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Straightening Hair Brush Hairhouse Warehouse tself is the crowd of the brothers, and now angry up, their own dignity, so that the two can not help but one of the lag. Ding brothers, not I want to hands, it is he Luo Ying deception too Eyes reveal a chill chill, Ling Tianjian hate said. Xiushui Jianjun, whose name Ding Xiu, just weekdays, everyone is also in the name of Xiushui commensurate with today s Ling day Jianjun this Ding brothers export, it is almost iron heart, do not sell this face. Ling days, this matter is how the matter, straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse when you really can not guess it Sneer a cry, Luo Ying cold channel With Bai Rong District, a disciple, if not you behind, where the chaos Empty character This sentence, directly point broken, but it is so that everyone can not help but pour a cold air. If that, before things, but also only in Bai Rong Wu Chi two people between the words, then, Luo Ying words, then suddenly let the whole things have some deterioration. The two Jianjun, turned out to really want to completely tear the face. Pupil m. icro can not see a sudden shrink, Ling Tian Jianjun surface is still not the slightest reaction, chaos character though rare, may not only I only get it Luo Ying, you say this, there may be evidence Some things, guessing is not important, it is important to be evidence. Chaos itself is that he gave quarter a peak, that his handwriting is not wrong, but this thing is absolutely can not be exposed. Anyway, Bai Rong is dead, no death Luo Ying can not need evidence directly beheaded Liu elders, but it is impossible in the absence of evidence to the case of Ling Tianjian Jun. This is the identity of the different. It is evidence that it is only right and wrong on the sword Lengheng a cry, Luo Ying disdain to replied. Can not tell the truth, playing it wants, and this is the reason Luo Ying. Perhaps some arrogant, maybe it sounds like some are not so reliable, but it is undeniable that this do send gas When are you going to be nonsense In the Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian Jun and ready to hands when a cold hum sounded, majestic sound suddenly sounded from the air. For a moment, everyone changed for a while. Including Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian Jun, including all bow at the same time salute. Welcome to the ancestors Wu Chi a.ree, continued Come on, let s avoid the tree to avoid. A few steps to the tree, a few people are sitting down, Wu Chi hesitated a moment, after all, to avoid the cloud load, sitting in the side of Chen. Aware of the Wu Chi s move, cloud heart mind slightly uncomfortable, know Wu Chi on their own did not let go, silent for a moment, after all, did not say anything. Brother Wu, this short time, you do not encounter any danger Alone hide for so long, we can admire it very much. Chen He removed some dry food from the body handed the crowd, then smiled and relaxed atmosphere. Just straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse lucky. Shook his head, Wu Chi explained encountered several demons, but far away to avoid, it touches no danger.I am in the lower bound of the time, had spent in the mountains , How much experience. Toward the Wu Chi put up a thumb, Chen He exclaimed Great ah, Wu Shixiang entry time is too short, or by virtue straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse of your ability, where will be afraid of how to use hair straightener brush these demons. Speaking of this, Wu Chi can not help but some pride, these demons are also stupid very, very good to deal with To be practiced in the future, is bound to follow the example of Master, sword swing Mangshan, a good foul smell. Yes Nodded his head, Bai Rong smiled and said The teacher out of the disciples, Wu Yidi can be Luo Shishu favor, I believe that this day will not be too far. Chapter 482 I was just lucky enough, with the White Brothers immeasurably. Shook his head, Wu Chi sighed I rarely admire what people, white brothers is definitely one of them. Haha, it is normal Let s the whole of the door, no matter who brought up white brothers, have to take a thumb ah Chen said with a big laugh. Chen Yidi do not nonsense. Bai Rong immediately snapped within the case, stronger than I do not know how much the genius, this is not to let Wu Shidi joke Although the mouth denied, in fact, both Chen He or Wu Chi can be seen from straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse the mouth of Bai Rong a trace of pride of color. Sure enough, Chen did not care about his words, went on to say White Master is too modest, all the way from the outside disciples come now, white talent and. perseverance, we all see, absolutely not lose to anyone. In time, will be able to go beyond all the disciples, and even later become a new Jianju.

only, the real core of the purgatory is the temple of life and death Not into life and death hall, you are here straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse in the fall did not make any sense We are dead, there will be new Ghosts appear, only into the life and dea. th hall, you have the hope to leave this free purgatory Do you die and die Yang Xiuchuan pondered a moment, listening to the explanation of these hair straightening brush relaxed hair ghosts brush straightener youtube around the eyes involuntarily squinted together. Trouble a heaven and earth, Yang Xiuchuan has always been able to really overthrow straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse the demeanor of the rule, no matter how much, seems to be like doing no work. Only now hear the temple hair straightening brush for 4c hair of life and death, be considered really understand. This test, the real key, must be the whereabouts of life and death. Even, perhaps, that is also good fortune Step into the hall outside the yard, it seems as if the moment into another time and space. Even if the demon also did not follow in, as if by what power of imprisonment in general, did not dare to more than half of the lake. Towering hall revealed a dignified atmosphere, even Wu Chi, at the moment can not help but gave birth from the bottom of hair straightener brush for natural hair my heart a trace of fear of meaning. Although at the moment even have not really entered the temple of life and death, Wu Chi has also been able to feel the strange place here, with the instinct Wu Chi will be able to feel here, I am afraid even if the soul may not be useful. Carefully looked around all, Wu Chi did straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse not even dare to take a step forward. Holding a token in his hand, Wu Chi still remember that before the ghosts of the words. This is my bad messenger, you take this into it, it is tantamount to complete the referral After entering, the test will naturally appear, as long as you can enter the hall, even through the test. Thought, Wu Chi again that side ghost bad token in his hand. Click Almost at the same time, Wu Chi hand bad messenger suddenly broken, into a green light toward the temple of life and death shot. The next moment, Wu Chi whole people are suddenly pulled into a terrorist whirlpool. Somewhere, a low voice then sounded, life and death hall before the broken life and death, restless, can enter the temple into a guard This is a very short number of hair straightening brush digital figures, it sounds very simpl.Such as the judge pen Pointing to the hands of the straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse judge pen, Wu Chi calmly continued Or, your body judge red robe Shaking From Wu Chi guess all this start, the hearts of such a thought He wanted the fortune is not life and death may exist in some of the benefits, but not through this time after the test of the rankings, but the identity of this life and death Now he only got a trace of judge, it has been able to use the judge pen, to play out such a terrible power, if it can become a real life and death, it is how terrible straightening hair brush big w fortune Although it seems that this is just a test, but whether it is for the life and death of the sentiment, or the judge pen revealed the atmosphere, are no doubt a true proof. If the sentiment is true, then what judge robes, judge pen, and even this life and death of the identity must be false The eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, life and death judge Chen Sheng said You are simply no. t a criminal slave, you and those who want to break the door of life, you are not the people of this world, these for you has no meaning Speak a secret Life and death judge dominate the free purgatory, to this time, naturally have already guessed the identity of Wu Chi. Do you understand that what is the real world Silence for a moment, Wu Chi asked Of course, in fact, I do not understand Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi mouth showing a trace of brilliant smile, I am not sure, get the identity of life and death, after leaving in the end there is no use, or how much use ,that s not important. You know, my name is Wu Chi, so, in fact, how much is so a little bit shameless the total benefit of the first fishing to say, as in the end there is no use, it is after the things that you think Spread the Tanshou, Wu straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse Chi said with a smile This time, life and death judge is really hit by the Wu Chi. Do you have a little bit of shame The hands of the sentence suddenly fell again, life and death judge this incarnation suddenly collapsed, leaving only a bright red officer red robe. Will be sentenced to cover the body of robes, Wu Chi suddenly felt a strong force toward their own body Chung, Jian soul slightly Yi Chan, suddenly into the judge gowns, with a strong spirit, abruptly in which left a mark The In.body, Wu Chi once again hit, at the foot of a staggering, almost fell to the ground. At this time, Wu Chi mind is also very clear, in an. y case he must escape from the jail to go, at least have to make a great move, otherwise, if it fell here, everything will fall short, but instead Leave the other side. If for other people, even if the strength is much stronger than the Wu Chi, it is bound to withstand such a bombardment of Jianqi. But in the old prison in the dark, Wu Chi has long been suffering more pain, as long as not enough to fatal, hurt again, and then terrible pain, are not enough to stop him. Suddenly, the body broke out again and again, Wu Chi continued to rush toward the prison outside the prison. This is a share of madness, but also to Chen elders discredited, forced to straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse under the shot is more and more heavy, and even to the end, he is not sure, will not hurt Wu Chi s life. But to this point, even if the bet, he must also bet on a, otherwise, once the Wu Chi rushed out, the hair straightening brush wet hair consequences of the same so that he can not afford. Chapter 492 sword and shaking People are afraid of death, when the straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse death is approaching, it seems that retreat is simply an instinctive choice. Time and again attack, so that Chen s elders face more and more ugly, but he has never believed, Wu Chi really dare to fight life do not, this battle seems to have become a will game. Exports in sight, it seems that as long as a lift will be able to go, however, is the last foot of the distance, for Wu Chi, but it is so far away. Has been to the limit, Wu Chi than anyone else is clear. If he refused to give up, perhaps the next attack will let him fall, but if this is to give up, but it is bound to be locked into the day jail prison, the same life and death unpredictable. The most important thing is, as long as the back of this step, hatred of the old three will definitely die. This point, Wu Chi also see more than anyone else is clear, only the old three dead, in order to cut off clues, the implementation of their own evidence, so that all this will be logical. Although just hatred of the youngest at the expense of their own, with the other side of the cloth under such a trap, but Wu Chi is not very enemies To know tha.

Straightening Hair Brush Hairhouse Warehouse $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/((\\n)\\s*\\n){1,}/\', \'\', $txt2);today, simply deliberately seduce me You are not already guessed it Know Wu Chi is not affected by their own Mei yi, Yang Yan is not stupid, of course, understand that before the restaurant among the elegant, she and Zhang Fengyang their dialogue, has long been Wu The pool was heard. But this bastard, obviously know, but also pretend to be their own charm, so that they like a fool, like their own paste to make him thin. This shameless bastard, really the knife Yang Yan looked angry look, Wu Chi heart can not help but slightly a swing, this woman, really cute tight it Have come to this red. bare. Relative to the point, Wu Chi is not a saint, but also how could stand it Fingers slightly raised, fell to Yang Yan s chin, slightly on the pick, Yes ah, since you want to seduce me I naturally want, as you wish Voice down the moment, Wu Chi immediately kissed up again, Yang Yan s mouth completely blocked. Whining Suddenly heard Wu Chi this, Yang Yan is almost going to wronged c. rying, gas can not wait to kill this bastard good. Ghosts would like to seduce you Was kissed the breath, Yang Yan angry, immediately a cruel, suddenly toward hair straightening brush groupon the Wu Chi that hateful tongue bite. If this bit bite, even if not the whole tongue was bitten, at least have to hurt the slut screams out. However, in Yan Yan want to hair straightening brush kids bite the moment, but suddenly felt the legs were separated, the lower body burst of pain, ah s cry out. Until this moment, Wu Chi once again left her lips. Bastard you promised me Feel the body was really Wu Chi invaded, Yang Yan suddenly grievances cursed out loud. Promised me How can I straightening hair brush hairhouse warehouse not remember. Mouth spilled a smile, Wu Chi fingers fell to Yang Yan s face, gently stroked his face hair, said softly bastard, you promised, you lie to me Well, even if I promised you good but I regret it Suddenly hard, Wu Chi once again moved up. Shameless This time Yang Yan is really Wu Qi gas cry, this slut, how can so shameless Watched Wu Chi once again kissed, Yang Yan determined to bite the bastard with the same, but the body was constantly impact, already lost strength, where also bite down. Can only be angry curse this bastard, can be gradually, in the Wu Chi this slut under the constant impact of the mouth whinin.

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