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Straightening Hair Brush Nz had less than ten days time Such a breakthrough speed, absolutely can be said to be unprecedented. Came to the monument to the front of the monument, Wu Chi will not interfere with Zhou Bo their choice, and now he is almost cheating way to stay here, in fact, they have some basic instability, and realiz. ed the monument before, naturally impossible To intervene. Practice the road, after all, depends on their own. Three months of time fleeting. Wu Chi here with Zhou Boyan their time at the same time, Hanshan Master has done everything ready. These three things, the relationship between the success or failure of this trip, must not have the slightest effect. Looked at Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, Han Shan Ren Chen Sheng said Remember, must be clear with the Wu Chi, must be within a month hands, otherwise, these things will be invalid. These three things are Han Shan Master in the three months refining out, not that he did not want to prepare in advance, but these things have a very timeliness, only just refining out when the ability to Will power out. Took three jade box, Yang Xiuchuan Shen Sheng said Master assured, I will be served in the shortest possible time. These three things, Yang Xiuchuan actually do not know exactly what is it Only the role of resentment, Han Shan Masters explained to him, the other, did not mention, and it seems that he did not want to tell Wu Chi s meaning. Han Shan Shang this attitude, so that Yang Xiuchuan heart is not the end, but things to this point, but it is impossible to have the opportunity to go back Jaw seven Xi Jun should suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a touch of coldness, coldly said Some people broke into the seven prison community Yunpeng, no matter what kind of price to pay, be sure to kill these two people down to break Can not let them meet with Wu Chi. Yang Xiuchuan and the night star has just stepped on the top of the prison community, immediately was Xi Jun should be aware of the. Now has to plan the most important juncture, any may affect his danger, must be killed in advance. Although even do not know, on the bounds of this time who is their own shot, however, Xi Jun should be able to guess each other s way out. This step cut off, no doub.k, fear can not do ah. Song of the difficulties I naturally understand, but now the situation is grim, Song Jiang two can be described as lips and teeth cold, for the present, only to find ways to seek cold mountain shelter, in order to curb the ambition of Yang Xiuchuan ah. Chiang Zhengyang smile Also asked Song brother must help, as long as you can see Han Shan Shangren side, regardless of the outcome of the matter, I Jiang remember the situation. Remember this situation, naturally not to talk orally, this is tantamount to already means that Chiang is willing to pay a very heavy price. Situation to this point, Song Yu Chen Jiang Zhengyang naturally understand that true, silent for a moment, this opening Zhengyang brother, and after a period of time. straightening hair brush pyt Yang step by step pressing, and now there is no time to delay. Jiang Zhengyang shook his head Please also please help me brother Jian. g this time. Wry smile a bit, Song Yu Chen some headache sighed and said Zhengyang brother, I do not hide from you Now I can only contact the song with the Han Shan, only the day Que this child but the children do not know What the devil alas Tianque how Slightly Yi Zheng, Jiang Zhengyang puzzled and asked. Worth mentioning, Zhengyang brother as I go to see this child better. Shook his head, wry up got a gesture, Song Yuchen said. Followed by Song Yuchen Song Song Que where the other homes, not into the yard, I straightening hair brush nz heard a burst of stuffing sound. I do not listen to me, you do not like me, you do not help me marry me, I went to Han Shan begged my father, anyway, I do not care, I found her, this life is not Su Wan do not marry Far from the Song Que Que clamor came out. Jiang Zhengyang was not too concerned about the original, but heard the word when the word Su Wan, his face can not help but suddenly changed. Footsteps suddenly stopped, Chiang Zhengyang turned to Song Yu Chen asked The day Que hair straightening brush ion said the Su Wan, Could it be the Soviet Union that snake fairy Masanori brother also know her Song Yuchen subconscious asked, then scared his head and said I d forgotten, Su Wan also in the prison community among the three, Zhengyang brother naturally know. Sigh a cry, Song Yuchen smile A few days ago, the day the Que went to a tr.

ou See Yuno changed his face, Wu Chi slightly hesitated, then had no choice but to smile Pei Pei, is the wrong thing I do not work Yun Ho Shimei, you rest assured, I was hard life, not so Easy to die. Although Wu Chi is a very relaxed look, but in fact, Yun He is very clear, want to make such a decision is not easy. She is not clear Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng what kind of relationship, but only by Wu Chi now this attitude is enough to make her mind on the Wu Chi how much better. Although it seems a bit silly, but this kind of friendship, but how can people be assured of many. Yes, where are I going to hair straightening brush for boys visit the door Mangshan demons Looked at Wu Chi, the task of dispatching disciples can not help but some doubts, the Young, you sure you want to go to Mangshan Yeah, what s the matter Wu Chi replied innocently. Do not be joking, the young brother just to light up the star soon Is no longer lack of stone can not be sent to death ah. The disciples shook his head, kindly persuaded If you really miss the stone, then I There are a lot of simple internal tasks, you can look at some of the. For this kindly disciple, Wu Chi gave birth to a little bit of goodwill, but this discouragement, he naturally can not listen to the. Thank you reminded, but I still want to go to Mangshan. Mouth overflow a trace of a smile, Wu Chi wrist doubled, has been the real disciples of the token to take out, trouble you help me check, Xiushui Feng Li Yunpeng is divided in which group, when. starting To see the true disciples token, that disciple was straightening hair brush nz obviously shocked, I m sorry, I m sorry I do not know is Wu brothers Put a waved, Wu Chi shook his head No, I should thank you for your reminder But I really want to go to Mangshan look. Really disciples of identity on that, even if the strength of Wu Chi and then poor, no one has reason to block. The disciples immediately in accordance with the instructions of the Wu Chi Wu pool for a good answer to the Mangshan task, Wu brothers, starting tomorrow morning, if you really want to go, please also early to prepare. Thank you. Nodded his head, Wu Chi to recover the true disciples token, then turned away. Tomorrow morning to start You really can not wait to want me to die. Secretly sneer a.of people, but no one first hands on only. Silence for a moment, Lin Qiuyu slowly from the crowd came out. You have no interest, but the blood of the blood of the debt, straightening hair brush nz since the few women dare to kill my brother, I will be bound to let them tortured and died, so I do not have any interest in the government, , These women also asked me to deal with. Lin Qingyu recognized the identity of other people naturally no objection, by Lin Qiuyu such a master of the first shot, will undoubtedly be. a lot of security. After all, Su Wan snake fairy s name is not white call, these days in fact, there have been many people died before the Dong Fu. Step by step, autumn sword scabbard, cold killer suddenly broke out, people have not yet, the sword has been to Sword domain under the shrouded to the strength of Lin Qiuyu, no matter what is highly toxic are bound to stick. Autumn sword Good big name, relied on Wu Chi is not, came to bully people and women, do not feel ashamed Between the words, a sneer sounded. who Was so ridiculed in public, Lin Qiuyu eyes suddenly revealed a wipe the machine, eyes down the voice came the direction. The other party also did not hide the identity of the plan, naturally came out from the crowd. Mo Yan This appearance, suddenly a lot of people recognized out. These years, Mo Yan in the prison community is also thriving, that one hand to the law of the sword means I do not know how many master Even Lin Qiuyu also heard the name of Mo Yan. Brow to pick the pick, Lin Qiuyu suddenly threatened Mo Yan, do not think that a bit of talent, you can wantonly My brother died in the hands of a few slut, this blood revenge have to report If you dare to intervene in this business, I do not mind first killing you. Do not matter Sneer a cry, Mo Yan proudly said I and Wu Chi intersection for many years, and now he is dead and alive, how can you and other villains bullying His words, suddenly so that everyone moved. Mo Yan, even before the time of danger, never mentioned the relationship with Wu Chi, however, at the moment rumors Wu Chi is dead, Mo Yan but instead to come forward, the straightening hair brush nz courage and play can not help but moving. Wu mummy is dead, even the Chiang family are now dare not intervene in th.r intervene in these things, and now not in the case, you Can not say anything This answer to Wu Chi is a burst of speechless. The same is true to pass disciples, people can even control the door task, and their brush straightener myer own farts are not the way, this hair straightener brush travel gap is too big to come No Seems to think of what, Wu Chi puzzled and asked Since they can be assigned to this task, why not let me go directly to Mangshan Turned over his eyes, cloud cover with a look to see idiots Wu Chi said true disciples unless they are willing, or do not need to accept any door task, just one mind cultivation is Want to let you go to Mangshan, unless it is killing Jianjun personally told, otherwise, even the other three Jianjun can not be forced to assign what you do. This is the true mission of the disciples, especially Wu Chi this Jianjun directly received by the true disciples, higher status. Hear this, Wu Chi was completely understood over. In other words, in fact, the other side, is simply want to lead me to Mangshan Nodded his head, Yun. He face also dignified a bit, I am afraid that is the case, straightening hair brush nz to your strength now to Mangshan, fear is fierce and rare. Speaking of this, Wu Chi can not help but silence down. Ordinarily, has guessed the intention of each other, Wu Chi how should not be fooled. However, this is itself a conspiracy, you are not afraid of guessing at all. Wu Chi can be sure, if they do not, I m afraid Li Yunpeng will probably die in Mangshan. Although in fact, Li Yunpeng and their relationship, and no outsiders think so close, but also, after all, in the dark prison together, and really want to completely ignore Li Yunpeng s life and death, Wu Chi is also some difficult to accept. straightening hair brush nz Moreover, the matter is because of his sky, if he really stand by, his heart this hurdle is difficult to pass. Moreover, who knows Xi Jun should be what mind, Li Yunpeng, after all, is the disciples of Xi Jun should be true because of their own reasons, I m afraid there will be trouble. straightening hair brush nz Actually, I m curious, why do they all want to be against me Wu pool turned his head and looked at the cloud and asked certainly because it is too ugly. Qingheng a cry, the cloud of the words of the song to answer See hair straightening ceramic brush Wu Chi eat deflated, the number of so.

Straightening Hair Brush Nz housand enlightenment monument genius, although perhaps not as you, but follow the seat for many years , Whether it is repair or supernatural powers, are far better than you. Middle aged before that can teach the top of the exercises and the most terrible supernatural powers, is definitely not an empty talk. Li Yunpeng, although cheated, but the strength is indeed hair straightener brush boots stronger straightening hair brush nz than the original too much, as long as they can leave the dark prison community, even when the upper bound into the upper bound, it will undoubtedly be the top genius. It is precisely because of this, now Li Yunpeng will be willing to help him cheat Wu Chi. His face some ugly, Wu Chi tightly staring at each other asked What do you want me to do Strenuous mind to deceive themselves here, obviously not to kill yourself so simple, and even, I am afraid it is only just so fast on the upper bound so simple. Which there are many places, Wu Chi straightening hair brush nz also want to understand. In this case, Wu Chi naturally do not want to Li Yunpeng Sike, first do n. ot say really fight, may not win, even when the win, he also have to pay a very heavy price, to that straightening hair brush nz time, once again any accident It really can only be slaughtered. Said the seat, as long as you here in the crossing robbery soaring, and with Yunpeng together to leave, it is enough. Asylum looked at Wu Chi, middle aged calmly said Whether you are voluntary or forced , straightening hair brush nz As long as you do this, this seat will be able to let you, and even the same way to teach you the top of the door and supernatural powers Let you to the upper bound, as vertical and horizontal capital. It sounds very tempting look you straightening hair brush nz can guarantee, talk to say Eyes flashing, seems to measure the credibility of the other words, Wu Chi hesitated to ask. Hear the signs of Wu Chi interested in moving, middle aged mind slightly a hi, crisp openly said Yes The seat can swear as evidence Here middle aged words have not finished, a touch of Jianguang suddenly storm, from Li Yunpeng toward the past. Attack, see also attack From the beginning, Wu Chi simply did not want to promise the other side of the conditions, he did not know what the other side want to do, naturally can not rush to promise such conditions. Not to mention, if so go, straightening hair brush ireland do not know how to describe the straightening hair brush ulta kind of mood. To know that he spent nearly ten thousand years here, in fact, the reference to the stone, but also the number of it, and Wu Chi do all this, but only took more than twenty years time. This strong contrast, so Zhou Xu jealous of the crazy, the heart is extremely bitter In fact, when the stone is more than one thousand, Wu Chi heart already had a feeling, as long as he is willing, it seems that. at any time can be derived from a supernatural powers out. Just Wu Chi also found, once the evolution of supernatural powers, it is equivalent to the way. And only after the sermon, in order to understand from their own way to the means of supernatural powers. Once the sermon, but also to make their own understanding of the road completely stereotypes, and then there will be no breakthrough opportunities. For others, to be able to prove, and even derived from a supernatural powers, no doubt already a big surprise, but for Wu Chi, these are far enough Even if he did not leave the prison sector six heavy pressure, he could not let this opportunity. Time slowly passed, and enlightenment, but also continue to continue. Fifty years of time in the hair straightener brush tesco past, Wu Chi Shen Wu s monument, has also reached two thousand, however, accompanied by a breakthrough in the two thousand mark, Wu Chi Shen Wu s speed has finally slowed down. Until now, Zhou Xu and Li Fernan heart finally got some better. Although they want to use Wu Chi to leave here, can Wu Chi that metamorphosis of the enlightenment speed for both people, it is also a great torture. If Wu Chi can be so crazy to see benevolence, the two simply doubt that they can not afford to live. Finally straightening hair brush nz slow down However, this has only been a short span of fifty years, breaking the three thousand is bound to no problem. Far looked at Wu Chi, Li Fernan said softly. I really remember the demons of the eight thousand stone metamorphosis, but it is so it Zhou Xu nodded his head, and identify the interface Road. If he can so crazy to see the savvy go, I suspect that it is possible to catch up with him. Shook his head, Li Fernan softly said At first, in fact, only spent three hundred years, Enlightenment to nearly eight thousand ston.

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