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Straightening Hair Brush Cvs cestors of the sword, Jian Qi is also left by the sword, both the punishment, but also the practice of the land. Nodded his head, Wu Chi this replied disciples in the jail prison for ten years, it seems that there is a sword between the sword of spiritual power, but the disciples repair is still shallow, can not determine whether it is illusion. Heard the words of Wu Chi, Luo Ying s eyes suddenly flashed a Jingmang, you can feel that Ah Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi can not help but ask Is it true Silence for a moment, Luo Ying said this opening That being the case, for you, it is also a chanc. e, I ask you, you may wish to enter the jail Luo hair straightener brush india Ying, although there is no explanation, but Wu Chi but also understand that their feelings I am afraid that nexxus hair straightener brush is true, and this supernatural powers is also quite precious. However, Wu Chi at this moment is not the thought of this, Master respect, you mean, I can not have a jailed Wu Chi, but remember clearly, cold star Jianjun let him back ten days later reported prison. If you are not killing you, you are not guilty, naturally do not have to go to jail prison penalty. Luo Ying indifferent said I Luo Ying s disciples, but also not their punishment. Luo Ying said this is extremely high handed, and do not say Wu Chi, Yun He also can not help but stay. This is to harden the cold star Jianjun face ah. Now the whole of the door, I am afraid only Luo Ying, have this boldness and courage. At first, I have said, let you a hundred years free. Read Wu Chi one, Luo Ying continued Now, want to do, you decide. Paused, Luo Ying continued However, I come back this time, delay a lot of things, after a hundred years after the case, may not be able to come back in time hear this, Wu Chi s face suddenly black. Just now also said that when there are Luo Ying, do not care about Bai Rong it, now a blink of an eye, Luo Ying came so out, to say not intentional, can believe it What shit, want to do, you decide That is better than singing, it is clear that the dug a good pit, waiting for their own jump down it Mouth smile, Luo Ying continued I remember you, but vowed to say that justice is only in the sword Want to discuss a fair, always have to pay the price hear this, Wu Chi is simply.directly drag the demon, we just flee Mangshan, where there will be so much Danger So, you mislead wolf demon, it is simply not inadvertently, but deliberately test Bai Rong slowly asked. Half of the hair straightening brush on 4c hair half of it. Wu Chi casually said At that time, although I have doubts, but also can not be sure, not to mention, straightening hair brush cvs want to escape from the wolf demon, this is indeed the only way. Dayton paused, Wu Chi continued I did not expect, Yunxie Shimei actually will pull the sword for me but for me, take the opportunity to leave, it is not a bad thing If my guess is Is not true, to avoid other people, straightening hair brush cvs al. one hiding in this piece of forest, are the most favorable thing. Hearing this, the cloud of the face has long become pale. She could not think of it, which, there will be so many twists and turns, only she is like a fool, always be kept in the dark. If the white brothers you alone to catch up with me, I was afraid there is no room to fight back. The mouth once again revealed a trace of ridiculous color, Wu Chi continued Unfortunately, white brother you are too demanding, and want By their eyes, to prove your innocence. When the time is almost the same time, as long as you accidentally, oh, no Or, it should be Chenhe Young accidentally, attracted demons, that time, you careless, let me die in the hands of demons everything is perfect, is not it Once again mentioned Chen He, Chen He s face can not help but suddenly changed. You even have participated in Chen He have guessed Bai Rong can not help but some unspeakable shock. You have long before us, it has been to the Mangshan, if not inside, how will know clearly, our position attracted demon Wu Chi indifferent replied Of course, again before, I do not know your Who should be just, Chen Shidi, you show too positive Seems to be completely worried about their own safety, but repeatedly ease the atmosphere So anxious paralyzed me, while the white brothers out of also need to guess it Chapter 483 to discuss a fair In the slightest From the beginning of the encounter Bairong, to now, all the moves, all clearly broken out, and almost all, the terrible mind, even if it can not help but admire some of Bai Rong. Look, it touches me look down on you. Sigh a cry, Bai Ro.

is, Fenger is almost no gas to the teeth crushed. But she really signed a servant from the contract, and now simply can not violate straightening hair brush cvs the meaning brush straightener uk reviews of Wu Chi, is reluctant to have to do so. One hand Lanzhu Feng children s waist, the other hand quietly fell on the spike thighs, it is not enough, to, good, feed son to drink. Palm into the body of the moment, Wu Chi on the keen sense of the other side of the body a stiff, and even some trembling, the hearts of a burst of sneer. No matter how camouflage, bones of some habits and instincts of the reaction is not deceive people. Although still did not think of each other how this sense of familiarity, but Wu Chi is absolutely sure, the other is bound to ill intent. If so, why straightening hair brush cvs is it polite What do you say There is not cheap to eat the bastard. Watched Wu Chi this slut, insatiable, the hands of more and more irregular, Fenger finally restrain, and silent, once again launched the charm of the surgery. Son, you hurt people Moment, Wu hair straightener brush -from asavea Chi will suddenly notice the exception, the sword soul. slightly Yi Chan, immediately restored sober. However, the surface is still quietly, mischievous hands, but really honest many. Aware of the changes in the Wu Chi, Funger suddenly relaxed a lot, homeopathy poured a glass of wine, put Wu Chi s lips, son, Fenger tired, drink this glass of wine, Fenger sitting back to the good For a time, that kind of delicate and charming look, really can not refuse. God Xiaoke of the hand of this Fenger drink the wine, Wu Chi immediately nodded his eyes, let Feng child down from him, do back next to the chair. Son, you see Funger beauty nice Forced nodded his head, Wu pool swallowed a saliva replied. Do you like phoenix like This time Wu Chi answer faster. Fenger also like you, but Phoenix children do not know what you call it Funger said with a look of grievances. My name is Wu Chi Wu Chi, of course, replied. Wu Chi son, you can not deceive children, ah, you really called Wu Chi Staring at Wu Chi s eyes, Fenger asked again. Moment, Wu Chi s eyes suddenly exposed a trace of the color of struggle. See Wu Chi out of the charm of the trend, Fenger heart of a horizontal, and once again posted to the Wu Chi s body, the hands of straightening hair brush cvs gently straightening hair brush cvs sliding in.still stay in the prison community triple, there may be a lot of people will be on the Wu Chi shot, but now, but no one is afraid of the threat. To know, once the Wu Chi broke through the prison community four, it is at least with the Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing the same level of the master Such a person die, who dare brush straightener for hair to easily threaten his side of the people Cold eyes swept the crowd, Jiang Zhengyang once again said Wu Chi is my friend Jiang, and my Chiang family solidarity Who is the courage to fight his side of the idea, is my enemies of Chiang Wu Chi has been stepped into the prison community four, then Jiang Zhengyang no longer any hesitation, there is the previous feelings, and now Chiang insisted again, is bound to let Wu pool grateful Jiang has become a great help. At the moment that attitude, and personal feelings have nothing to do, as is the benefit of it. This reason, others naturally will soon come to understand. So, now the only problem is Wu Chi will not die in the prison community among the four Even pocketed the four set of soul stone, but Wu Chi has just entered the road in the near future strength, but it is undoubtedly the largest short board. However, in the confirmation of Wu Chi before the death, but it is not any people and Wu Chi enemy. No one is willing to work with a may break through the prisoners of the four demon king strong knot revenge. This world is always strong respect, it is so simple. Chapter 372 sealed infuriating, Baili Daoshan Step into the prison community four, the pressure of terror blowing instantly. Settled in the place, impressively is a knife Hill, countless sharp edges almost instantly pierced the body of Wu Chi, blood instantly red clothes, pain drills, Rao is Wu Chi has been straightening hair brush cvs psychologically prepared, still still The pain of the bared straightening hair brush cvs teeth grinning. Before the prison in the prison, but only into the spirit of the soul, but now it is the flesh directly into the free purgatory among the. straightening hair brush cvs Who was dozens of sharp blade through, Wu Chi determined to push the infuriating, this suddenly found that he could not mention a trace of infuriating. This surprise is nothing, but it is suddenly Wu Chi scared out a cold sweat. Looked up and looked around th.ention of the cloud and Bai Rong. A flash between the two, they will react over, stature at the same time change, toward the Wu Chi they greeted over. Chapter 478 in depth Mangshan Breathing between the clouds will once again appeared in the Wu Chi s side, hand to hold the Wu Chi. How are you Although the strength of the supernatural powers, but Wu Chi is now the strength of the drive is really too reluctantly, before the cloud to see Wu Chi cast after the horrors of the show, and now naturally could not help but do not worry. I m fine, think of a way to get out. Shook his head, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. Faced with this horrible demon, simply do not give birth to the slightest i. dea of the enemy, only to find straightening hair brush cvs ways to get out, is the only life. So a moment of time, purple flame swept again, the slightest chance of breathing are not left to Wu Chi. However, it is good that this time in the Wu Chi s pool, the hands of the sword out of the scabbard, into a layer of the blade to protect themselves and Wu Chi, that purple flame although terrible, but after all, is a range of attacks. Wu Chi may not stop, but the cloud is able to easily hold down the clouds. Go, want to Mangshan inside to escape. At the same time, Bai Rong has also included Li Yunpeng, including the remaining straightening hair brush cvs few people saved down, Chen Sheng said. Although this is already outside the Mangshan, but the direction of departure has been the demon will be blocked, if only Yunhe and Bai Rong two, it touches can try to break through the blockade, but now to protect their Wu Chi, but it is no matter How are the rush. Only the opposite of it, hiding in the Mangshan, with Mangshan complex terrain, in order to have a line of vitality. Yunhe and Bai Rong s reaction is extremely fast, in this case, but also simply not by the slightest hesitation, the moment, they guard a few people toward the depths of Mangshan escape. Wu Chi clinging to the arms of the cloud, it is also fills, the other few people are simply to be starved with the star power to fly, to more embarrassed how embarrassed. Roar See Wu Chi they fled to Mangshan hair straightening brush without heat among the demon will be pursued. Barely fly a small half hour, straightening hair brush cvs whether it is white or cloud load also have some exhausted. Ca.

Straightening Hair Brush Cvs at moment, the heart is full of fear. Xi Jun should Wu Chi how did not think, Xi Jun should not even leave, even follow their own, appeared in here. Experienced all this, Wu Chi is clearly clear after the seal of the Xi Jun should be how terrible, you can say that in front of each other, even a trace of struggling no. Several people are some stunned, do not know who is coming, doubts will turn to Wu Chi. Wu Chi meet Tian Jun Took a deep breath, Wu Chi mind electric transfer, but after all, or put away the idea of hands, not do not want, but very clear, it simply does not make any sense. Moreover, listen to Jun Jun should be the meaning of these words, it seems that there is no hostility. Heard Wu Chi this, Zhou Bo Yan, who can not help but change the face Xi Jun should be things, they are listening to Wu Chi mentioned, naturally understand how terrible that is strong, but at the moment, but also understand that there is no mouth of their mouth. Put a waved, Xi Jun should be a middle aged scholar dress up, casually opening Do not be afraid, this seat is not unreasonable people, you help me kill the mountain, this seat should give you reward Yes. Come on, please speak in one step. Hand made a gesture, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. There are some words, he did not want to know them, taking advantage of now Xi Jun should be pretty good attitude, and will not let Zhou Boyan they are too worried about their own safety, alone with the reason that Jun should be the most important thing. Xi Jun should be a smile, do not care, follow the Wu hair straightener brush for thick curly hair Chi to walk a few people. Tianjun anything, may wish to say. Eyes reveal a trace of anger, Wu Chi Chen Sheng opening Road. What do you want to say this seat Eyes reveal a trace of interesting color, Xi Jun should be asked. This is to let Wu Chi could straightening hair brush seen on tv not help a sudden, how can this then take Silence for a moment, Wu Chi this slowly said Tianjun identity distinguished, you and the dark star of things, the kid really can not participate in. Tianjun really remembered that I have so little credit, let go of the kid, Is the best reward. This time involved in the magic electric hair straightening brush Han Shan a. nd Xi Jun should be among the game, it is already dangerous death also born, this is still in the lower bo.he sword sword down. Only need to escape this sword, Wu Chi believe that soon there will be elders to stop Bai Rong s pursuit. However, in the Wu Chi want to start to shrink into the inch of the moment, but suddenly felt a violent fluctuations in the surrounding space. The entire battle on the platform seems to have a chaos in the moment up. The corner of the eye suddenly swept to Bai Rong s body, Wu pool can not help but secretly pumping a cold air. A white road character suddenly split, so that the entire fighting platform on the space are twisted up. Shrink into the inch of supernatural powers, itself is fled into the void in the way, but now the surrounding space are distorted, but also how to escape straightening hair brush cvs into the void As long as Wu Chi dare to start to build inch of supernatural powers, 100 will die in the twisted space, the slightest luck may not have Messy Almost instantly, surrounded by several elders face is showing a trace of aghastant color. Chaos in itself is extremely valuable. space character, rumors, refining out is to kill the court fugitive with, once opened, then people can not escape into the void Before the end of the messenger effect, no one can leave that small piece of space. So precious authentic itself is extremely rare, even more people can not think of is that Bai Rong will be at this cost to kill Wu Chi. In this case, unless the four Jianjun in the next, denied that no one can insert at this time to go. This is a good arrangement of the lore of the Bureau From the beginning, sealed all possible escape, do not give the slightest chance. If not count all this, Bai Rong and how rush hands It can be said, in a flash, Wu Chi was forced into the desperate. Can not escape the fighting sword, there is no room for maneuvers, can only be positive against the white dragon of this horror of the star nine cut Already determined to Qingli a blow, let alone the peak of the stars, even if the broken stars, I am afraid not to escape from this sword days of life. At this moment, the whole people have been ignorant of the cloud, and feel almost broken off Even those who are coming to save the elders, almost also in the heart to Wu Chi sentenced to death. Chapter 512 life and death fight The.

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