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Straightening Hair Brush Babyliss not completely solve the problem, but it has been able to resume practice. There are Dong Fu s help, the practice of fast, but unfortunately, after all, or too short, even if there is the best resources and the environment, want to make much progress in a year, and ultimately is impossible. hair straightening brush roller After entering the road, the strength of the upgrade is the need for a lot of time to accumulate, according to Yang Xiuchuan said, Wu Chi and Jiang Rui this has just entered the road of people, at least a hundred years to reach the peak of the road The Even Wu Chi talent no matter how good, at least have a few decades time to make up for this gap. And now left to Wu Chi, but only a little more than a year time only. T. ook Su Wan s hand, slowly step out of Dong Fu, feel the changes around the atmosphere, Wu Chi can not help but take a deep breath Prison world mark has disappeared, prison community open soon, the real danger from the moment began, really come. Come on At the foot of a little bit, Wu Chi took Su Yuen from the direction of the prison station to fly away. Even knowing that the prison trip is very dangerous, Wu Chi also straightening hair brush babyliss did not stop Su Wan with him, this time more than a year, Wu Chi and Su Wan day and night get along, already have the same mind. Wu Chi also naturally understand Su Wan s temper, but did not stop the meaning. Moreover, Wu Chi is actually very clear, Su Wan s safety, in fact, in the final analysis still on his body, if he can survive this crisis, Su Wan naturally not dangerous. If you die in the prison station or with other people in the battle, Su Wan even if not followed, the same will be involved. Such as Wu Chi rushed to the prison before the stage, basically qualified to compete for the people have arrived, of course, there are some to look lively. However, they will be farther away, so, as long as they do not mind faint first shot, there will be no danger. Looked around a bit, Wu Chi is square to find, this way, prison community triple fight for the fight, but more than before the peace. Eyes fell not far from the body of Chiang Zhengyang, Chiang Kai shek directed at Wu Chi nodded slightly, but also did not speak. By this opportunity, Wu Chi is really the opportunity to see t.use infuriating in the case, distraction three feet Jian domain, and this is Wu Chi really emboldened. Of course, the lack of infuriating support, he is now difficult to burst out of the kind of three feet, the sword out of the invincible power to, but with the sword of the atmosphere to do the prejudice of God is easy. Stature shaking, empty monk all the straightening hair brush babyliss attacks will be all dropped to the empty place. Qinglian bloom, step by step lotus Just as before the terrible test among the general, Qinglian bloom under the Wu Chi will be like the stroll of the general easy to avoid all the offensi. ve, the hands of the sword is from time to time counterattack, so that the empty monk also Not good. On the surface, still still empty the monk pressed Wu Chi to play, but in fact, so drag it down, but it is clear that Wu Chi wins even greater. Just with the previous Yang Xiuchuan they do not want to Wu Chi hands on, in the prison community among the four, want to kill the empty monk is also not an easy thing. Wu Chi is also not clear the empty monk now set the soul of the stone how much strength, naturally do not want to so silly empty monk recklessly go. You do not force me, otherwise we have to do it Eyes reveal a touch of anger, Wu Chen hate cursed. To produce the soul of the soul stone, or the poor monk will you broken corpses I Pooh You a demon monk, Xiao Ye if there are set soul stone, how can you be rampant Glanced at the high platform, Wu Chi s footsteps are not consciously moving toward the edge of the high platform. No Then you go to die Eyes fierce light flashing, empty monk once again toward the Wu Chi rushed over. Mouth floating a trace of sneer, Wu Chi this time it is not to avoid, abruptly let the empty monk hands pinch their own neck, but in the empty monk crush Wuchi throat moment, but was Wu Chi To straightening hair brush babyliss grab, suddenly fell to the high platform. Demon monks we die Exhausted the last effort to say this sentence, Wu Chi immediately gas must, but also at the same time with the empty monk fiercely fell into the high platform. Chapter 377 read into a Buddha Boiling oil, like a sea. Wu Chi and the empty monk is like falling into the boiling of the pan, the kind of living was born to death, and even the p.

Bo made sure to plan. Chapter 404 Golden Light World Holding the hands of the letter, Zhou Boyan cried, as if these days to all the grievances and uneasiness, all were crying out. what happened Aware of Zhou Boyan exception, Yuan purple and joy of the Lord at the same time around. Is Wu Chi, he did not die The letter spread out to the two see, Zhou Bo words sobbed with tears, his face still hanging tears, but laughing particularly beautiful To recover the letter, straightening hair brush babyliss Wu Chi mouth overflow a trace of sneer, coldness fleeting. Although the message passed through the letter is actually very simple, but also can not elaborate, but the general situation, Wu Chi is already figured out. Jiang Zhengyang heard of their own death after the breach of the original commitment, the expected, but did not expect to come up with what a forest autumn, this account for the time being, but also do not have to worry in a moment. Su Wan returned to the golden world to see Yang Xiuchuan, I straightening hair brush babyliss m afraid there will be dangerous, and now the top priority, is rushed to the golden world. If the change in the past, only through a specific Chuansongguo go to the golden world, is bound to leak the news, but now the strength of Wu Chi, reverse open the space barrier is nothing even difficult. As philips hair brush straightener for the return of the golden world of the channel where there is simply no problem To know, to this dark prison community, most of them straightening hair brush babyliss are golden world of people Golden world. Dressed in yellow jersey, Su Wan did not circle any circle, directly into the door of Yang. And do not mention the identity of Su Wan, even if the strength of today, then no one would dare to slowly, the first time the news reached Yang Xiuchuan ears. Hideaki young master, Su Wan to the words to see the young master. Brow slightly wrinkled, Yang Xiuchuan end of the hand of the tea light, softly said Come too fast Hideyoshi master, to drive her out Wu old tried to figure out the meaning of Yang Xiuchuan, tentatively asked. Happy life wait, the ritual gave me enough, and she love how long to stay long. Shook his head, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said Remember, do not offend her Asked and said I went out, I do not know when come bac. k. This Wu old some headaches and said.hat time, it seems that they have to compete with the Wu Chi qualifications, but now again meet again, the strength of the gap is already a world of difference. Jiang Xiong, one by another years, style still ah. Mouth smile, Wu Chi took the lead in opening Road. This sound Jiang Xiong, but it is suddenly hair straightening brush ceramic let Jiang Rui some sigh, but the mood is also relaxed down. And not too much courtesy, and soon Jiang Rui explained to Italy. Wu Chi did not shirk, simply accept the identity of Chiang Jiaqingqing, of course, to the strength of Wu Chi now, naturally do not need to be bound by what more, just to this name as a deterrent only. Jiang Rui did not even mention, this guest will give Wu pool what benefits, in fact, Wu Chi also did not ask the meaning. To the extent of this now, even the spiritual marrow, for Wu Chi, in fact, there is no great significance. Jiang Ji to hair straightening brush video give the benefits do not have to put Wu Chi who, all fell to Su Wan s body, that is, these are tacit things, naturally do not have to mention. Jiang Rui left, the prison community has a lot of people want to see Wu Chi, but almost all refused, just these people who refused, let the night owl burst of scalp. Night owl of the name, it is completely resounded through the dark prison community, I do not know how many people envy die. Su Wan did not return to the prison community early, but here to accompany Wu Chi and so on for more than a year, until Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Zi from the prison community back, this left. And only to this time, Wu Chi will feel, in fact, more women, but also a very troublesome thing. Wu Chi accompanied by Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Ziyi stay for more than a year, with black Jiao together in the dark prison community turned a big circle. Compared with other people, only with Zhou Bo words together, Wu Chi is really the most relaxed. As in the year when the first time in the sword at the same time. Wu Chi, you said, if we had not to go to Kunlun, did not leave the shadow sword, what will it be Leaning against the arms of Wu Chi, Zhou Bo words whispered. It is estimated that in a small. place to eat and so die, you know, mixed and so die, has always been my greatest dream. Chuckle a bit, Wu Chi casually replied so many ye.e matter, with what you are what Dare to block me Om Do not hesitate to talk with him nonsense, the moment, dozens of Feijian at the same time flying, breathing, already cloth under the sword array, panic sword Wei rolling down, almost suffocating. Old lady who has not died, straightening brush for wet hair who would bully my granddaughter Almost at the same time, a touch of purple suddenly out of the sky, the peak of the road under the breath of rolling down, from the block to the front of Lin Qiuyu. Purple magic master The crowd is surprised Compared to Mo Yan, Zihua devil s fame is even more, almost has been regarded as the prison community among the three well known master, and even rumors that if the Purple Magic is willing to have the qualifications for the Do. ng Fu. Amitabha Purple magic master fell at the same time, mysterious master also has arrived. The old monk had been Wuju Shi Fu, today reason to come, Lin Shizhu want to hands, need to be better than the old monk Caixing Brow can not help but burst of jumping, Lin Qiuyu also did not expect the mysterious master and purple magic master even at the same time come forward. Su Wan itself is not the weak, and now coupled with these people, even if he has not won the grasp. The idea of a move, Lin Qiuyu suddenly said You, but they just want to take the opportunity to compete for this one Dongfu Let us join hands, just by their few people, the same can not stop us. Coveted this one Dongfu people, may be a few, now gathered here people, who do not want to share straightening hair brush superdrug a cup of soup Lin autumn rain to take the lead, indeed wins great Even if there are purple magic master they block, it may not have a war of power, so that a lot of people suddenly move. How much more is it than we are A burst of condemning then sounded, but also more than ten individuals strode to the Dong Fu before. What are you, and dare to bully the head Magic man Had to follow Wu Chi to the black prison community itself is the magic of the most outstanding genius, these people are one by one from the body of the blood of hair straightening brush at walmart the sea to break out, which one is not afraid of people Experienced with the immortal soul that war, Wu Chi in the small world of prestige has reached its peak, with these people into the dar.

Straightening Hair Brush Babyliss lower bound soaring, Wu Chi is certainly not no experience in the rookie, but did not expect, in the Kendo even have such a terrible attainments. It is no exaggeration to say hair straightening brush with led display that this sword alone, Xu Zi an is very clear that his accomplishments in the Kendo, far less than Wu Chi. However, since he dared to dafni hair straightening brush for sale come here, naturally has long been prepared to do enough. Moment, the eyebrows lifelike suddenly lit, cross sword in the chest, the body of the stars of straightening hair brush babyliss the fierce force burst open. What is your sword, Xu Zi an is made up his mind, is to use the absolute strength of rolling, whether lit the star, the gap is too big, or even simply not any other means can make up. Xu Zian in the core disciples, in fact, is not the strongest, but after all, thanks to the door for many years, has long been lit a life star In his view, alone with this, he can be invincible. After all, Wu Chi has just started a month only Even rumors straightening hair brush babyliss in the star door, has been perfect refining star power, completed the refining star If you want to light the straightening hair brush babyliss star, even in the genius, but also a few years time Do not say anything, at least in the past few years, he can bully Wu Chi. As for how the future, this matter is Ji Yifeng inspired, he was not the slightest psychological burden. Calculate the good, but unfortunately, to his talent, but how can not think of, in fact, Wu Chi has been in this short period of time lit a life star. boom Eyes reveal a touch of cold, Wu pool who star force also soared, there is no meaning to avoid, head on to meet each other s attack. Rolling Wu pool eyebrow heart star up the moment, this battle has no suspense. Between the twinkling of an eye, Xu Zian suddenly Qinglian straightening hair brush babyliss Jian Qi enveloped, emitting a blood, the whole person as a broken kite flying in general, heavy smashed in the straightening hair brush babyliss tens of meters outside the ground. The battle starts fast and ends faster And even other people have not react to what is going on, Xu Zian has been fainted in the past. For a time, including the blue wave, everyone can not help but suddenly pale. Life star Eyes fell into the Wu Chimei that a sword shaped life on top of a few people even have some can not believe their own eyes. How can this be The A month Even kill the swo.ack, did not Law with people hands ah hear this, the empty monk almost no curse out loud. Good fruit attack Attack ass He is not a fool, this time to see Wu Chi, it has been felt good fruit has been sealed up Wu Chi, in this case can attack, you devour it In fact, more than empty monk, everyone at the moment to understand Wu Chi is nonsense, but no one can say anything to. Wu Chi is clear that this is to be forced, so that the empty monk gave him to solve good fruit. But this goods straightening hair brush babyliss can believe it The empty monk is not a fool, this time to Wu Chi to resolve the good fruit, it lost the only take his handle, once Wu pool go back, he looked for reason to go See the empty monk does not answer, Wu Chi s face is no longer a sudden change, Lengheng said Master is not in the box me The enemy of the current, even this trust is not, the master let me how to trust you Amitabha Was Wu Qi Qi s eyes jumping, empty monks once again declared a Buddha, suddenly gave up with Wu Chi continued to go on the idea. How are you discussing it Indifferent looked at the empty monk and others, Yang Xiuchuan not slowly do not straightening hair brush babyliss slowly asked again. Yang Xiuchuan, I know you powerful, we are not your people who are not your opponent, but we are not muddle, and now I join hands, may not be afraid of you. Bite the teeth, Li Xi could not help open mouth. Yes, you Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, although strong, but may not be able to cover the day For a time, surrounded by a lot of people echoed, apparently worried that Yang Xiuchuan next step will threaten them. In this way, it touches at least seven or eight people stood on the empty monk side, on the momentum than far Yang Xiuchuan and most of the night stars. Unfortunately, this world of things, not who is loud, who is more, who will be able to control everything. From beginning to end, night Shen Xing even the eyes did not blink, more like nothing to hear these peo. ple the same. Rumbling The next moment, the prison community suddenly pulled into the sky, the horror of the hair straightening brush 2016 prison community suddenly fleeing away, can not help but let everyone temporarily quiet down. Eyes slowly fell to the night Shen Xing s body, Wu Chi mind also some curiosity, then the night will be how to do.

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