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Straightening Hair Brush Price scenery here, as long as the adventure to the brothers to discuss a convenient also invited Wu brothers, Dong Fu here to give the teacher how Very few people are really like this, in the future looking at the sunset drinking, it is a great thing Please Wu brothers, a convenient line, ok Mouth said polite, but in fact, the eyes of the mockery is simply not the slightest cover. Eyes slightly squinted together, Wu Chi at the moment finally understand why Luo Ying so good to speak Sure enough, their feelings are right, the gentleman is simply to give yourself a buried pit. To those who are not good Chapter 467 The man is going to reason Do not know Young, would like to use which Dongfu with me Squinting, Wu straightening hair brush price Chi casually asked, as if simply did not notice each other s malicious general. Master Wu is willing to love, it is really good, but the younger brother is not really a disciple, compared to here, can be very shabby, but a subordinate Dong Fu, but also hope that the brothers do not despise it. Under the house This is already red. bare. bare. The face of the face, and is a direct torn skin, the slightest cover are gone. Dare to come here to provoke, the other is at least the core disciples, and then how can not live under the Dong Fu, which is obviously deliberately humiliated Wu Chi. Sure enough, Wu Chi s face revealed a trace of anger. This gentleman, although I have just worship the door, but also after all, is really a disciple, if lived under the Dong Fu, came out what to look like I do not care, but also have to take into account the division s face ah. Wu brothers assured, I can call the shots, up to a few days time, must change for a hole in the Dong Fu to you. The eyes. reveal a trace of disdain, blue wave suddenly plug Wu brothers so helpful, Certainly will not let the brothers live in the house. His face was some red, Wu Chi pointed to the blue channel So you are a group of Wu brothers, then the words may not, we are all with the door brothers, who has someone who is a group of words. Skin laughter does not laugh the hum a cry, that young man once again said. I do not change Wu Chi was angry face flushed, looked angry said. Brother Wu, this is not to my face Youth face slowly turn a faster rate toward the prison community to rush Wu Chi You dare lie to me After a moment of stunned, Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing this finally react suddenly came, Wu Chi did not intend to set the soul of stone to anyone, but crazy with four souls of the soul to go directly to the prison sector four Heavy. Wu Chi mind to understand the moment, Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing two are also surrendered, almost wait for Wu Chi Sheng swallowed. Unfortunately, they understand that after all, or too late. Wait until they realized the intention of Wu Chi, Wu Chi whole people have been into the prison community among the four, even if they have the means of heaven, too late to stop. Oh, sorry, I can not bear to give straightening hair brush citra you. Mouth brought back a trace of a smile, Wu Chi in the prison into the four circles of the moment, full of regret out of the words ridicule Road For a hair straightening brush wowcher moment, surrounded by a dead Everyone at this moment can not help but dumbfounded, and even even law enforcement are ignorant, what is the situation He will Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing as an enemy, tightly entangled, straightening hair brush price but did not expect to be such a result That obviously did not take into the road before the kid, even with four set of soul stone, directly into the prison community four this is too crazy, right Minds of electricity, a full silence of more than ten hours of time, Yang Xiu. chuan this finally think of everything, but could not help laughing out loud, good, very good All day playing wild goose, can not think of today was wild pecking Eyes Wu Chi, a good Wu Chi Although Yang Xiuchuan in laugh, but everyone can feel, at the moment Yang Xiuchuan smile under the murder of terror. Nearly a thousand years of preparation, this has this time the layout, spent his countless efforts and energy, but did not expect, do for the Wu Chi made a wedding dress, this blow to him, is also very heavy, almost Will he gas mad. A just entered the road did not take long, or even full of the trip into the prison community are also three years old boy ah, so he and cheap hair straightening brush his eyes in the night under the eyes of the stars play this hand empty gloves white wolf, abruptly Put them playing, pocketed four set soul stone ah This kind of mind, s.

per bound. Wu Chi in any case did not expect, Hanshan Master would say such a word, my mind can not help but hum. And then linked to the Han Shan Master nev. er allowed Han Shan disciples into the dark prison community, straightening hair brush price even when it came to understand, the dark prison community is absolutely not so simple. Silence for a moment, Wu pool finally could not help but asked Dare to ask Master, dark prison community what secret Cause and effect can not speak. Shook his head, Hanshan Nobuo did not continue to explain the meaning. See the Han Shan Shangren do not want to mention the black prison community things, Wu Chi also had to follow the transformation of the topic, Yes, rumors Shangren from the upper bound, kid some curious, what is the upper bound Asked the Han Shan Master can not help but laugh What do you think that the upper bound Our world, known as the small world It is speculated that the upper bound should be much larger than the small world, but how exactly, kid is not guess. What is it that is bigger than the small world Well, what is it that you want to ask, is not it right Slightly embarrassing, Wu Chi dry smile, to not speak. The upper bound is great, than you think, but also much larger Although I entered the upper bound, can actually see, but only just the tip of the iceberg And the upper bound of the dispute even smaller The world is more cruel. This point, the actual Wu Chi faint has been guessed. Whether it is a small world Ye Hao, Ye Hao environment, or the upper bound, as long as someone s place, it is bound to have disputes. Boy artifact hair straightening brush brave asked one, why did the return of the Master Silence for a moment, Wu Chou finally asked out. Sighed a cry, Hanshan singer whispered. Nobody wants to come back, I m nothing but myself. This sentence involuntarily, but it can not help but Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, then suddenly react over, Master means that now you can not return to the upper bound Slowly nodded his head, Hanshan people Chen Sheng said This is what I want to help small friends to help things. Paused, Hanshan continued to say to be friends when the child, hope that small friends can return to the golden world, break the space barrier, take me back to the upper bound. Hear this, Wu C.he cloud and asked You want to die for those who die in straight up hair straightening brush vain to discuss a fair, the king will you also a fair Since he has both suspects, and can not prove their own Innocence, with the jail prison penalty, is straightening hair brush price the princess to those disciples of justice Zhang Zhang mouth, cloud Dutch but found that he could not find any rebuttal to the words. Xiushui Jianjun just glanced at her, they will once again fell to the eyes of Wu Chi and Bai Rong s body. Just to ask the clouds. but in fact, but also explained to the Wu Chi and Bai Rong to listen to. Disciples are willing to be punished For a time, Wu Chi and Bai Rong at the same time bend replied Three days later, Wu Chi once again returned to the door. Xiushui Jianjun hair straightening brush kohls did not immediately let Wu Chi their jail prison, but generous to the two seven days to rest. After seven days, you two go to the jail prison penalty This time to eat some bitterness, but if you can stop, but it may not be a bad thing. Yes Respectful salute, Bai Rong and Wu Chi as a glance, but after all, did not say anything, turned away from the left. Back to Dong Fu, Li Dongsheng still keep in the Dong Fu outside. These days, Li Dongsheng s mood is a lot of smooth, eat this time loss, for him, it is not entirely no good, but the hearts of Wu Chi is still a deep sense of jealousy, but did not show it. Looked at the complex look at Li Dongsheng one, Yun Hui followed Wu Chi into the Dongfu into. This way, the cloud is also hair straightener brush gumtree a lot of money holding a lot of words want to say, just due to Xiushui Road Jun, can not speak only. Free lying in bed lying on a big word, Wu Chi long out of breath, or comfortable ah, Yun Huo Shimei, do you want to come up for a lie What time is it, you have mind nonsense. The gas stamped the stomp, the clouds can not help but angry complain. What time is the day near dusk, it is a good time to sleep ah. Mouth with a smile, Wu Chi lazily replied. Do you know where the jail is, a mistake, and maybe it may die. Cut, straightening hair brush price who am I Pointing to his nose, Wu straightening hair brush price Chi is stupid and said I was killing Jianjun Luo Ying s true disciples, how could the district prison jail threatened me Looked at Wu Chi this piece of view, the cloud is still can not help but silence again down. hair straightener brush short hair Although W.n. Smiled and shook his head, Bai Rong pointed meaning to say holiday time, the door of the first genius, I am afraid that non Wu Master is none other A month lit star, and even learned to shrink into the inch Top supernatural powers, Wu Shidi is the real straightening hair brush price Jingyan straightening hair brush price Yan Yan, called Tianjiao ah. That would have to live to the future Caixing. Sigh a cry, Wu Chi shook his head and said. Wu Shidi do not have to worry about, as long as the survived the robbery, we will not have any danger. Bai Rong softly comfort Road. I m afraid it is not easy Looked worried and looked at Bai Rong and Chen He, Wu Chi said softly Mangshan among the demons rampant, and not to mention those demon, that is, some of the shape of the demons, fear is not we can resist. What kind of ordinary demon demon count There are white brothers, as long as the demon will not be found, we are very safe. Chen did not hesitate to say. That is white brother, I can not do it. Shaking his head, from hair straightening brush target australia the hands of the space ring, took out a small bag, Wu Chi leisurely said Do not hide Chen Shidi, I have also killed some demons before, but they are only some demons only, you see, Hit and killed, but also to get such a little demon heart only. Open the mouth of the bag, dozens of red demon heart suddenly appeared in front of a few people. Moment, including Bai Rong and Yunhe, including, everyone can not help but at the same time. Is it all red Chen He some incredible look at these Yao Xin, heart full of horror, Wu brothers, how do you do Mangshan, able to unite the red demon heart demon, it has been with the stars of the peak of the strength of a warrior, although they are not difficult to kill them, you can want to kill so much, it is definitely not an easy thing The But what about it Only to just lit the stars only ah, how can we have this strength Click Between the words, Wu Chi fingers suddenly force, holding a witch in the hands of a sudden crushed Demon heart is a demon a repair where the essence, which contains a strong Yaoqi, on the hands of it, and now suddenly was crushed, demon suddenly flee out, cover all cover For a moment, everyone changed at the same time, Wu Yidi, what are you doing Oh, accidentally slippery it Mouth revealed a tr.

Straightening Hair Brush Price timent. Enlightenment straightening hair brush price In this torture of torture under the torture, Wu Chi gave up all the resistance, but again and again between life and death sentiment Avenue. Such a scene, if let other people see, must be crazy In the crisis, the human instinct is to protect themselves, even knowing that is inevitable, you may want to try to delay the reduction of pain, so everyone in the suffering of this time, naturally subconsciously resistance, subconscious brains This is even with the sense of morality have nothing to do, the most important thing is the mind and the concept. Only to first jump out of the circle, to see more things. A lot of things are so simple, but in fact, really can do the people are often only rare. Of course, just realize that this is not enough Want to remain calm in this kind of torture, and even calm down to mind the road, the same is a very difficult thing And that s what it needs, it s a powerful willpower In fact, Wu Chi did not know, this truth is actually even Yang Xiuchuan and night stars are still not fully understand. This is not to say that Wu Chi is more intelligent than the night stars, but in diffe. rent environments under the inertia of thinking only. Night Shen Xing with life and death Avenue, prison in the prison station is very easy to ignore life and death, and even take the opportunity to further enlightenment life and death Avenue So, the night Shenxing only understand that you want to pass the test of the prison community, in addition to hard support, only rely on sentimental truth. It is also because before the Wu Chi in his life and death under the support of the domain down, only to let him have reason to believe that Wu Chi may also be in the straightening hair brush price prison station in the test of the road, in order to pass the test. Can be the night Shen Xing limited itself to feel the road of life and death, subconsciously ignore the importance of willpower, but that the key to entering the prison community four lies in the life and death of the sentiment and the spirit of the powerful. As for Yang Xiuchuan is the opposite, Yang Xiuchuan itself is very strong, willpower is also extremely terrible, he did not feel the road of life and death, but abruptly with strong strength a.t just hit in this game chess, the most critical on the key. Han Shan Master has been moves, and at the moment, no doubt it is his time to fight back. Yes Bend a prayer, Li Yunpeng flew out of the palace. The last time in front of Wu Chi eat a deflated, but not because he is not strong, in fact, Wu Chi no shot in the case, Li Yunpeng undoubtedly has represented the dark prison in the highest combat power what did you say Just returned to the prison community triple, Yang Xiuchuan from Yang s disciples of the mouth, heard Wu Chi with Zhou Z. uyan and Yuan Ziyao forced into the next few straightening hair brush price prison community news. Rao is Yang Xiuchuan has always understood that Wu Chi does not follow the common practice of the card, at the moment the mouth can not help but pumping pumping. This cargo is really where people are not worry ah. Some distressed rubbed his head, Yang Xiuchuan can not help but give birth to a sense of powerlessness. Although they have also realized the supernatural powers, but want to Wu Chi as easy to practice the rules of the prison is still still impossible, not to mention people with the break, even if you want to continue to break into the straightening hair brush price prison community, Is definitely not an easy thing. You should go to the monument. Slightly pondered a moment, Yang Xiuchuan turn to the night Shen Xing asked You have to grasp again into the prison community six heavy Before entering the prison community is to follow the rules of the six, and now want to go back to the prison community six heavy, but can ignore the rules of the hard break, and how much resistance, Yang Xiuchuan heart also did not end. Slightly nodded, night Shenxing think for a while, finally agreed to come down. Very sure to say, but alone, but also after all, there are seven points to grasp the break. puff Almost at the same time, a touch of ink, such as Daoguang suddenly flashed, Dong Fu several disciples before the house, while the knife cut into two parts, brutal and bloody picture, no doubt Yang Xiuchuan and night stars suddenly woke up. where to buy apilus hair straightening brush Are you going to find straightening hair brush price Wu Chi Sorry, I am afraid you will not have this opportunity. Blade up, juvenile handsome face seems a bit cold, faint voice, it is like a cold trial. Although not yet play.

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