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Straightening Hair Brush Cosmoprof ords, Wu Chi may not be able to grasp down once again. Three are bounds Tianjiao, that the strength of terror, but not really joking. If not before Xi Jun should be shot, Li Yunpeng fear is already dead in the other side of the murder under the. Xi Jun should be saved Li Yunpeng, you can never save yourself. Once they fall into this desperate, do not think, it must be really dead. These thoughts in the Wu Chi s brain turned, immediately let him made up his mind, how can not easily let go of the hostage of this hand. Let go of the poem sister, we swear advanced is it. Chen fog once again open the road. The three are on the bound world Tianjiao, honorable, how can I not believe you This is not a vow to the words, the two advanced it wants to, and I guarantee to ensure that the fairy s safety. A mouth is a pile Of the beautiful words, said the flowers, but in fact, it is half a step not to make it clear that did not put the meaning of the root. Wu Chi You do not have insatiable Chen fog gas mad, hate voice threatened. Do not you, this person is very timid, you can not scare me, or I shook hands, which responsibility you can afford it Rolled his eyes, Wu Chi did not care about the other side of the thr. eat, but simply Playing the rogue. Anyway, no matter what you say, I am using the hostages to threaten you, how Have to say that this way is very effective, at least Chen fog is the madness of the gas, there is no way to think, can only be anxious to jump feet. Unfortunately, now Wu Chi to face is not just Chen fog one person. You may not know our identity. Looked at Wu Chi, Liu Changtong slowly said The three of us were from the days of Kam, the clouds were, and Luo Tianzong, although this time together to the dark prison community, On, but not too close relationship. Step by step, Liu Changtong body revealed a wipe, continue to say You want to kill her next, I can not stop, but I promise, will help her revenge Do not say that you may not straightening hair brush cosmoprof be able to leave today, even if the smooth into the upper bound, will also be my three other efforts to kill, which one of the gains and losses, your own trade off Clenched fist, Liu Changtong again I finally ask you again, this person, you actually put is not put.e, the master is right Ancestors I agree with the master of the argument, and the master is willing to advance and retreat Heart of electricity, immortal soul ancestors have clearly glimpse one of the mystery, the first jump out of approval Road. Yes, I do not have any interest in the soul of the soul stone, but also do not have the strength to support the prison station in the test Is willing to advance and retreat with the master. Lu Shaochuan also know the strength of the empty monk, if there is empty monks to pick the head, and then Coupled with the immortal soul and other people together, perhaps indeed have the opportunity to compete with Yang Xiuchuan and night star Star may also be uncertain. Although there is no talk, but Li also to the same side of the empty monk digital hair straightener brush walked a few steps, silently straightening hair brush cosmoprof stood to the empty monk that side. This way, the empty monk already has four masters there, and that all four people are occupied a Dongfu s top master. Amitabha Wu Ju Shi, do you want to be used by the night star Look again to Wu Chi, empty monk Chen Sheng said Pinseng and you are considered to pay, as long as the lay is willing to join hands with the poor monks, poor monks can Set his own oath, after the war and the grudge between the grievances write off. Grudge, that is, cause and effect The knot of the knot is also the cause and effect, the empty monk said this, in fact, is equivalent to the intention to name di. rectly As long as Wu pool together with him to deal with the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan, he would rather give up good fruit, to resolve and Wu Chi s hatred. The mind flashed countless ideas, Wu Chi simply could not help but immediately agreed. Although it is now a seal of good fruit, can really be resolved, it is hard to say, as long as now promised the empty monk, it is already resolved this big trouble, which is undoubtedly great benefits. Can Wuchi actually mind but also understand that the reason why the empty monk so hard to win over their own, not just for their own, but Chiang Zhengyang. The deadline is approaching, Chiang Zhengyang is absolutely not easily involved in this conflict, the empty monk no matter how to say no use, can Jiangzheng Yang Wu Chi s attitude, more.

if Zhou Xu really afraid of death, how will be their own live, promised their own conditions Heroes and heroes may not really afraid of dead straightening hair brush cosmoprof hard bones, but this nausea of the dead and abnormal, how also with the heroes do not take the top, Wu Chi is. not believe he dare to really their own death. Which in itself is a psychological game, who first counseling, who lost Unfortunately, Wu Chi now occupy the absolute advantage, only he threatened Zhou Xu, and no Zhou Xu threatened his possible. This cargo even if it is threatened, but also unreasonable to grab three points, so that he is in this advantage only, Zhou Xu where the slightest carry his possible. I can make sure that I do not say anything about it today, and everyone does not make water. Faced with such a shameless threat, Zhou Xu finally served the soft. You when I was a fool Lengheng a cry, Wu Chi indifferent said You suddenly left here, that what Li Fernan even if only pigs, but also to guess there is a problem mind once again exposed, Zhou Xu finally gave up the last trace of luck, I help you to meet Li Fernan, let him think that you are in my control, this way, naturally can be You have been fighting for time. puff Jianfeng and fiercely into the Zhou Xu s thighs, Wu Chi casually opened That is not quickly from the fate of the oath, do you think you red mouth white teeth, even if it is guaranteed it If time can be reversed, Zhou Xu will definitely see the first time in straightening hair brush cosmoprof the Wu Chi under the killer, this bastard unloading eight pieces. But now, he can only humiliate once again made his own oath. Until now, Wu Chi this finally calm down. With Zhou Xu this guarantee, at least a short period of time can be perfunctory. Suddenly thought of what, Wu Chi straightening hair brush cvs once again bowed his head and asked Hey, exorcism, I said, what that Li Fernan, will not have the same hobby with you Now night Shenxing probably bound to have fallen into the hands of each other, if straightening hair brush cosmoprof the other side also have this metamorphosis of love think of the night Shen Xing, Wu Chi can not help but all goose bumps. No Almost teeth to say this sentence, Zhou Xu lungs are about to be blown up. Will there be danger Yang Xiuchuan followed by chasing. Will not Shook his head, Zhou Xu expla.oreover, Believe that you will soon come to accompany me Xi Jun should have been trapped, how long can you escape it You will regret it, you will regret it Eyes reveal a tra. ce of crazy hair straightener brush buy online color, Hanshan people suddenly openly said I will kill all the people who have a relationship with you, and even your little world Will always be destroyed The old lady may die, but always have enough people to bury I promise, you will regret it. boom For a moment, Han Shan Master suddenly urging the fiercely toward the soul of Wu Chi rolling away To the willingness of the crushed Wu Chi s spirit, so Wu Chi never go out, even in the reincarnation of the qualifications are not, it seems that only in order to resolve his anger in his heart. Breathe between Wu Chi to feel the soul of a burst of pain, the kind of pain, even far more than before in the purgatory experienced all the torture are terrible. Souls collapse broken, straightening hair brush cosmoprof it seems hair straightener brush how to use that even every trace of memory are completely broken up, crushed, into a thorough destruction. Such a force, is not Wu Chi can resist, even more frightening is that now he even painful screams are not sent out Watching Wu Chi painful struggle, Hanshan Shangren s eyes revealed a trace of pleasure. At most, but between the count, Wu Chi will completely disappear, no trace of trace. As long as the killing of Wu Chi, he was sure to break open other people containment, escape the dark prison community, even after destined to flee everywhere, but it is also stronger straightening hair brush cosmoprof than dead. Click Wu Chi in the spirit of the crushed, it seems to completely annihilate the moment, soon as the fragmentation of the voice suddenly sounded, as if something broke the confinement, from the Wu Chi body Chung out. Trance, Wu Chi has been crushed on the spirit of more than a harsh red robe. Bright blood red, at the moment turned out to be so eye catching, so that Han Shan s eyes are not controlled on the top of the fall, after a brief breakaway, is a hard to understand the fear of breeding from the bottom of my heart. Has broken the spirit of the red robe appeared in the moment of solidification, and then in a bizarre way to re cohesion This process is long, but in fact it is just a moment of things only. Had comple.o nothing. Three people fighting each other, is an internal thing, now face him this outsider, the position is surprisingly consistent. Who did not take care of Wu Chi, silent, Ma Shi Jie s ribbon, Liu Changtong fist, also locked the Wu Chi s air machine, made sure to be hair straightener brush ksa three to one. Chapter 449 Limit Counter Perfect Kendo is terrible, but the three are also the same Tianjiao, if it is easy to be scared off is not a joke. Although repair is suppressed, the face of straightening hair brush cosmoprof Wu Chi, and no advantage, but under the three together, but also have enough to grasp the suppression of Wu Chi. As for the Wu Chi want to singled out, it is naturally do not even think about it. If in the upper bound, perhaps they do not mind with Wu Chi singled out, but in this repair is suppressed, the single to single challenge to the perfect Kendo opponents, it is not their own death Wind Chen fog are the first out of the arrow, opened the prelude to this war. When the truth is not clear when the fist is the truth. Like just when the face of Li hair straightening brush infomercial Yunpeng, the three together, there is enough confidence to win the victory. hair straightening brush black natural hair Arrow off the string, fast if thunder. Even if it is the strength of Wu Chi, this moment also clearly felt a trace of a sense of crisis. boom Almost at the same time Liu Changtong fist has also smashed over, vaguely and that arrows echo the trend, sealed Wu Chi all dodge the line. Breathe between the sword field suddenly started. The face of the three upper bound Tianjiao siege, Wu Chi also did not dare to have the slightest effect, just a hands, they directly use the supernatural powers. God s prejudgment In this case, if the brutal hard to each other s attack, is bound to be dragged, Wu Chi is clear that the upper bound of heavenly background, even if they are the perfect Kendo Road, nor qualified to despise each other. Om Breathing between the shadow of the sword light out of the point, very accurate stabbed to Liu Changtong fist on top. Just this sword, but not to fight with each other s fist, but to Qiaojin leveraging. Jianfeng point to Liu Changtong fist, slightly a song, Wu Chi the whole person as a bird like homeopathic inverted fly out, although only a tiny action, but it happens to avoid the Chen fog tha.

Straightening Hair Brush Cosmoprof mpletely tried out the strength of each other, but also up to it is similar with Yang Xiuchuan only, but also on the combat experience is far less than Yang Xiuchuan, such a person, is simply a dude only, simply do not constitute any threat. However, Li Yunpeng is about to kill each other s moment, the stature is can not help but suddenly a stagnant, abruptly changed in the air the direction of the knife received back. Swordsman Youth fingertips sandwiched a golden swordsman revealed a trace of horrible atmosphere, abruptly Li Yunpeng back Before the matrix method in the shrouded, he did not see clearly, but at the moment to see each other in the hands of the swordsman, Li Yunpeng is completely sure, just broke the fingertips of the sword, that is, this golden The swordsman. Seeing Li Yunpeng back to open, young people finally got a deep breath Just in the face of the horrible knife, he even thought he was going to die, that terrible sense of suffocation, so that his mind a blank, is entirely by virtue of instinct to this sword hand buckle to the hands. However, this is a sword Fu saved his life. This makes some young people straightening hair brush cosmoprof proud, and some panic. Proud of this, because the power of this swordsman strong, there are swords and footers will be enough to live in each other, panic is because such a small sword, he came out only with only three Removed just already used, and now the hands of only two left only. This was originally intended to be used to attack Xi Jun should be, but did not expect, so long been forced out. who are you Eyes reveal a sense of vigilance, youth Shen sound asked I wait for the dark star of the life, come to kill the monarch, you dare to block Brow picked pick, Li Yunpeng did not answer the meaning of the answer. In this case with the other to discuss what straightening hair brush cosmoprof identity is obviously very boring things, there is no meaning at all. From beginning to end, Li Yunpeng s eyes are always stuck in the other hand that a gold sword on the above. Li Yunpeng s disregard, apparently let the youth some annoying, holding the swordsman in the hands, once again step forward, Chen Sheng said Get out With this point itself, even dare to kill heaven Jun, really naive ah Between the words, a sarcas.follow ah Sighed a cry, Xi Jun should be softly said Han Shan, for a long time no time, your layout is still so cold blooded and careful It seems that as long as the seat of a day die, you can not put a day to heart ah. Tianjun absent praise Only under the clear, once the king of the storm, this world is straightening hair brush cosmoprof large, but also bound to no place where the hair straightening brush travel case body, not carelessly act only. puff Mouth vomiting, Wu Chi felt his soul seems to have been about to explode. Can be clearly at the moment Han Shan s incarnation, in fact, not much strength, by reason, it is impossible to control Wu Chi was right. Han Shan Shang, things to the present, even if you want to die, you should let me die I really when I do the hands straightening hair brush kmart and feet Tightly staring at Hanshan Master, Wu Chi unwilling to ask. Glanced at Wu Chi one, Han Shan said You said before, you most people believe that promise I appreciate you this, but straightening hair brush cosmoprof I do not believe The eyes reveal a touch of indifferent color, Hanshan gentleman calmly said Since I can give you days, and how may not leave a mark on you You can remember that every time you come to me on the mountain, I Will you personally for your tea Moment, Wu Chi suddenly react over. In my identity, even if you need to do what, why should self drop status, the second time personally for you pour tea Your spirit among the long ago I planted a mark, as long as I think you naturally no The power of resistance. When it comes to this. , everything is clear up. From the beginning, Hanshan has been in the layout straightening hair brush cosmoprof of the people, it can be said that from the beginning of their own hair straightener brush uspicy Han Shan began, it has completely fallen into the trap of Han Shan, who seems to Han Shan to give their own many choices, In fact, there are still in the Han Shan Master s control. Ridiculously thought that they jumped out, can be around the chess game In fact, from start to finish, he is simply the hands of a person in the hands of Han Shan. Pain constantly erosion, almost has made Wu Chi mind unclear. Even more frightening is that with the Wu Chi s spirit and vitality has been captured by the Hanshan Master, the kind of terrible power, has been toward the Ma Shi Jie three of them filled away. Wu Chi to the spirit of the spirit of the b.

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