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Straightening Hair Brush Oak Leaf ase based, homeopathic with their spirit also detonated together to become a real soul burst, to complete the jiangjun should be lore This is the Han Shan Master s all plans. Click Chill erosion, just to freeze everything up, but with the passage of time, chill finally began to subside. After all, there is only an incarnation of Han Shan Shang, he has to fight only just detonated Wu Chi soul time only, now Wu Chi has been ordered in an instant, chill control will naturally weaken a lot. However, that is, by this opportunity, Li Yunpeng finally found a shot of the opportunity. In this case, only he is not affected by the people, and now is the only possible to stop straightening hair brush oak leaf the people on the straightening hair brush oak leaf mountain. Such as ink knife, brazenly toward the Hanshan Master killed in the past. Eyes reveal a trace of indifferent color, Hanshan disdain said With you a person, do you think you are eligible to threaten me Even if only an incarnation, Han Shan Shang s strength, it is not comparable to Li Yunpeng, perhaps may not kill Li Yunpeng, but Li Yunpeng want to cut off this incarnation, there is no doubt that the slightest possible. Moreover, Han Shan people do not have to kill him, as long as the fall to Wu Chi fall, causing the soul burst is enough. Li Yunpeng alone, in any case can not stop him. Today, Han Shan is almost full of win in the grip, up to the time of interest, but all this will end, that time, he is the only winner. However, in this moment, the two breath suddenly came out from the outside. A strong life and death rhyme pavement and to This sudden change, suddenly stunned all the people, no one thought, this time, even someone will break into. A death sickle, brazenly open all. obstacles, black and white two gas flow, abruptly broke into them, appeared in the sight of all. Night star The next moment, followed by the stars in the evening after the stars, Yang Xiuchuan figure also appeared in the crowd within the line of sight. Eyes flow, a moment, the night Shenxing s eyes will fall to straightening hair brush oak leaf the Wu Chi s body. Aware of the exception of Wu Chi, night Shenxing stature slightly flash, even when it fell to the Wu Chi s side, wrist doubled, a strong vitality will then be injected into the Wu Chi s body. stop Eyes reve.y that the water curtain derived from the Sword, Wu Chi s heart is full of shock, although has been paid into the million swords, and even became a true disciple, but in fact, Wu Chi also has no chance to straightening hair brush oak leaf see Jianjun strong hand shot. Now see this horrible sword, the hearts of the shock is simply difficult to speak. Compared to their own, Xiushui Jianjun this is the real rule of heaven and earth for the sword, the law of the road, such a sword, for Wu Chi, digital hair straightener brush not just a shock, it is a guide. Let him hair straightening brush gold clearly understand, after the road of Kendo, where to go. Witnessed Xiushui Jianjun shot, even now is seriously injured in the footer, Wu Chi heart is still inevitably a burst of blood boiling Is Xiushui Tianjian Compared to Wu Chi, apparently Yunxiu Xiushui Jianjun more familiar with the kind of death to escape the feeling, so that clouds are so excited, tightly pulled Wu Chi s arm, we saved Sword shocked demons and demers, for Xiushui Jianjun, it is not difficult to find Wu Chi them. It is not to say that the strength of Xiushui Jianjun has been strong to God swept away the whole Mangshan can cover the point, but because all the swords are the core disciples of the identity token, will reveal a touch of sword, by virtue of these Identity token, it is very easy to find people. As for the Wu Chi, really disciples on the token on the breath, and even do not use him to push, Xiushui Jianjun will be able to perceive to. A moment, Xiushui Jianjun has appeared in the Wu Chi and cloud in front of the front. Eyes fell to the dust holding the Wu Chi s arm, Xiushui Jianjun slightly pick the eyebrow, but still did not speak. Disciples meet Xiushui Jianjun See Xiushui Jianjun, Yunhe immediately react over, quickly grabbed the h. and holding Wu Chi, bowed to the ceremony. Disciples meet Xiushui Jianjun Eyes slightly swept away, fell to the body of Bai Rong set a set, Wu Chi this show to Xiushui Jianjun Road. No more ritual, what Jianjun not Jianjun, you are Luo hair straightening brush vs hair straightener brother s disciples, called me Shishu like. Compared to Bai Rong and cloud load, Xiushui Jianjun Wu Chi s attitude will be moderate too much The. Even if Bai Ronggang just complained, and did not the slightest strange, his face still with a gentle smile. Wu.

into the root is not the same as the environment But now in the temple of life and death suddenly see Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, but it is suddenly overturned Wu Chi before all the speculation. However, it is also a further proof of the special life and death hall. The mind flashed countless thoughts, but the surface of Wu Chi is not apalus brush hair straightener ulta any expression, followed by guarding the sword toward the two killed. It is obviously different from their own, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan is to hard break, then, now as a guardian of life and death hall, the position is against them with the. Although Wu Chi really do not care about this position, but the surface of the effort but still have to do a do. Work is not a force is it. Anyway, there are at least dozens of guards guards at least dozens of people, not their own take the lead. Hiding in the crowd, looking at the two sides played against, Wu Chi s brain can not help but flashed countless ideas. Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan the strength he is very clear that it is absolutely abnormal. Although most of these guards have the strength of the peak of the road, compared with the two is really worse than a grade. Especially the night Shenxing, life and death under straightening brush for black hair the domain, the death of the temple of the coercion for him, there is no meaning, but rather the hands of his death sickle can wanton beheaded these guards. According to this situation look down, I am afraid these guard. s are really possible to kill them can not. Wu Chi straightening hair brush oak leaf some not sure, here also set the soul of stone is also no use, nature is not easy to risk. Although now it seems that the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan still prevail, the same, Wu Chi also do not believe that the temple is only such a point of life. Wait until these guards can not support the time, I m afraid to see the real chapter of the time. Now Wu Chi is to do is to wait, and so on a chance to profit, whether it is the night star they win, or these guards to win, for him, not important The only key is, what can he get Death atmosphere enveloped, there are so many guards siege, whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or night Shenxing also did not straightening hair brush oak leaf notice hiding among the crowd Wu Chi. But rather that guard the command, so.han token, Jiang Zhengyang pupil suddenly shrink, heart suddenly made up his mind. Han Shan all year round blockade, no token simply can not enter, as long as you can get this token, he will be able to enter the Hanshan, to the time with his strength and identity, naturally can find the opportunity to see Han Shan. Although even to see the Hanshan Master, it may not be able to move each other, at least one chance is not Now Chiang s situation is worse, Jiang Zhengyang more than anyone else, in order to such an opportunity, it is worth paying any price. straightening hair brush oak leaf Moreover, Wu Chi is dead, with Su Wan and Su, also has not been Jiang Zhengyang look in the eyes. Although doing so, it seems a bit worthy of Wu Chi. But reality so, but also blame who As he repeatedly told Jiang Rui said the same, private feelings, never overturned with the interests of the family Now, Chiang has been to the occasion of life and death, what can not be sacrificed Zhengyang brother Even Song Yuchen also did not expect, Jiang Zhengyang actually promised straightening hair brush oak leaf so close to the conditions of the play. Put a waved, Jiang Zhengyang Chen Sheng said I can see, the day Que this child is really like Su Wan, since the children so much like, we do elders, naturally he will be. Su family of things, I come to do, will make the day to earn the wish. Slightly Yizheng, Song Yu Chen naturally understand the purpose of Chiang Zhengyang, can not help but gently sighed a cry, Zhengyang brother, Su Ji, although not the four major families, but we all hair straightener brush ceramic heating daydays are also good we do not be too reluctant. Song brother assured, I understand how to. do. Nodded his head, Jiang Zhengyang Chen Sheng said. Zhengyang grandfather, that day Que can count on you all. A look of excitement looked Jiang Zhengyang, Song Tian Que quickly said Zhengyang grandfather, you rest assured, as long as let Su Wan married me, I promise you I must swear. Identity, after all, in this, Jiang Zhengyang how may in front of Song Yu Chen s face so that the song from the life of the vow, straightening hair brush oak leaf shook his head, Jiang Zhengyang softly said rest assured, Zhengyang grandfather believe you are a good boy, this thing, must help you Do it. Chapter 406 Forced to marry Waner, you and that Song Que in the end is.w can we tolerate the two girls One of them rally, for a time, magic people can not help but in full swing. Suddenly, the sword scabbard, these people abruptly outside the house, pulled into a wall, tightly blocked Li Yunpeng s way Looked at the front of this scene, even if the hearts of Li Yunpeng also could not help but suddenly jump. That has had a short time with their own confrontation guy, what kind of charm, even to so many people willing to die for him He can see, the magic of these people are not talking about it. It is really hold the heart of death, in order to reveal the eyes. Even, even if Zhou Bo Yan, also prepared to do the same dead, and not because these people in front of the slightest relaxation. Li Yunpeng almost certainly, as long as their dare to shot, Zhou Bo Yan is bound to kill her hair straightener brush jml reviews in front of her cross before committing suicide. This staunch attitude, but it is Li Yunpeng original plan are completely broken. Li Yunpeng is not afraid and kill, if necessary, the whole prison community triple kill all, he will not blink glasses. However, his mind is very clear, this time, he is not really want to kill people to vent their anger, but to take these people to force Wu Chi to straightening hair brush oak leaf give. If you really kill these people, and even forced Zhou Bo committed suicide, there is no doubt that Wu pool forged a hatred. If the way to that, Wu Chi once crazy up, let alone him, even if the king should be afraid to be too headache. So easy to come, Li Yunpeng is actually like being erected, quite a bit dilemma feeling. Silence a full time of a tea, Li Yunpeng eyes revealed a trace of cold, indifferent, said three days, I am here for three days, if Wu Chi do not come, I will kill you all. To this point, Li Yunpeng actually no good way, can only be hair straightener brush lebanon a gambling. He is not clear, Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Ziyi these two women in the heart of Wu Chi, how much possession of the location, you can let Wu Chi for them to do so. Now can not force people to control the hands, it can only be bet about. If three days, Wu Chi did not respond. It means that the value of these two women, perhaps much smaller than imagined. For people. who have no value, Li Yunpeng naturally do not have to take into account the slight.

Straightening Hair Brush Oak Leaf swordsman turned, Wu Chi suddenly shot, the sword is approaching the extreme, but also fiercely to the extreme. Simply do not give any time to the meaning of youth, the shot is a full blow Even the young people have not come and react, the head has been flying up. A sword owl first This. sudden change, completely contrary to all the expectations, until the blood splash, the youth s straightening hair brush oak leaf skull out of the way, the other people finally came to this reaction, the mouth uttered exclaimed, deadly scattered and fleeing. Youth identity extraordinary, he even dare to kill each other, naturally far from what they can compete, this time to escape, is the best choice. After the killing of young people, Wu Chi did not rush to kill other people, but first from the young fingers to remove the space ring, in which to find the two gold swordsman, this satisfaction nodded The But also acting is to kill, not to the two swordsman it Before the young swordsman broke the matrix method, Wu Chi felt the golden sword of the possible, it is no exaggeration to say that if the master of the sword in this, even to Wuchi now strength, I am afraid also Can not stop people readily sword. Now is the most dangerous time, Wu Chi is not mind it at the end it, found that the other hand even have this baby, this is not simply to give money boy Without any hesitation, even when the performance of such a play, abruptly swordsman from the other side of the robbed over. Compared to the Han Shan Shang left the two jade box, obviously the two swordsman more to let Wu Chi assured. As for the assassination of each other, may cause trouble that have to wait for their own life into the upper bound, have the opportunity to be trouble is not Besides, kill the idiot who is cents Palace Mo Yan Well, what is the relationship with him That swordsman s master have the ability to go to the palace of the trouble chant, kill a blood flow into the river to be good. Of course, as the fairy palace, is not really a man named Mo Yan bad luck who cares Chapter 445 We are picking up things Shameless Watched Wu Chi will be the two swordsman away, Li Yunpeng burst of pain, eyelids jumped, could not help but open the curse. He was here with the other side brush straightener price south africa of the st.mmunity so far. Eyes reveal a trace of complex color, night Shen Xing slowly said. In fact, at this moment, the night Shenxing even almost decided to die in the Wu pool. The birth of such a crazy idea, in the night Shenxing view, Wu Chi is already into the demons of the magic, and once he hair straightener brush best brand can not suppress the demons, really leap magic bridge, is Wu Chi died time The But since the magic has been breeding, he will be clear that he can not stop Wu Chi Although the situation owed Wu Chi, but he can not really die with Wu Chi. In this way, promised to the situation still in Wu Chi those friends who have been the only straightening hair brush oak leaf thing he can do. Chapter 399 Select With the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan s departure, the surrounding seems to be completely quiet down. Sit and sit, Wu Chi took out a altar of wine to shoot open, happy to drink a mouthful. These days of fatigue and hesitation, seems to have scattered with the wine a lot. Looking at the bridge outside a dark void, Wu Chi mind that feeling is more and more intense, this moment, Wu Chi straightening hair brush oak leaf difficult to judge the birth of this idea, is not the birth of the demons, like the original demons misleading Give up their own Kendo. Can Wu Chi is very clear, if not make a change, continue to follow them with Yang Xiuchuan, most of them die. Strength is somewhat poor, but it is precisely because of this, only to Wu Chi looked more calm, thinking more. Like Wu Chi before asking them, the heart of the bridge is what kind of existence Step by step went to the prison community among the five, Wu Chi heart is clear, prison community will not appear real death, every test has its own intention. Wu Chi has more than once. face the demons, but also from the night Shenxing s mouth, to understand what is the real demons. In this way, come back to rethink the meaning of the existence of the magic bridge, you can come to another very different ideas. If only purely hardened heart to bear the test of the demons, then all encountered before it is already enough. From the insistence on Kendo, so that the heart of the moment, in fact, in this heart magic bridge, the demons caused by the threat, it has been much smaller. These days, three really face the danger, in fact, is simply.

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