and blood constantly festering, itching difficult to block. You can not kill me, Su Wan, my brother is Lin Qiuyu, now is the peak of the road, at any time may break into the prison community four strong You can not kill me. Seeing that he was shrouded in the poisonous disease domain, the skin also began to fester, Lin Shao was immediately scared loudly scolded up. You do not want me to wait on you Eyes revealed a touch of cold, Suwan sleeves slightly flash, a few insects suddenly fl. y out, fell on the face of Lin, who continue to crawl. I do not straightening brush sally's want to lose, let me leave, I am willing to compensate for all the losses Seeing these insects in their own body to crawl, Lin is even the gallbladder are scared, and hastened to seek mercy. Who told you how to die One of the poisonous insects bitterly in the Lin little face bite, under the pain, Lin Shao suddenly woke up, which has just the slightes.e look for a moment, the two tacit understanding to give up the intention to kill law enforcement, to defense. Prison community triple law enforcement even if it is difficult, but also one of the biggest flaws, that is, he must not leave the prison community triple. As long as the delay to the end of the prison station test, from the hands of other people get the soul stone, they can directly break into th. e prison community, and when the law enforcement officers have great ability, and then they do not have any way. Before the two want to kill the law enforcement, this is difficult to play difficult, but once turned into defense, straightening brush sally's then suddenly embarrassed turn the law enforcement. Although the order chain is strong, but actually more is used for the enemy, rather than kill. For a time, he also took two people without any way Tenrai fire, sword ax In the brush straightener 2.0 prison community, Wu Chi even can not remember how many times their dead, all kinds of dead law, all kinds of pain almost all tasted a times With the perception of life and death on the road, Wu Chi gave up after the resistance, but can support the longer, but also so bear more pain Even by virtue of the will of the terror will force to support down, but it can feel, the power of the spirit has been exhausted. Wu Chi s strength is still worse after some, if the same can also be the pinnacle of the power of the road, Wu pool is easy to hold the prison bench test, but now it seems a bit stretched. Secretly calculated the strength of their own spirit, can also support their own dead about three times. This makes some of the hearts of straightening brush sally's Wu Chi spectrum, after all, he did not know, this is the so called test how long will last. Rumbling Suddenly, Wu Chi suddenly felt the pressure around the increase as much as the air is more of some white flame. And even not so Wu pool reaction, that white flame has been stained Wu Chi s body. pain Moment, even if it is Wu Chi that terrible willpower, and almost no pain halo past, that white flame, is no longer for the body, but directly for the soul of the burning. It is no exaggeration to say that this spirit is burning pain, more than the pain of the body more than ten times terrible Wu Chi whole body of the body.

Straightening Brush Sally\'s red consciousness. Suddenly, Wu Chi s body revealed a terrorist atmosphere, star power surging, shaking heaven and earth. Starlight mapping, in the Wu pool head to form a bright star of the sea of the shadow The sky Three thousand stars Xinghai straightening brush sally's perfect broken star, and instantly once again moved the sky. For a time, everyone can not help but suck a cold air Perfect Breaking Star Rumors, only beyond the thousands of stars of the sea of heavenly arrogance, when entering the broken star, will move the sky. If straightening brush sally's you just guess before the words, then when the day as the formation of the moment, no doubt has been confirmed, Wu Chi opened up the Xinghai has exceeded a thousand feet Moreover, from the extent of today s day of view, I am afraid that more than a thousand feet Suddenly opened his eyes, almost in an instant, Wu Chi to hair straightener brush vs flat iron see the Xi Jun should be In fact, in that one into the body of the moment, Wu Chi straightening brush sally's to hair straightening brushes reviews feel the breath of Xi Jun should be, and now wake up, in front of this scene, it is to Wuchi pupil suddenly shrink As before as expected, Xi Jun should be simply to the heart of the stars. Although Wu Chi is not clear, before what happened in the end, but now Xi Jun should stand in the void, and the heart of the stars have also fallen into the hands of Xi Jun should be enough. Wu Chi, the king Jun Jun should, now Wanjianzong already destroyed, the king and ask you, you may wish to worship the king as a teacher Star heart to start the moment, Xi Jun should have begun on the stars of the refining of the heart. Now barely separated from the subconscious opening to attract Wu Chi, has been enough to explain his attention to the Wu Chi. For a time, the whole mountain is still quiet Wu Chi s talent and potential, has been revealed before the fear of the perfect broken star caused astronomical, such a Tianjiao, indeed worthy of the king should be tempted. I think before the words of Mr. Wang Ying Ying said, straightening brush sally's everyone can not help but burst of a smile. Xi Jun should be in the last minute, shot to save Wu Chi, Luo Ying is not concerned about the attitude, but gave birth to love the heart, want to Wu Chi for his disciples. Now Xi Jun should be refining the heart of the stars almost a foregone conclusion.suddenly some red. Liu Yu At the moment appeared in front of Wu Chi, impressively in the iron sword door to take care of hair straightening brush demo their own brother Liu Yu, that always protect themselves, urging their own brothers. Little Young, you kill so many people, do not have a trace of guilt, a trace of regret it Waiting for Wu Chi, Liu Yu Chen Sheng snapped Road. Even knowing the front of the people, simply just magic out of magic, not really brothers, can face the cross examination of the senior, Wu Chi heart or some inexplicable pain. Took a deep breath, Wu Chi slowly raised his head, seriously said Why should guilty Do not they kill Pointing behind the body, Wu Chi coldly asked Jian Ying Villa up and down hundreds of hundreds of killed, as is only a shadow Excalibur, a little sword of Villa wealth, such a person do not kill What Division of the door destroyed, brothers and sisters were sold into the dark auction, so hatred, should not report it Even if these people damn, then the other people Liu Yu Shen sound asked From the iron sword door after you left, how many people you kill In order to compete for the opportunity, in order to practice, how many people you kill The eyes reveal a touch of sadness, Liu Yu continued You look back, those who die in your hands, you remember how much Perhaps some of them are damn, but how many are innocent people Innocent, how innocent Slightly shaking his head, Wu Chi said practice itself is Guards things, this is a full of bloody and dangerous road Set foot on this road, is the life and death , I do not kill. people, people will kill me, since so, how to innocent one From the small master to teach us, abide by Kendo, abide by the right way, but you now do what, what is the right way as a human Liu Yu bitterly cursed. What is positive, what is evil Brother, do you really understand The eyes reveal a trace of complex color, Wu Chi said softly Brother, I can not tell any good and evil From the time of the beginning of the sword, I have said, I uphold the heart and the sword Fingers pointing to their own heart, Wu Chi calmly said I do not regret everything I do, because I never violated my heart. Worthy of the heart The four words, is Wu Chi life to act the most realistic port.

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