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Straightening Hair Brush African American nded Li Dongsheng ruthless, Wu Chi naturally naive to that as long as the cloud to the face of this, grudge and resentment can be exposed on this. Since anyway, no matter how much trouble, then, why should concessions Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi leisurely said I just want to get started, where to know so many things. Hear this, Yunhe s brow can not help but slightly wrinkled. She asked myself enough to Wu C. hi face, but do not want to Wu pool is still no steps, does this, this guy, really ill with their own Unequal Yunhe replied, Wu Chi has been self care of the said Moreover, and regardless of this Li Shidi so a downtown, if I immediately promised concessions, would not let people think I was afraid of his threat Even to this point, Wu Chi did not forget to find some trouble. Well, as long as the Li Shidi respectfully give me knock three head, saying that he was wrong I agreed to Yunhuo Shimei, even if the division monsters blame the crime, the responsibility, I also bear is. This is a hypocritical words, but it is almost crazy to Li Dongsheng. Kneel down kowtow What a joke If he really kneel today, what other faces in the future based on the door What is the face of the pursuit of cloud load Wu Chi, what is your business Dare to be so humiliated with me Ravens, Li Dongsheng snapped and cursed Yun He Shimei give straightening hair brush paris glam you face, you do not, let me do this wicked I kowtow to admit it can be, as long as you can win the hands of my sword, like how to be from you Yunxie Shimei just can do a witness, courage, you come out with me a war Dare to ask Li Shidi, thanks to the entry many years Did not care about Li Dongsheng s curse, Wu Chi casually asked. This sentence, so that Li Dongsheng can not help but a slight lag, but after all, can not avoid. Dongsheng not only, thanks to the door more than a thousand years Gee, I thought it was only a hundred years, the original full of thousands of years, ah, even the only core disciples, Dongsheng Young, you really do not just ah Moment, Li Dongsheng s face immediately black. This bastard is also a bit too talkative, how can people tolerate But for a time, but he was simply not find the words to refute. I am a true disciple, do a good brother is not good to bully.ength should be a lot stronger. A moment, these people once again to kill the direction of Xi Jun should be trapped in prison. In the air, Hanshan people looked at it all cold, expression is still no change. The first to come to these people, but only to die only, as long as the Xi Jun should be caused by a little bit of trouble, are meaningful. Extreme Star nuclear power really exhausted when he was shot again when the time. Now do it, but it is time to watch it. This is a big bureau, not only need strength, the same need for patience. No one who can not help but first shot, I am afraid to eat hair straightening brush target some loss Talk to me Li Yunpeng heard the words, Xi Jun should be straightening hair brush african american the face of the mouth slowly miss a trace of funny smile. This time, whether he is stil. l Hanshan Shangren, have been described as a means to make out, he suffered a storm in the dark prison community, to play the strength is limited And Han Shan Master compared with him, but after all, or the strength is too weak, if not by the dark star straightening hair brush african american of the potential, simply did not pull his wrist qualifications. It is undeniable that, for them, Wu Chi this piece of the impact is very large. To a certain extent, it may even really affect the outcome. Interestingly, this is a key piece, but not restless. He said so. Li straightening hair brush african american Yunpeng bite the bullet again replied. Well, nodded, Xi Jun should slowly said See him again, you can tell him, this seat to say, always count So, if he has any requirements, you can continue to mention, As long as the seat can do, can promise him This promise, so that Li Yunpeng have some jealousy. Obviously seem to have the strength with their own how much difference, how to treat the difference is so big What do we do now Hiding in the prison community seven heavy corner, Zhou Xu and Li Fernan now really tears. From the beginning into the prison community seven heavy start, unlucky things on a one next to, if the early know today, even if the trapped in the prison community six, they are definitely not out with Wu Chi ah. A stumble Now simply to the intestines are regretted, but can have any use it How to do How do I know how to do Snappily grunted, Li Fannan snappily said At first, if you do not say what Wuchi will not let us, only.

of anger, Wu Chi can not help out of the quality asked. sit His face did not change, Han Shan people whispered The old lady did not expect, and ultimately break the people, even if you perfect Kendo, so talent, even in the upper bound, but also in the dragon and phoenix ah. Hear Hanyan Shangren is still pulling these useless nonsense, Wu Chi immediately annoyed, Hanshan Master, what do you want to do The old lady wants to do nothing is not important. Slightly shaking his head, Han Shan Shang, softly said The point is, what do you want to do In a word, but suddenly Wu Chi once again calm down. Yes, what is important today is not what the purpose of Han Shan Shang, but how to do their own. This matter is too much involved, and even to the Wu Chi even to the present, have not really come to the clue. There is no doubt that in front of the Hanshan Master, is just able to help him sort straightening hair brush african american out the clue of the people. Think of this, Wu Chi finally sat down at the stone table, put a cup of drink out. Slightly shaking his head, Hanshan laughed You look like this, is not the way of tea ah. Life is still almost impossible to keep, but also what kind of tea Pielepiezui, Wu pool snappily retorted. Once again for the Wu C. hi s cup in the tea, Han Shan Master this continued You are not safe to come back Master, had to return from the upper bound, it should be for the dark prison, right Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Wu Chi Chen Sheng asked. Is, nor is it Slightly shaking his head, Hanshan insta magic hair straightening brush people indifferent said trapped in the dark prison community, called Xi Jun should be the upper bound Tianjun, repair for the unfathomable, but later anti Angered the Emperor, this straightening hair brush african american only sent the dark star Jun personally shot, imprisoned with the dark prison community Unfortunately, the dark star Jun also underestimated the strength of Xi Jun should be under the effect of being Jun Jun should seize the opportunity to display supernatural powers, with the dark prison community fell into the lower bound. Everyone will send people to the next, tracing the news. Put down the teapot, Hanshan gentleman calmly said The old lady, is sent to the next few people. But the old lady is lucky, even really found the clues of the dark prison.result, in fact, both sides are also acceptable. A fairy place quota, much more important than Bai Rong straightening hair brush african american s life and death From the hall out, Wu Chi did not return to Jianfeng, but directly with Luo Ying back to the sword peak. Wu Chi body injury has not yet recovered, followed by Luo Ying back to Jianfeng interest rate adjustment, is the most secure. Moreover, now downtown so out of the back of the test, Wu Chi naturally no need to participate, and other do not say, at least with the ancestors of the benefits of retreat has been hand, and not a loss. Just make Wu Chi depressed, obviously his belly of the problem you want to ask, but Luo Ying dropped him, then did not take care of his meaning, even people can not find it Big ratio is still in an orderly manner, with Xiushui Jianjun sits, and not because of the previous things cause any impact. In a blink of an eye, it was seven days past. Zongmen big ratio has finally completely out of the curtain. Among the top ten, Xiushuifeng accounted for three, Ling Tianfeng three, cold star peak only two, while the other two are the usual true disciples. It is worth mentioning that, because of Bai Rong s death, and Wu Chi s exit, Han Shuai with a bit of luck, barely discharged into the tenth, also received the opportunity to retreat with the sword ancestors. Behind the test although the fight is still wonderful, there have been some amazing fighting, for all disciples, no doubt Wu Chi and Bai Rong that war is the most memorable. Even before the Wu Wan three defeats, but now no one dare to look at Wu Chi. This seven days of cultivation, Wu Chi s injury is completely restored. Luo Ying Wu did not mention what to ask, in addition to not allowed Jianfeng, there is no limit. Cloud to the sword peak to see the Wuchi several times, naturally know that Wu Chi and other people together with the sword ancestors closed down the matter, unfortunately, the cloud is finally failed to be among the top ten. Wu Chi can feel the mind of the cloud load, but after all, did not respond. To see the ancestors of the night before, Luo Ying was busy with other things, once again met Wu Chi. What do you want to ask, ask Touched the nose, Wu Chi honestly standing in fr. ont of Luo Y.follow ah Sighed a cry, Xi Jun should be softly said Han Shan, for a long time no time, your layout is still so cold blooded and careful It seems that as long as the seat of a day die, you can not put a day to heart ah. Tianjun absent praise Only under the clear, once the king of the storm, this world is large, but also bound to no place where the body, not carelessly act only. puff Mouth vomiting, Wu Chi felt his soul seems to have been about to explode. Can be clearly at the moment Han Shan s incarnation, in fact, straightening hair brush african american not much strength, by reason, it is impossible to control Wu Chi was right. Han Shan Shang, things to the present, even if you want to die, you should let me die I really when I do the hands and feet Tightly staring at Hanshan Master, Wu Chi unwilling to ask. Glanced at Wu Chi one, Han Shan said You said before, you most people believe that promise I appreciate you this, but I do not believe The eyes reveal a touch of indifferent color, Hanshan gentleman calmly said Since I can give you days, and how may not leave a mark on you You can remember that every time you come to me on the mountain, I Will you personally for your tea Moment, Wu Chi suddenly react over. In my identity, even if you need to do what, why should self drop status, the second time personally for you pour tea Your spirit among the long ago I planted straightening hair brush african american a mark, as long as I think you naturally no The power of resistance. When it comes to this. , everything is clear up. From the beginning, Hanshan has been in the layout of the people, it can be said that from the beginning of their own Han Shan began, it has completely fallen into the trap of Han Shan, who seems to Han Shan to give their own many choices, In fact, there are still in the Han Shan Master s control. Ridiculously thought that they jumped out, can be around the chess game In fact, from start to finish, he is simply the hands of a person in the hands of Han Shan. Pain constantly erosion, almost has made Wu Chi mind unclear. Even more frightening is that with the Wu hair straightener brush facebook Chi s spirit and vitality has been captured by best hair brush straightener canada the Hanshan Master, the kind of terrible power, has been toward the Ma Shi Jie three of them filled away. Wu Chi to the spirit of the spirit of the b.

Straightening Hair Brush African American person for a shadow, nothing force, even the night Shenxing this cut off the vitality of the knife, can not leave any traces on the shadow. A hit missed, night Shen Xing body suddenly a turn, even a trace of hesitation straightening hair brush african american are not, and instantly attack to defend Death sickle recovered, will straightening hair brush african american keep the airtight around the airtight. At first glance, so careful, it seems that some too, but in fact, this cautious but indeed saved the night Shenxing a life. To straightening hair brush african american avoid all attacks, not to escape, but to fight back Li Yunpeng by virtue of the magic of God to escape the knife after the sudden bullying into the hands of the knife like a tarsus maggot, deadly paste the night star, just a few days, the number of consecutive times, A knife is pointing to each other s key. Even the night when the stars back to the time, there is even a little bit of hesitation, and now probably have been cut with the knife under the. All this is a long story, but in fact it was a rabbit from the falcons, only between the electro optical flint. boom Look at the night S. straightening hair brush african american hen Xing has been caught in a crisis, Yang Xiuchuan hands rifle also point out. For a moment, Yang Xiuchuan hands of the rifle suddenly turned into a horrible mountain, fiercely rolled from. However, in Li Yunpeng hand back to resist the moment, that mountain is a faint burst of snow, as if a mountain suddenly collapsed in front of, and hidden in this gun in the real Shou Zhao, is the power of this landslide Supernatural powers Yang Xiuchuan s shot without any fancy, that is, the power pushed to the extreme, the power of the landslide, into the gun one, really can be regarded as invincible Shadow Gun tip and body before, Li Yunpeng felt, they could not stop the shot, had to once again launched a vivid. Continuous display of the shadow, Li Yunpeng s face pale a lot, the eyes of the murderous skyrocketing. If you say, before Li Yunpeng did straightening hair brush men not put the two men in the eyes, then, now with the night stars and Yang Xiuchuan s successively shot, but already really let Li Yunpeng as two opponents. Perception of the number of enlightenment monument, no doubt when the talent and strength of a large standard, but after all, not the only standard It is no exaggeration to say th.r. Jianjun mercy At that time things, others can not see clues, Luo Ying is to hair straightener brush black hair see clearly, but no shot to stop it. Now since the exposed face, it is natural to fall afterwards Simply ignore the request of Liu elders, sleeves thrown, hanging in the air of the sword suddenly cut off, and instantly cut the head of Liu Chang old man, blood splash This sword will also Liu Chang old life star chopped, kill the crisp and neat. Luo Brother, straightening hair brush for african american hair you say, what evidence Step by step, cold star sword Jun coul. d not bear to ask. Public beheaded elders, even Luo Ying shot, but also contrary to the door. evidence Sneer a cry, Luo straightening hair brush african american Ying indifferent said I Luo Ying s words, is evidence overbearing Wu Chi was just heard before the overbearing of Luo Ying Luo Ying as the first four Jianjun, and now is the real insight into Luo Ying s overbearing and decisive. Do not care about the cold star Jianjun, eyes suddenly a turn, once again fell to Lingtian Jianjun body, Luo Ying Lengran asked Ling days brothers, who give you the power, unauthorized disposal of my disciples Lengheng a cry, Ling Tian Jianjun Chen Sheng said Since you see, why not stop to kill Wu Chi to kill the matter, I think you should give me a confession just right. Zongmen test, is the door of the test, since he dared to kill the next, is damn Even Wu Chi does not kill him, I will cut him, why should explain Still the same, Luo Ying proudly open Road. you This is the gas Lingling Jianjun some trembling. Luo Ying is now just put out a unreasonable gesture out, let him argue Lingtian brothers, I long time to ask the matter, fear is to let you forget, who is the first of the four Jianjun My things, but also less hair straightener brush canada than you ask For a moment, the whole theory of Jianfeng silent Four Jianjun between hair straightening brush koko the weekdays are a group of harmony, even if there is a dispute, it is only a moment of debate only But now, Luo Ying is for the Wu Chi, polished torn face. Although to call Xiushui Jianjun and Ling Tianjian brothers, in fact, on the strength, Luo Ying is the first, the four sword king of the first, not who arbitrarily discharged, but really hit out. Weekdays Luo Ying is not in the door, do not want to control these chores, this all to other people to deal with, but.

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