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Straightening Hair Brush Myer r is already already collapsed. No, so go on, I am afraid we will hair straightener brush reviews uk never finish this heart bridge. Finally, Wu Chi could not help but speak. All this seems too unusual, but also to the heart of Wu Chi finally gave birth to a trace of doubts. By reason, no matter what kind of test, at least let people see some hope fishes. Like in the prison community among the four, every test, but in fact it is only about 100 miles away from the distance, so even dangerous, even terrible, but still always give people a thought, a hope The But now in this heart on the bridge, but simply do not see any hope. Ten days of time, Wu Chi even could not remember how far away from their own This is definitely not far from the normal distance. Stopped, night Shenxing turned to Wu Chi said What do you think of Not sure shook his head, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said I just guess it, can not prove that the true and false speculation. Come and listen. Yang Xiuchuan can n. ot help but ask for some Italy, curious to ask. Finishing a bit of ideas, Wu Chi this slowly said You say, the magic from the heart If the heart of water, it will not have the magic of the breeding So, what is the existence of the heart of the bridge In fact, these days Wu Chi are thinking about such a problem. Before the impact of the demons, produced a walk through the heart of magic bridge, and even embark on the bridge bridge illusion In the face of the mirror at the same time, Wu Chi this realized that they are still caught in the demons Kenshin clear, broken demons of the shackles, this is in the heart of the bridge to wake up. It all looks so real. But what do you think is true Three people meet here, and after so many days to get along, naturally very clear that the other is real, not illusion. Can the foot of this heart magic bridge and must be true In accordance with the normal way of thinking, naturally only continue to walk in the heart of the bridge, with all the strength of struggling to survive, and slowly through the demons robbery is the right way. Wu Chi can be for this slut, his thinking this is an alternative. For him, nothing can not be questioned, dare not question. So here for so many days, but still still did not find the end of the heart of.n under the black hand, most of the Ling day sword is the door of the disciples. Some people are not afraid of their own hair straightening brush on natural hair black, afraid not know who the enemy is. Today, the results have been very satisfied with the Wu Chi. Master respect, Ling days Shishu door under the true disciples who Glanced at Wu Chi one, Luo Ying Wu Chi understand the mind, but also did not hide the meaning of Wu Chi, Ling days door, you be careful of two people is, the first is his first, The other one is the most beloved disciple of his season. Thought, Luo Ying continued A hundred years after the monk big ratio, if you have no intention to fight rankings fills, if you want to fight, when the two met, be careful. The next case of the door may be related to the sovereignty of the main things, Luo Ying did not follow with Wu Chi, one is that he is not concerned about this, and that is, do not want to affect the mentality of Wu Chi. The disciples understood. Nodded his head, Wu Chi answered straightening hair brush myer softly. Well, you go to prepare it, tomorrow I will be off, you should go to the prison. Luo Ying waved, indicating Wu Chi can go. From the sword to leave, hesitated a moment, Wu Chi to see the next three enemies. Qiu Xiaomei s death, for the hatred of the old three against the great, the whole person will have some depression, Wu Chi to see him, the whole people are haggard a lot, the eyes are so difficult to see a trace of the original glory. From the body out of a altar of wine thrown to the old three, Wu Chi casually sat down on the ground, and no extra nonsense, from the opening Chou. old three, I only ask you a word, you want revenge revenge These two words instantly let the eyes of the old three revealed a wipe the straightening hair brush myer machine, tightly staring at Wu Chi, Do you know who is doing Although it is not certain, but should be able to guess. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi said lightly But, you now look like this, know it is useless. Who is it Huo Ran raised his head, Qiu old three whisper asked. Ling Tianjian door, Yu Youren or Ji Yifeng. Wu Chi said quietly. Ling Tianjian Jun Eyes revealed a touch of dismay of the color, revenge the old three sounding repeated. I said, I dragged you. He opened a altar of wine, Wu Chi drank, it continued T.

are of this, the night Shen Xing suddenly vibrant. He was afraid of the horror of the judge only pen, once unable to continue to use the judge pen, to straightening hair brush myer kill the guard is easy. In fact, that guarding the command is also aware of this, subconsciously give up the pursuit, but returned to the temple of life and death. Wu led a look of surprise and asked The two criminals are obviously not support, as long as the adults bang, must be able to kill them ah Have to say. Wu Chi Zhesi acting very good Guardian command did not realize that the servant in the bumbling, but worried about the explanation No, the power of the pen is too strong, not I can control, I have some exhaustion, simply can not continue to kill. What can I do Wu Chi looked worried and said Otherwise, let s go Nonsense Chen Sheng snapped the sentence, the guard command shook his head and said Grand judge given the judge pen, that is, let us town to kill them, and now hold the judge pen, but also let them back, we have any face to see life and death How to do that Wu Chi bitter again asked. Give you Will judge straightening hair brush myer the pen into the hands of Wu Chi, guarding the command of Chen Sheng told You also feel the road of life and death, the same can temporarily control the judge pen, you keep here, extremely blocked them in the house I will restore power as soon straightening hair brush myer as straightening hair brush myer possible Replace you. Took the judge pen, Wu Chi heart has long been blooming, but the surface is still still put on a reluctant look, adults that, I can not ah My strength is worse than they are And, I will not use the judge pen at all There is a judge in the hand, with your own strength has a fart relationship, as long as you can urge even a trace of the power of the pen, they will never be your opponent Scolded a sentence, guard again open the road A stick of incense, as long as you hold a stick of incense time, I will be able to recover, that time, they are naturally not opponents. Hear this, Wu Chi this bitter bite the teeth, Well, I listen to adults. Between the words, Wu Chi tightly holding the judge pen, a look like the enemy, standing on the entrance to the hall. Will judge the pen in his hand, Wu Chi immediately felt the power of that powerful, infuriating flow, slowly into the ju.he same time flying out, one of the same lock the night of the stars of the death of the sickle, while the other is sealed a few stars Way to the same time again toward Yang Xiuchuan roll This sudden change, stunned everyone, or even a time no one can react, what happened. Seven chains out of the air, revealing a mysterious road rules of the atmosphere, abruptly night will be stars and Yang Xiuchuan two people around the space locked Yang Xiuchuan and the strength of the night Shen Xing people have to see clearly, is already already overriding the power of the road above the peak But now, just rely on the seven chains do not know why, even abruptly will Yang Xiuchuan and the night star moved down, what is the terrible strength Now prison world triple, and what else can have such straightening hair brush myer a terrorist not the strength Law enforcement who night In this prison community nearly three thousand years, or the first time to see the law enforcement shot Eyes reveal a chill chill, night Shenxing hands dead sickle slightly under pressure, will be wrapped around the chain to the ground pressure, issued a burst of harsh metal impact of the sound, while the eyes locked in front of the void. The next moment, a whole body shrouded in the darkness of the people will slowly appear from the void out, can not see the face, and even men and women are not distinguishable, but the body of the strong darkness of the gush Out of a solemn pressure. The prison community is the prisoner set up, not allow anyone to disturb the order You two people called, has been seriously disturbed to the prison order, and now stop, the seat can also be nothing happened, straightening hair brush argos otherwise, the order chain can not lock Bingbing, can also kill Hoarse and low voice slowly sounded, revealing an unquestionable power. enforcer Aware of the identity of the moment, all the spirit can not help but startled Especially bamboo Yaoy. ang, the eyes are revealed a trace of excitement of the color Originally he had almost died, but did not expect the most critical time, the law enforcement officers to take out, and a straightening hair brush myer shot to stop the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan two, abruptly pulled him from the ghost gate. This feeling of escape in the dead, so he almost cried. It seems that in the moment, it becomes a shy humble juvenile general. This strong contrast, it is so that the two burst of speechless Can come here, and even ranked second, how can you be considered a master, right Demeanor Festival This Nima, just straightening hair brush myer like the streets of the boring rogue ah. Even with this shameless slut of the people, really make the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan frantically jump to see Wu Chi s eyes are extremely poor. Chapter 380 in three ways go together Aware of the wind direction is not right, Wu Chi said with a sense of justice The three of us into the prison community among the four, naturally, the break together with the last test, to be together to break this free purgatory, will pass for a moment Beauty talk Facts have proved that this goods is no shameless lower limit. Let s see the three people as usual, condescending, I can not see how the same hair straightening brush india online sex to the opposite sex brothers Since then, do not ask the same year the same day the same day, but the same year the same month the same day See you like this Translate What do you think is that The most important thing is, who wants to die with you the same month the same month Open joke, here is the prison community four, the next test is extrem. ely dangerous, the same year the same month died You are afraid of death here, but also want to pull people back to you Face a black, night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan suddenly no longer talk straightening hair brush myer with him the interest. With this slut bombers, destined to be no good results. After a brief break, three or at the same time jumped out of the high platform. Have been to this point, even if it is dangerous, how could give up Of course, this case, no one is willing to rush to do the mouse, to others for reference. So, together with it will become the best solution. Almost down the high platform of the moment, Wu Chi felt, as if falling into another world, before the high platform to see those vague ghosts have become extremely straightening hair brush myer clear up. Click And even straightening hair brush electric have not so Wu pool reaction, a black chain suddenly from the side of the ghosts in the hands of flying out, directly through the Wu Chi s clavicle, locked him up Suddenly the blood out of the sudden, that ghosts and demise a drag in t.

Straightening Hair Brush Myer as the sharpest sharp edge in general, fiercely into the heart of Chiang Zhengyang, thorns he was extremely painful, but even said a word of strength are gone. Pass my order, attack Jiang home, I want Jiang within half a month, completely die Looked at everything coldly, Yang Xiuchuan lightly ordered the road. Yang Xiuchuan heard the words, Jiang Zhengyang finally thought to completely burst, the heart has long been full of remorse. To this time, he naturally had to understand, if not he cut off with the contact of Su Wan, personally denied the past feelings, personally forced Su Wan married Song Tianque. Yang Xiuchuan even if you want to exterminate Chiang, and will not rush hands. Yang continued pressure before, but always no hands, that is because the existence of Wu Chi. He had all the chips are pressed to the Wu Chi s body, and now have to get a return, but at the last minute to change his mind, the situation will be ruined Almost can imagine, if not this time faint strokes, completely enraged Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan is now absolutely can not threaten the Chiang family, with Wu Chi s relationship, enough to shelter to Jiang Rui grow up, again with the Yang family rival The But all this, but he was personally ruined. This kind of pain and remorse, it is like a snake in general, biting his heart bitterly, let him do not want to live. And even the wedding have not dispersed, Yang s people have raised a butcher, those who brought him together with the Song to participate in the wedding of the people, has become the first batch of people killed. Vitality slowly dissipated, Jiang Zhengyang even have no strength to look at the more. Before dying, he finally saw, just a touch of bloody Chiang family disciples of life red bloody Wu Chi did not even shot, the entire wedding scene, it turned into a bloody purgatory. From the beginning, it is destined to this is bound to be a straightening hair brushes bloody wedding Standing in the middle of t. he hall, Wu Chi silent for a moment, after all, slowly took the hands of Su Wan, big step away Three circles in prison Jiang Rui eyes full of bloody, painfully kneeling in the straightening hair brush myer door of the house, broke down in tears Just less than ten days, the huge Chiang family will be completely destroy.y that apalus hair straightening brush ceramic hair straightener straight hair styling the water curtain derived from the Sword, Wu Chi s heart is full of shock, although has been paid into the million swords, and even became a true disciple, but in fact, Wu Chi also has no chance to see Jianjun strong hand shot. Now see this horrible sword, the hearts of the shock is simply difficult to speak. Compared to their own, Xiushui Jianjun this is the real rule of heaven and earth for the sword, the law of the road, such a sword, for Wu hair straightener brush as seen on tv Chi, not just a shock, it is a guide. Let him clearly understand, after the road of Kendo, where to go. Witnessed Xiushui Jianjun shot, even now is seriously injured in the footer, Wu Chi heart is still inevitably a burst of blood boiling Is Xiushui Tianjian Compared to Wu Chi, apparently Yunxiu Xiushui Jianjun more familiar with the kind of death to escape the feeling, so that clouds are so excited, tightly pulled Wu Chi s arm, we saved Sword shocked demons and demers, for Xiushui Jianjun, it is not difficult to find Wu Chi them. It is not to say that the strength of Xiushui Jianjun hair straightening brush anion has been strong to God swept away the whole Mangshan can cover the point, but because all the swords are the core disciples of the identity token, will reveal a touch of sword, by virtue of these Identity token, it is very easy to find people. As for the Wu Chi, really disciples on the token on the breath, and even do straightening hair brush myer not use him to push, Xiushui Jianjun will be able to perceive to. A moment, Xiushui Jianjun has appeared in the Wu Chi and cloud in front of the front. Eyes fell to the dust holding the Wu Chi s arm, Xiushui Jianjun slightly pick the eyebrow, but still did not speak. Disciples meet Xiushui Jianjun See Xiushui Jianjun, Yunhe immediately react over, quickly grabbed the h. and holding Wu Chi, bowed to the ceremony. Disciples meet Xiushui Jianjun Eyes slightly swept away, fell to the body of Bai Rong set a set, Wu hair straightener brush comb Chi this show to Xiushui Jianjun Road. No more ritual, what Jianjun not Jianjun, you are Luo brother s disciples, called me Shishu like. Compared to Bai Rong and cloud load, Xiushui Jianjun Wu Chi s attitude will be moderate too much The. Even if Bai Ronggang just complained, and did not the slightest strange, his face still with a gentle smile. Wu.

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