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Straightening Hair Brush Natural Hair after all, was not able to separate a victory or defeat, watching Li Yunpeng away, Wu Chi s mouth can not help but float a hint of a smile. Li Yunpeng no longer Zhou Bo made their shot, it means that the greatest danger for the time being to cope with the past. He was so anxious to come back, the biggest factor is the threat of Li Yunpeng. This time the policy, straightening hair brush natural hair Wu Chi also did not really want to let Li Yunpeng defection, in fact, as long as he can hesitate, the attitude of a little fuzzy, no longer kill the killer, it is enough. This is a Han Shan and Xi Jun should be between the game, although forced into which can be Wu Chi heart is also very clear, as he can not trust Xi Jun should be the same. If you are completely trusted Han Shan, I am afraid that the same death from the far. Want to get out from such a chaos, only straightening hair brush natural hair step by step, see strokes move. Three months time is not long, he also need to do more preparation Caixing. Chapter 439 takes you down Master respect Into the palace, Li Yunpeng slightly owe, voice slightly hoarse. Sitting at the table, Xi Jun should not even rise, but did not ask the meaning, as if simply did not hear Li Yunpeng general. This time alone back, itself is enough to explain a lot of things. Bend a prayer, Li Yunpeng once again said disciples incompetent, although to see Wu Chi, but can not bring him back Xi Jun should be able to ask, but he can not explain. The whole process will be roughly described again, only to conceal the discourse of Wu Chuan do not mention those words. Holding the hand of the hand slightly stagnated a bit, Xi Jun should be looked up, staring at Li Yunpeng looked for a while, slowly said You think that if the two women s life force, he will only die What Disciples can not judge, but the matter is important, disciples not bet Slightly nodded, for Li Yunpeng answer Xi Jun should still be very satisfied. Wu Chi s existence for him, it can be said that the key to the difficulties, less than a last resort, he did not want to bet Wu Chi s response. The disciples thought that this time failed, but since he was still in the prison community, he could always think of a solution. After all, even if he had a fortune, he could not bring it out with othe.r other master, Wu Chi can be assured to leave. Now, even compared with Wu Chi, her straightening hair brush natural hair strength is still worse after all. All along, she felt Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Zi with Wu Chi s feelings though deep, but after all, because the strength difference is too large, so gather too much more And she consciously compared with Zhou Boyan, the biggest advantage is the strength and Wu Chi similar, to help Wu Chi busy, to accompany him. But now she seems to have some keep up with the pace of Wu Chi, which makes her some uneasy. Since now she simply can not help Wu Chi what is busy, it can only practice as brush straightener hairhouse warehouse soon as possible to enhance the strength of the. Occupy a Dong Fu, this advantage must not be wasted. At first she and alcoholism doctor to learn medicine, but also really let her in the realm has taken a big step, has been gradually get rid of the limitations of insects, see their own poisonous poison domain. Now, she first has to do is to first this one Dong Fu, really into a highly toxic Jedi If someone really dare to fight the idea, then with blood and death, that this part of the attribution of Dong Fu Within six months, Wu pool full of death in this flames thousands of times From the initial Ziyaliezui bitter pain, and now, and even have some accustomed to. This six straightening hair brush natural hair months, Wu Chi s physical strength increased several times, and the strength of the spirit, but also enough to support him to die seven times will be exhausted, as straightening hair brush natural hair Kendo, it is once again a breakthrough. If you fully urge Qinglian Jian Qi, Wu Chi and even have been able to breath in the sea of nearly 20 miles to. break To know that this flames, in fact, but only only about 100 miles away from it. Originally won the inheritance of the East China emperor, Wu Chi sentiment of the origin of the five elements, and then into the five elements Kendo, can be among the flames, Wu Chi was vaguely felt that their own feelings of the five elements of origin, is still just fur. Wu Chi has tried to use this flames, once again feel the origin of fire, but tried for some time but found that he is not suitable for the origin of the fire continue to study down. Donghua emperor to the origin of the five elements into the road, and even the way, it belongs to.

ot say anything else, but Wu Chi now a luxury dress, a look is not a lack of money the Lord, the woman pick Wu Chi, is also a matter of course. Just Wu Chi heard this, the heart is can not help but suddenly jump, immediately came to react. This woman is simply directed at their own. Mindful turn, Wu Chi soon to understand over, an opening will be ten thousand stone stone bet, and that every bet has to double, it is obviously want to scare off those irrelevant people. After all, can be free to come up with two hundred thousand stone of the people, apparently do not care about a woman, and interested in her people, and can not afford to dig out the two million stone bet. Just let Wu Chi do not understand is how the other side will be eyeing their own, the kind of familiar feeling, but also from where to come. These words long, but in fact it is just a flash of time only. It s interesting, since you want to lose to me as you wish. Mouth exposed a trace of evil laugh, Wu Chi Taitailielie s mouth replied, hair straightening brush israel at the same time went to the stage, will be two hundred thousand star stone to the notary prison temple disciples, stature slightly flash, they jumped on the gambling platform. it is good Wu Chi s stage, suddenly attracted the following a good applause, it is not how optimistic they are Wu Chi, it is to watch the excitement is not too big. Son please Slightly bowed Zuo Yi, the woman smiled and spoke. Slowly, slowly Shook his head, Wu Chi frivolous looked at each other said Since it is your own bet, you have to let me know what you call it The name is just a call, the son of call me Funger is it. Again salute, the woman said softly, a delicate and charming look. Fenger, this name is also from the random, and simply can not guess anything. Wu Chi reason to come to power, is not really because the other side of the charm, but because of the kind of inexplicable sense of familiarity. But now the other side even the name refused to say, it is clearly not ask any clue to the. Fenger, this name is good slightly nodded, like a pair of like, but at the same time, the shadow sword suddenly start, suddenly toward the other side to go. Attack Even in the gambling, the face of such a beautiful woman, this slut.g Before the disappearance of the word on the stone, Yang Xiuchuan faintly remember, ranked first or Yanbei Chen Break through the free purgatory, Yan North Chen even just used an hour But even this is the strength of terror, Wu Chi in front of the same overshadowed. Die one hundred and thirty times This is undoubtedly not a good result, even the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan in which also did not die a few times, but Wu pool is abrupt and died hundreds of times They do not know what happened before the temple of life and death, but the result is Wu Chi abruptly won the identity of life and death, Yong Ming on the. stone above Looking at the front of the stone, the two faces are some complex, do not know what should be good. Now come back, under normal circumstances, it should be in the hands of life and death from the hands of the guard to win the judge pen, and then by the judge pen into the door of life and death, be considered a test. If there is no Wu Chi s intervention, the two are also facing such a step straightening hair brush natural hair But all this in Wu Chi took the judge pen, and even put on the moment straightening hair brush natural hair of torture has been completely rewritten. This is a only belong to the Wu Chi s fortune Although perhaps still do not see what is the meaning, but now the results are no doubt clearly told the two, Wu Chi made everything is not in vain, but really get a shaking good fortune. Almost at the same time, quiet hills slowly enveloped, the three shrouded at the same time. The last test to get rid of, it means that the prison community has been thoroughly broken four Now placed in front of three people in the road, only one, continue to does hair straightening brush work break into the prison community five Just this time, but it is not even the opportunity to prison only, and even can not stay in the prison community. No doubt, the three also chose to temporarily leave the prison community four. No one clearly kerashine hair straightener brush review out of the prison after the five will face what kind of danger, even if the confidence of the night as the stars did not immediately choose to break the prison community five In the prison community four years, for the three, it is too long, it takes some time to adjust the state. Of course, for Yang Xiuchuan, because of my own oath, he also need to.ot the elders shot, straightening hair brush natural hair stopped Wu pool about, I am afraid that the sword is not only Zhanxia straightening hair brush paris glam an arm so simple, and the whole person may be cut into Two broken. And even the fate of the stars will be chipped off Can be said that he brush straightener harvey norman is simply in the ghost of the door around a circle, how can the heart can not panic Wu Chi has been very low before the tone, it seems that never had a ruthless hand, this let him some unscrupulous. Until the moment, feel the fear of Wu Chi that the strength of the cold, and he really react, for a little benefit, hastily provoked Wu Chi, it is a very stupid thing. Perhaps the only thing that is fortunate is that at the moment is in the case of the conflict, there is always elders around, this only to protect him a life. Was cut off an arm although looked miserable, many of them can be restored to the limbs of the panacea, as long as people do not die, there will not be much problem. Was the door of the elders of such a resistance, Wu Chi naturally understand that it is impossible to really kill Yao Long, wrist doubled, immediately put away the shadow sword. See no more to see straightening hair brush natural hair more, Wu Chi indifferent once again said From now on, Yao Long will be out of Jianfeng, life can not set foot on the sword half step. Wu Chi has never refused to suffer a temper. This time by Yao Long so ruthless calculation of a, how willing to let go. Cut his arm, how straightening hair brush natural hair long will it take, he will be able to recover, how can this punishment A mouth, Wu Chi Yao Long will be directly out of the Jianfeng. Since this war, he did not lose, then it is naturally only Jianfeng only true disciples Wu Chi did not stick to these things before, but it does not mean that Wu Chi will not have this power. In the case of Sword, Jianjun pro pass the true disciples of the status of this very high, normal, the peak of things, but also by the original Jianjun really disciples to deal with. Luo Ying is not received before the disciples, so the usual thing, is the core of the disciples in th. e excellent character control, but now once Wu Chi really intervene, other people simply do not have the right to oppose. Brother Wu Suddenly, a few disciples familiar with Yao Long, suddenly some anxious, and quickly openly said Wu.

Straightening Hair Brush Natural Hair reat, even if Chiang Kai shek heart can not help but slightly Yi Chan, and even gave birth to a hint of faint murderous. But even so, but it can not make him change his mind. A heaven and earth Eyes reveal a touch of cold color, Jiang Zhengyang Chen Sheng open channel. Almost at the s. ame straightening hair brush natural hair time, the two maid arm force, but it is to force Su Wan kneel down. Om Suowen to kneel down in the moment, a clear voice of the sword suddenly sounded, the sword of terror, like the Shanha tsunami like rolling out Suddenly, Qinglian suddenly burst in the side of Su Wan puff Between the twinkling of an eye, Su Wan side of the two maids suddenly Qinglian Jianqi strangled, blood scattered, but not a drop into the body of Su Wan. Jiang Zhengyang ceramic hair straightening brush reviews pupil suddenly shrink, from the bottom of my heart emitting a trace of fear of meaning, and even dodge did not have time, the body was a cheerful gas rub over straightening hair brush natural hair the arm suddenly was broken open a wound, abruptly forced back three steps The Do not even have to look back, see the Qinglian blooming moment, Su Wan s eyes will fall tears. These days, she has been in the brave, no matter how strong the surface, the hearts of the kind of terrible pressure that she was filled with fatigue and pain Before snapped curse, vowed to threaten Chiang Zhengyang, would also also from the side to prove the weakness of her heart And when that a green lotus blooming moment, all this becomes worth it, these days since the pressure on his body that kind of terrorist pressure, but also with the complete dissipation. At this moment, Su Wan physically and mentally exhausted, and even some stations are standing instability. Breathing, Su Wan will feel that they were hugged in the arms, the shoulder may not be generous, but unusually warm, it seems that in this moment, all the wind and rain and pressure, will be the shoulders in the outside. Bastard I m sorry, let you suffer. Hand wiping hair straightening brush for 4c hair the tears on the cheeks of Su Wan, Wu Chi softly open, gentle voice is enchanted. However, this gentle voice, fell to the ears of Chiang Zhengyang, but no doubt with nine days thunder, so that his face no trace of color. Wu Chi Difficult to spit out from the mouth of these two words, Jiang Zhengyang s mind is full of.grasp Listening to the interpretation of the hearts of the use of stars, Wu Chi heart can not help but suddenly jump And even did not care about what Luo Ying actually said. This moment, Wu Chi heart suddenly flashed a terrible idea. Before, he always straightening hair brush natural hair do not understand why Xi Jun should be thrown into their own million swords, and always no longer contact. Until now, from the mouth of Luo Ying heard the heart of the stars, so that Wuchi suddenly shocked. The. hearts of stars There is no doubt that Xi Jun should be the goal of the stars of the heart. A chill hair straightening brush good guys suddenly raised from the heart of Wu Chi. At this moment, he even had an impulse to tell Luo Ying about Xi Jun should be things. Just this idea, in the brain flash, they abruptly he was pressed down. Will Xi Jun should be out of things, Wu Chi himself do not know what kind of consequences will lead to, it is not only related to their own one person, and may even affect the life and death of Luo Ying. Luo Ying, although strong, comparable to Xi Jun should be, I am afraid still not enough to see. The most important thing is, brush straightener uk reviews even if it comes out, I m afraid it may not be able to affect the plan should be Jun, should even make things worse Chapter 518 Star Hearts The mountain is towering. This is the highest of all the swords in a mountain, is also a real forbidden. Not to mention the unusual disciples and elders, and even the four Jianjun also prohibited into the peak half step. Peak built a hall, clouds filled with particularly beautiful. In fact, in addition to beautiful, these clouds also contain the fear of Jian Qi, is not an exaggeration to say, even if the four Jianjun is absolutely unable to break into them. The most critical is that the hall, but also lived a person, look at the whole sky stars, are the most terrible presence. Just outside the hall, Wu Chi and other disciples will be difficult to suppress the heart gave birth to a sense of horror. Here is the ancestors of the retreat of the land, but also the next ten years they have to close the place. Will Wu Chi they sent to the four Jianjun also rushed down at the same time. Jianzu closed the hall, Wu Chi they can go in, but they are not get in. And there is no exchange, everyone c.

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