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Straightening Hair Brush Boots an not help but pumping pumping. Chen Yang is dead, but the matter has not been resolved, if there is such a thing happened, how to explain to the cold Star Young Master Luo Xiushui Jianjun slowly asked. From today, I personally sits in prison a hundred years. Seems to have long thought of this problem, cold star Jianjun calmly said Remark, no matter who, but also can not say anything to the. To the identity of the cold star Jianjun, personally jail prison, naturally there is no room for anyone to intervene Would rather be so, but also resolutely enforce the penalty, and let people say anything Paused, the cold star Jianjun continued Chouqiang three things out of the matter, but the wrong is wrong, the king punished you again into the jail prison hundred years, you can simply straight brush be convinced Eyes flushed, the old three kneel again said The disciples are willing to lead the penalty, but please Jianjun forgiveness, so that the disciples first buried the little girl. can Nodded slightly, cold star Jianjun pale replied. Eyes turned to Wu Chi s body, cold star Jianjun once again said The king to give you ten days of time recuperate, ten days later, their own to the prison to lead the penalty. Wu Chi Gang just because Luo Ying left the sword to escape a small life, but in fact, but now the same injury is very heavy, this time, it is impossible to go back to prison. Three words between the processing of all things, the cold star Jianjun no longer stay, disappeared in the sky among the sky. Slightly shaking his head, Xiushui Jianjun also turned away, despite the Wu Chi back to the jail prison, some wrong, can be cold s. tar in charge of punishment, indeed occupied, he is not good forcibly hindered. But rather Ling day Jianjun, from beginning to end did not make a statement, as if nothing to deal with him nothing to do with the general. Things settled, his disciples will Wu pool back to the Dongfu. Yun He also has been the news, be careful to Wu Chi to the bed, careful care. These gossip for the time being, but let everyone did not think that, in the Wu Chi who is really the power of the disciples to be driven at the same time, Luo Ying has been on the way back to the door. Seven days later, soon as Jian Xiao is enough, and even loaded force, you can be more cheap Listening to all the ridicule, Wu Chi face disgusted rebuttal, but in fact, the heart is finally a sigh of relief after all. hair straightening brush heated He is no longer understand the desire, but also understand that this is not their own now should control the power Judge of life and death matter, he himself did not get to understand, naturally do not want others to know, really the secret hair straightener brush target australia once exposed, what would be the consequences, really difficult to hair straightening brush directions predict. Deliberately put a very fool look, is to let other people themselves to guess the results. After all, if he really to explain, perhaps Liu Changtong they may not have any doubts. To be able to solve this problem, naturally the best results. Rumbling Between the words, the sky suddenly came a burst of loud noise, across the sky in the dark chain completely broken broken, straightening hair brush boots that kind of pressure in the dark prison on the bounds as if completely solved the general. Moment, Wu Chi and night Shen Xing both felt a while at the same time attractive As if there is a force in the somewhere, urging them to leave the world. Has been through the tragedy. and now the two have straightening hair brush boots actually can no longer continue to stay in this world for a long time, the dark prison circle of the seal was completely broken, it means that the two are about to rise on the bounds. Wu brothers Let s see Laughed and walked around Wu Chi, Wu Chi pulled up hair straightener brush australia from the ground up, Liu Changtong to Wu Chi gave a hug. They are from the upper bound, and now although not able to attack Xi Jun should be, but it must be to go back. not see Wu Chi s head shaking like a rattle, to the upper bound, I can beat you now, if you take the opportunity to bully me how to do Whatever the outcome have to wait until I can play you say. Wu Chi said straightening hair brush boots the words of a serious, even if it is Liu Changtong can not help but turned his eyes, this slut can be more hypocritical it Seems to think of what, Liu Changtong can not help but frowned. Before Wu Chi into the fog, with the Han Shan Master desperately, to some extent, it is saved Chen fog are life, but to this time, Chen fog even did not come to thank. Subconsciously back, but found that Chen fog are standing in the distanc.

g s eyes, already full of contempt. Mind some uneasy, Jiang Zhengyang Lengheng a cry, Yang Xiuchuan, if you have nothing to do, please brush n go hair straightener reviews let go, do not disturb the two new worship heaven and earth. Yes, Xiuchuan young master, what is the matter, let s say that later. Glanced at Su Wan one, Song Tian Que also followed echo Road. Eyes once again fall into the song of the body, Yang Xiuchuan face showing a trace of meaningful smile, but after all, did not say anything, then retreated to the side. This scene, but it is also let others breathe a sigh of relief Yang Xiuchuan s identity on this, if he was spoiled, this wedding I am afraid it may not be able to go on, and now Yang Xiuchuan take the initiative to withdraw, is the best. A heaven and earth Master instrument quietly wiped a cold sweat on the head, quickly shouted openly. SLOW Who did not expect, in this when the mouth, Su Wan indifferent opening. Looked up, Su Wan slowly opening and said Today s thing, but Chiang Zheng yang to my Soviet security threat, come up with a farce I Suhun has long husband, how can we marry someone else A ripple Su Wan this sentence, no doubt stunned all the people. In this wedding above, as the bride suddenly said such a word, it is simply amazing. Su Wan, what are you nonsense Moment, Chiang Kai shek s face suddenly unusually ugly, the eyes are revealed a touch of bones of the murderous. Eyes suddenly turned to the ancestors of the Soviet Union, Jiang Zhengyang openly said Su brother, Ms this child is still some confused, in front of so many people face, you d say one, Jiangmou may have to force you Su Listen to listen His words, even if it is not know what people, but also vaguely understand that the matter is indeed related to Chiang Zhengyang. Can understand is one thing, is not broken, but it is another matter. As long as the ancestors of the Soviet Union do not recognize, it can expose the past. Moments, all the eyes can not help but fall into the ancestors of the Soviet Union who. Watching Su Wan, Su. old heart can not help but raised a trace of guilt, the mouth some bitter, but after all, still shook his head, Zhengyang ancestors laughed, this is what I should be under, why persecuted Now is not just the pr., and now, you can be someone to challenge the disciples really Responsible for the door of the elders Chen Sheng asked. Now the ten people have entered the top ten, but their respective rankings have not yet determined, in this time to challenge the true disciples, no doubt happens to be the best step into the body. Voice just fell, suddenly someone straightening hair brush boots said The disciples are willing to challenge Jianfeng Wu Chi Wu brothers. Remark made, for a time, all the eyes have fallen to Wu Chi s body. This time the challenge, but also no doubt means that this time the door is bigger than the real climax, to follow the coming. Before the core disciples between the test, straightening hair brush boots for each of them important, but in fact, for the Sword, it is only a small matter only, and only really related to the true disciples when it is enough to let everyone pay attention to the time The Slowly straight up, Wu Chi s eyes slowly fell on each other s body, but did not answer. The first to challenge their own this person, Wu Chi is some impression, hair straightener brush canada it seems that Cheng sheng, from the cold star peak, all the way into the core of the top ten disciples, did not encounter any obstacles. It is difficult to determine, his real strength, what step to which. At the same time, Wu Chi Yao Long suddenly felt a step forward, the same eyes fell on their own body. Mouth open a trace of a smile, Wu Chi opened this way hair straightener brush in target Cheng Shidi, you have to challenge me, I should not refuse, but I am, after all, is the only true fan of the sword, if so easy with you hands Did not it seem to me Paused, Wu Chi continued Well, I Jianfeng s disciples, Yao Long is now just the core of the disciples of the top ten, you may wish to first test with Yao Long Young, if you win, come again I m not too late. This sounds very reasonable, if Wu Chi now have the strength of broken stars, naturally who can not pick out the reason, but why now only Wu Chi stars peak, so that it will inevitably make people feel that he Is the opportunity to shameless. A boo for a time on the field. Put a waved, responsible for the older elders looking the same, turned to Yao Long asked Yao Long, this a test, you may wish to take over Wu Chi Want to keep people in front, not Wuchi a mouth on the lin.word domain, Wu Chi was a trace of something different, perhaps the most purely Kendo. Sword meaning, Jian Qi These most basic things, at the moment seems to explain a very different meaning. Om I do not know how long, Wu Chi s body suddenly burst out of a Qinglian Qinglian Jianqi And did not pull the sword, but Wu Chi s body still still appeared a touch of brilliant Qinglian Jianqi. Almost Qinglian blooming moment, the original piercing the body of the razor suddenly broken broken Opened his eyes, Wu Chi heart suddenly straightening hair brush boots gave birth to a trace of Ming Wu This Baili Daoshan, simply do not let you hard break, in fact, his test, itself is the perception of the road. Only for the understanding of the road can not rely on infuriating and put aside the point, it is possible to walk through this knife Hill. Step by step, Qinglian Jianqi suddenly poured out, easy to make Wu Chi unscathed. step on the blade above, slowly forward to go. This time, uspicy hair straightener brush uk Wu Chi breath out of a hundred meters full However, with Qinglian Jian Qi support 100 meters, but also let Wu pool once again exhausted No infuriating support, to be able to make Jue Qi out on the already extremely rare, simply can not persist in perseverance. Breath out of the distance of 100 meters, for Wu Chi, this is already a limit. Once lost the Qinglian Jianqi support, the surrounding edge of the razor will once again pierced Wu Chi s body. Barely out of the distance of tens of meters, Wu pool again dead. Re resurrection over, Wu Chi is once again stopped the pace. Not the slightest Sui Sui, this time the attempt but let the straightening hair brush boots heart of Wu Chi more calm down. In front of this hundred miles of the mountain, as if no longer difficult, but a process to help their own enlightenment. On the strength, perhaps Wu straightening hair brush boots Chi is still far less than Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, but if the talent and understanding, but no doubt the very evildoer. For Wu Chi, afraid to find a way, as long as the direction, everything is easier to handle. Qinglian Jianqi can not support for too long, it is because not yet in the case of infuriating without mobilization Jianqi, because of their own for the Kendo, Qinglian Jianqi for the sentiment is not enough. Well, the next thing naturally be.

Straightening Hair Brush Boots tly Yi Zheng. Break the space barrier, easy to say easy, it is not easy, it is likely that there is no hope that the slightest hope. Slightly frown, Wu Chi asked to your strength, you want to fly soaring is not straightening hair brush boots difficult, why not directly soaring the upper bound You do not want me Turned his eyes, Zhou Xu snappily said You feel that the power around the rules of how terrible, where the soaring, the difficulty of at least ten times the outside world. Hear this, Wu straightening hair brush boots Chi heart suddenly sank. In fact, from entering here, Wu Chi felt the kind of invisible oppression, but simply did not have to think about it in this regard, now Zhou Xu mention, this came to react. Breaking the space barrier, in fact, breaking the rules of the world is to break the shackles of the rules, the stronger the power, the greater the difficulty of nature. It is like a small world to break the space barrier to the dark prison community is easy, but the reverse back, but the difficulty is several times to enhance the same. Now living in this prison community six heavy, want to break the space barrier, the difficulty is naturally more terror. Mind turn, Wu Chi suddenly thought of supernatural powers. Immediately come to understand, want to break the space barrier here to leave, the key is probably in the supernatural powers. Like Zhou Xu, in fact, its strength is not strong, but once the cast of supernatural powers, the strength is almost soaring ten times, according to this to calculate, by virtue of the power of God to break the space barrier may be the only way. Think of this, Wu Chi immediately asked again supernatural is how is it Enlightenment monument contains the rules of the road, also contains a lot of supernatural powers, but these supernatural powers have to be in line with your own road, it is possible to know I spent nearly a thousand years here, finally realized that this France and the world of supernatural powers Zhou Xu black face explained. Slightly pondered a moment, Wu Chi also did not ask. this again. On the supernatural powers, Zhou Xu said very vague, however, Wu Chi is very clear, not Zhou Xu did not want to explain clearly, but he did not explain clearly. Really want to understand, and perhaps the pris.he hands of the chain, viciously opened honestly, to this intermittent purgatory, no matter what your identity, in this are ghosts, is To be punished The heart hair straightener brush pink flashed countless ideas, Wu Chi suddenly realized that he is really really has become a ghost in the eyes of outsiders, and it seems to be really punished into the endless purgatory suffering in general. Ghost difference big brother, I am a little man, absolutely not have any idea of disrespect for you, just begging ghosts big brother told me, how long will this be my penalty You see the black light of your body That is your crime, you are tortured together, the body of the crime of light will be reduced by a trace, until when the crime of light all disappeared, you can be punished Full release, re tires. Seems very satisfied with the attitude of Wu Chi, that ghosts pointing Wu Chi, casually open Road. Still swept his body, Wu Chi suddenly saw a layer of very rich black light, a foot full of thick feet. Ghost big brother, you see me this crime industry light, how many years to resolve Heart straightening hair brush boots of a move, Wu Chi asked again. How many years Sneer a cry, that ghosts disdainly said You should ask, how many years to be able to resolve Life I do not know how many people killed , and now have this evil, you also want to boil a few years Is it the end This sentence is to let the hearts of Wu Chi suddenly a move. If the time is not long, it may also be honest with this ghost difference penalty, nothing more than that before th. e experience of those torture again by again, straightening hair brush boots for Wu Chi, it is no big deal. However, according to this ghost difference said, need at least tens of thousands of time, that is another concept. Do not say, can survive this tens of thousands of years, even if you can not really be trapped here for thousands of years In the Wu Chi think of the same time, but it is already ghosts with a chain dragged dragged to a pillar next to the other few ghosts to help, suddenly Wu pool tied to the pillars above, then there are two ghosts straightening hair brush boots take Out of the saws, the crunchy saw the Wu Chi arm with the thigh The saw is very blunt, so when the saw of the extra pain, saw the next saw on the bones above, and even issued a crunch of sound, the kind.

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