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Straightening Brush the bridge, which in itself is a very unusual thing. So why can not you question the heart of the bridge itself Wu Chi heart of these complex minds, naturally did not explain to the two clear, but can only ask out of this sentence, it has made two hearts extremely shocked. What is the existence of the heart of the bridge For a time, three are involuntarily began to think about this issue, and therefore extended out of countless questions. Unfortunately, between half past one, but it is impossible to get the results. Silent moment, Yang Xiuchuan turned to Wu Chi asked how straightening brush do you want to do Wu is the proposed, then perhaps Wu Chi has what plans Three people are now a man on board, naturally there will be no scruples. This time, Wu pool full silence of a stick of incense time, this point of view of the heart of the bridge outside the dark empty said If the heart bridge is a shackle, then, try to jump out what will happen This sentence, but almost make night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan jump up, eyes full of horror of the color. Jump out What kind of joke, just standing on the heart of the bridge on the perception, to be able to feel that a dark outside the horror of terror, jump ou. t is not suicidal This idea is too crazy. impossible Suddenly shook his head, straightening brush Yang Xiuchuan Chen Sheng said You see, those who are controlled by the demons, are in the dark vanity And do not say anything else, once into the dark void, The foothold is lost Even lucky not dead in the void, the face may also be countless magic control of the endless siege, the situation will be more dangerous than it is now. This is also very reasonable, people can not refute. The risk itself is an exceptionally dangerous thing, not to mention this kind of risk just like suicide. So crazy idea was temporarily suppressed, and three people continue to walk a few days However, soon Wu Chi found himself have been unable to suppress this idea. Magic from the heart When he first gave birth to this idea, in fact, is already already buried in the hearts of a seed, with the passage of time, this idea is more intense, and even simply can not suppress. Once again stopped the pace, Wu Chi and even be able to clearly feel that if you go on like this.ody suddenly burst out of a terrorist murderous. Wu Chi, today I will die for the innocent disciples of Mangshan revenge In the mouth, Bai Rong hair straightening brush philippines suddenly burst into violence, the sword of the moment the sword burst open, almost heaven and earth discoloration. Between the hands of Xinghua suddenly gather together, in the air into nine brilliant lightsaber, fiercely cut toward the Wu Chi down. Supernatural powers, Xinghua nine cut stop Suddenly, several bursts of violence at the same time sounded, several elders came from afar at the same time. Around the disciples is at the same time pale, eyes reveal a trace of incredible look. Xinghua nine hair straightening brush femjolie cut, this type of supernatural powers is not too top of the supernatural powers, but it straightening brush is very famo. us. Not because of how esoteric, but because this trick is near no back, to all the stars into the sword all the time, completely broke out, full ten desperately used lore marvelous. If the enemy of the time, use this trick, naturally nothing wrong, but now it is only just a big difference. The face is not what the enemy of life and death, but with the disciples. No matter how you look, this trick is some over. straightening brush If Liu elders did not obsessed, he looked at the next, naturally can stop Bairong. Can be biased, Liu elders obsessed nowadays there is no time to control the situation here No, perhaps it should be said, it is because of the old Liu see the obsession, Bai Rong will seize straightening brush the only opportunity to directly under the killer Wu Chi. Although several other elders to see all this, but at straightening brush least have to get the time to arrive. This is probably a very short time, but at the moment, but no doubt too long. Before the Wu Chi with other true disciples of the test, Bai Rong also read, if the use of other supernatural powers, he did not fully grasp, to instantly kill Wu Chi, but this trick no retreat, there is no retreat Xinghua nine cut, but no doubt to do to. Between breathing, Wu Chi whole body of the hair are fried up. If you say, before the Wu Chi also holding the mindlessness of the blind toss, then this moment, Wu Chi is really feel the threat of death. Want to have no thought, Wu Chi immediately like to start to build inch of the supernatural powers to hide t.

not completely solve the problem, but it has straightening brush been able to resume practice. There are Dong Fu s help, the practice of fast, but unfortunately, after all, or too short, even if there is the best resources and the environment, want to make much progress in a year, and ultimately is impossible. After entering the road, the strength of the upgrade is the need for a lot of time to accumulate, according to Yang Xiuchuan said, Wu Chi and Jiang Rui this has just entered the road of people, at least a hundred years to reach the peak of the road The Even Wu Chi talent no matter hair straightening brush philips how good, at least have a few decades time to make up for this gap. And now left to Wu Chi, but only a little more than a year time only. T. ook Su Wan s hand, slowly step out of Dong Fu, feel the changes around the atmosphere, Wu Chi can not help but take a deep breath Prison world mark has disappeared, prison community open soon, the real danger from the moment began, really come. Come on At the foot of a little bit, Wu Chi took Su Yuen from the direction of the prison station to fly away. Even knowing that the prison trip is very dangerous, Wu Chi also did not stop Su Wan with him, this time more than a year, Wu Chi and Su Wan day and night get along, already have the same mind. Wu Chi also naturally understand Su Wan s temper, but did not stop the meaning. Moreover, Wu Chi is actually very clear, Su Wan s safety, in fact, in the final analysis still on his body, if he can survive this crisis, Su Wan naturally not dangerous. If you die in the prison station or with other people in the battle, Su Wan even if not followed, the same will be involved. Such as Wu Chi rushed to the prison before the stage, basically qualified to compete for the people have arrived, of course, there are some to look lively. However, hair straightener brush asa vea they will be farther away, so, as long as they do not mind faint first shot, there will be no danger. Looked around a bit, Wu Chi is square to find, this way, prison community triple fight for the fight, but more than before the peace. Eyes fell not far from the body of Chiang Zhengyang, Chiang Kai shek directed at Wu Chi nodded slightly, but also did not speak. By this opportunity, Wu straightening brush Chi is really the opportunity to see t.h the Wu Chi back here, Xi Jun should have been guessed. Although Wu Chi can not be directly received by the ancestors of the disciples, but to become Luo Ying s disciples, which is slightly different from his calculations, but ultimately did not affect the overall situation. For the potential of Wu Chi, Xi Jun should be more than anyone hair straightening brush malaysia else have confidence. This is why he did not immediately cut off the Wu Chi and the hearts of stars linked to the reasons. As the sword before the Wu Chi said the same, although now dangerous, but for Wu Chi, but it is undoubtedly a big fortune Xi Jun should be done at the moment, that is, as far as possible so that Wu Chi will be the use of this fortune to the extreme, creating a unique foundation of the world. Originally, according to his plan, suddenly after Wu Chi, Wu is to be in the side, or even for the disciples. But now, Luo Ying t. his variable, but let him have another, may be better choice. Chapter 523 Limit Star Sea And do not mention Xi Jun and Luo Ying how they are now Wu Chi s almost have to be crazy. Star of the stars to open up Xinghai, which in itself is not a very complicated process, the stars in the star of the star completely released, Xinghai also opened up the shape, and later may also be able to absorb some of the expansion of the star, but the role of limited The For others, are afraid of breaking when the star power is not enough, open up the Xinghai not wide enough. Wu Chi can be, but it is too much star power, and even to Xinghai have to be the surging stars of this storm. Normally, the broken stars of the stars to open up the Xinghai are within Baizhang, as long as more than Baizhang, it is already a genius of the. Such as Bai Rong, Ji Yifeng their door of these great talent, opened the Xinghai also just a hundred feet only. Wu Chi s heritage and talent than they are much stronger, can be normal, can open up the limits of Xinghai, but also up to three hundred Zhang, which is already terrible. But now in the hearts of the stars under the impact of Xinghai was opened up the moment, it has been directly broke the limit straightening brush of three hundred feet. This is certainly a good thing, but everything has to have a limit, once beyond too much, a go.nd said I Yang had before and Wu Chi had a conflict, so right Conflict Sneer a cry, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent opening You are also the hearts of the original things do not let you think, now you are still qualified to hate him Old slave not dare Suddenly heard Yang Xiuchuan these words, Wu was suddenly scared out of a cold sweat, immediately kneel down. Glanced at the old Wu, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said told go down, first straightening brush of all that forest autumn of the first took, and sent to the Wu Chi Dong Fu Before all dare to reach the Wu Chi people, all washed me again ,understand Wu Chi s death when the original is he spread out, and now the purpose has been reached, and these aftermath of the things that naturally should be handled by him, so be considered a break. As to become Yang Jiaqing this kind of thing, Yang Xiuchuan not worried about Wu Chi will refuse. Chiang has been removed, and now with Yang to maintain a hair straightener brush asa vea good relationship, Wu Chi, the same is not a bad thing. Moreover, this one guest Qing also just just name, hair straightener brush magictec for Wu Chi, only the benefits, not the slightest burden, this sent a good thing to Wu Chi s temper, is not rejected. Watching Wu old back down, Yang Xiuchuan this slowly removed from the arms of a dark blue road character Impressively and Wu Chi hand in the hands of the same day. If you do not guess the wrong words, at the moment, your hands are the same as an open day, right Han Shan Shangren s depth, Yang Xiuchuan also did not understand the white, if you have to do an evaluation, it can only be said to be unfathomable. Such an enemy, Yang Xiuchuan do not want to provoke, but also do not want to deep pay. Even with Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan face Han Shan Shang, even without the opportunity to refuse. Otherwise, once angered the hair straightening brush heatons Hanshan Master, he may be soaring the upper bound, so that Han Shan Shangren could not, but what kind of Yang to bear the cold mountain people s anger Although it has never been revealed, but in fact, Yang Xiuchuan straightening brush in the next day when the pass, the hearts of faintly on the Hanshan was born a hint of murderous. If not completely unaware of the words, perhaps, he was in the cold mountain when the time has been shot. However, now Wu Chi was also rolled in, then.

Straightening Brush $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);r ghosting, but guarding the guard of life and death hall, the risk of natural than Wu Chi over there countless times That is, they have a very strong walmart heated hair brush straightener strength, which can managed to support down, for the Wu straightening brush Chi s words, I m afraid a moment, will be dead in them. This is the strength of the gap, do not be half false. Chapter 382 Reunited with hostile What is life, what is dead In the prison community of four, in this free purgatory among the boundaries of life and death seems to have become a lot of fuzzy. Wu Chi has long been unable to remember the past few years, how many times their death, countless times the death and rebirth, countless times to face all kinds of terrible torture, but also let Wu Chi more realized between life and death transformation. Night Shen Xing said that the death of this contains vitality. From death to death, itself is the perfect interpretation of life and death. Wu Chi had already been in the edge of the Enli. ghtenment, and now in the temple before the death of the impact of death, as if to break the last layer of barriers Om The hands of the sword suddenly revealed a touch of brilliant light Like the stars of the stars in the hands of the death of the sickle in general, the same emerge out of black and white gas, revealing a breath of life and death Avenue. Originally those ghosts do not fear the sword of Wu Chi, Wu Chi is only relying on God s pre sentence to resist it, but when it best hair brush straightener for short hair symbolizes the birth and death of the black and white two air out of the same time, but suddenly let those ghosts issued a burst Mournful screams, hastened to escape to go. They are not afraid of being injured by the sword, but under the dead road, but it is very likely to make them so wit. And ignore these ghosts, Wu Chi stature slightly flash, but it is moving again. Just under the threat of ghosting, he had moved two steps, so straightening brush that the sudden death around the sudden increase in life, and now move again, but it is suddenly so that the breath of death once again soaring If the beginning of the time, there is such a terrible death from the rolling, Wu Chi is bound to have been exhausted. Can now realize the life and death of the road, a thought between the death of the power will be.

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