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Straightening Hair Brush South Africa the chest of Wu Chi, son, you tell Fenger Well. Sure enough, Wu Chi look again stabilized down, slowly said My name Mo Yan. Heard the name of Mo Yan, Fenger eyes suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang, Mo Yan son, you really come to participate in the test of the palace Yes Eyes did not blink, Wu straightening hair brush south africa Chi honest answer. Yes Hear this answer, Funger hair straightener brush ulta can not help but slightly Yizheng, could not help but once again confirmed Road. I came to participate in the fairy palace assessment, but the qualifications are deceived, so we must use the name of Wu Chi. Wu pool once again honestly explained. Why do you have so many stars in the body Fenger asked again. Hear this, Wuchi heart can not help but slightly dengkou soon, vaguely guessed some of his face straightening hair brush south africa again showing a trace of struggling purple, a long time this slowly replied cheated. When did you cheat last night Asked a couple, Funger has confirmed that Wu Chi really has been the control of their own charm, this really cut into the theme, son, you are with what people come With my master. Heard Wu Chi and Master, Fenger brow can not help but pick a pick again, your master There is something to leave the temple for a while. Who is your master Was asked this, Wu Chi face struggling color thicker, but never loosened Seeing the trend of uncontrollable, Fenger quickly said son, you drink more, do you want to sleep well With Fenger, Wu Chi s mood once again smooth up, slowly fell to the table to sleep in the past. Son, son And called Wu Chi twice, to determine the Wu Chi is really asleep after straightening hair brush south africa the Fenger this stood up, his face was no longer before the Mei Yi, made it a bit chill out. Bastard, even the girl s cheap dare to account for this time the girl is bound to make you with the benefit, all to me back. Bitterly scolded a sentence, Fenger only raised his hand issued a letter. Between the moment, the door came a knock on the door, Feng Er then got up and opened the door between the elegant room. Blink of an eye, a few people then quickly walked in. Raised his eyes and looked at Wu Chi, said small research, how is he like Zhang brother, I have to control him, than imagined easy, this bastard spirit is not strong, very good control. Fenger replied softly. How.the enlightenment speed, once again soared Only a few months time, the number of reference to the stone, then shocked to break the nine thousand. Crazy reference to the Wu, Wu Qi who is constantly changing the atmosphere, and even no exaggeration to say that at the moment, even if Li Fannan and Zhou Xu, and even dare not close to Wu Chi. So horrible means of reference to the speed, suddenly let Zhou Xu and Li Fernan thoroughly look silly. Nine thousand one thousand one thousand nine nine five straightening hair brush south africa nine nine This crazy enlightenment, and finally reached nine thousand eight hundred, once again slow down. To this point, the enlightened, Wu Chi has been realized, the real gap is that they can really repair their own meaning, completely break all the shackles, achievements beyond the constraints of heaven and earth rules of supernatural powers. Want to. break the limit of ten thousand stone, the rest of these, need, in fact, is self realization. And this is the real test of the qualifications and understanding of the time. Such as Yan Beichen that genius, who can not teach out of the same way, the same reason, you are unreserved to teach other people, they also can not become Yan North Chen. Dismantling Wu Chi now have to do is to own the original has been like straightening hair brush south africa Kendo Road, once again dismantling out to restore the most pure Kendo. Such a dismantling, even more difficult than comprehend. Time slowly passed, blink of an eye, it has reached three hundred years. This few decades, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars have been aware of their own supernatural powers, ready to leave. Can look at the moment of Wu Chi, let alone they are, even if it has been trapped here for nearly ten thousand years of Zhou Xu and Li Fernan also reluctant to leave. Everyone is waiting for a result, want to see Wu Chi is not really able to break the limit, creating another legend. Nine thousand nine hundred and thirteen Crazy enlightenment, Wu Chi has been standing in place, for a long time did not move about, and straightening hair brush south africa see the number of stone, but also to achieve such a distance from the ten thousand in close proximity figures. Most of the avenue has been his straightening hair brush south africa dismantling out, and now the poor, just left straightening hair brush south africa the soul of Kendo and life and death.

natural powers, who naturally emit the atmosphere of the road, it is enough to make Zhou Xu and Li Fernan palpitations. However, all this, before this stone, seems to have become somewhat insignificant. Eight thousand stone, looks like ten thousand is not too far away, but in fact, the gap is undoubtedly a world of difference. Once beyond the eight thousand, even if it is necessary to see more than a stone, the difficulty is great, that is, Wu Chi s talent, but also feel a burst of fatigue. It is no exaggeration to say that even if you give Wuchi two hundred years, I am afraid he may not be able to see through a hundred or two stone. Like Yang Xiuchuan and the potential of the night star is the limit of four thousand, Wu Chi can feel that their own limit, that is, eight thousand or so, if it took hundreds of years, and even thousands of femjolie hair straightener brush reviews years of time, perhaps Increase the number of hundreds, but, but in any case can not be more. This is almost the limit of their own. Do not know Yan Beichen things before, Wu Chi heart or some proud, but now look at the stone in front of the share of joy straightening hair brush south africa has long been a blow to the clean. What is the fight against you Shook his head, Zhou Xu smile Yan North Chen has long been soaring on the upper bound, and you are not an era of people. Moreover, no matter who with Yan Beichen nothing Comparable, as early as the original, it is almost all the Tianjiao reached brush straightener malta a consensus. Absolute crushing Can make those days even arrogant and can not be born with Yan Beichen comparison of the idea, that is how terrible amazing Do not say that even more than the people are not close. It is precisely because of this, will create the legend of Yan North Chen, and even affect the years after this And did not take Zhou Xu s words, Wu Chi slowly went to the stone before the soul fell on top of the stone, subconsciously began to see this one Yanbei Chen left a monument to the monument. And other stone, Yan Beichen left the stone, the same contains Yan Beichen for the perception of the road, and that type of supernatural magic changes and the rhyme. Even through the stone, Wu Chi can also feel the Yanbei Chen cast this type of supernatural magic when the monstrous For Yanbei Chen, the.small guard command, what courage to bear such a big risk, not only dare to offend so many people have background characters, but also take the initiative to leave the name if not one of the fraud, is it still Have you got tired of your early life This remark, Wu Chi said categorically, not half hesitated. This is a hair straightening brush by thermal scam, a glance, it seems that seamless, but in fact, as long as careful thinking straightening hair brush south africa will find, in fact, flaws everywhere. Able to get into the immortal eligibility of the people, which one without a background So many people off the c. rime, and today they are riding the mouse device, take you no way, as long as the out of this door, you want to find a guard of the auction field after the fall accounts, what is difficult Dare to do things so absolutely, that is, determined that the other simply can not find them, what is hard to guess As for the initiative to leave the name of Zhang Fengyang, itself is deliberately misleading, but hair straightening brush can it be used daily to wear, but it is just a little trick. It can be said that the scam, the most essential of the key, in Zhang Fengyang their identity. But no one who did not expect, carefully arranged scam, at the last minute, even by Wu Chi at a glance. Zhesi s vision is also too a bit too much His hands on his chest, straightening hair brush south africa Wu Chi lazy skimmer, can now talk about it Forced to stabilize the mind, Zhang Fengyang Chen Sheng said friends say the truth, see people have copies, Xiao Yang, and then the friend of thousands of stars stone. Turned his eyes, Wu Chi disdain to open One hundred thousand You are in the call to call it Hear this, Zhang Fengyang simply have a vomiting blood impulses. Just now, those who are ready to take more than ten thousand stone out of the time, he is not so to say it This is really June debt has to be fast, a blink of an eye to fulfill their own. A price, I want one third Mouth holding a trace of sneer, Wu Chi categorically said, not the slightest bargaining room. Do not be too much Zhang Fengyang suddenly felt the lungs are about to blow up, murderous exposed, Since you know that I am not the auction of people, it should be clear, if desperate, I can kill. Between the words, the eyes of others around the same also femjolie hair straightener brush reviews revealed a touch of terror murderous, wait on the forest less, such a statement of the export, but it is really angered Su Wan. Wrist doubled, suddenly around the moment Tengqi a colorful fog, quickly toward a few people shrouded away. Highly toxic Over the years, this place has long been arranged by the Soviet Union Xin Wan set a Jedi, that horrible and highly toxic, even if Chiang Zhengyang must be afraid of one third, let alone other people. At the moment, Su Wan annoyed a few people speak thin, but the heart is early move to kill the machine. Highly toxic under the sudden outbreak, even a trace of the opportunity to buffer did not give, just open that person suddenly the whole body suddenly hair straightener brush original was poisonous corrosion of all eyes, mouth issued a burst of miserable, fell in place to cry more than. Step by step, murder masterpiece, Su Wan Zhou body out of a touch of the power of the road, highly toxic boiling, sealed all around the space Toxic field Over the years, always practiced in the Dong Fu, Su Wan s strength has long been leaps and bounds, but has not shot the opportunity only. These people subconsciously think that Su Wan is only the original Yang who was almost trapped in the small hole in the ordinary road in the strong road only, under the effect, or even simply not the opportunity to respond, immediately poisoned, whole body Flesh and blood constantly festering, itching difficult to block. You can not kill me, Su Wan, my brother is Lin Qiuyu, now is the peak of the road, at any time may break into the prison community four strong You can not kill me. Seeing that he was shrouded in the poisonous disease domain, the skin also began to fester, Lin Shao was immediately scared loudly scolded up. You do not want me to wait on you Eyes revealed a touch of cold, Suwan sleeves slightly flash, a few insects suddenly fl. y out, fell on the face of Lin, who continue to crawl. I do not want to lose, let me leave, I am willing to compensate for all the losses Seeing these insects in their own body to crawl, Lin is even the gallbladder are scared, and hastened to seek mercy. Who told you how to die One of the poisonous insects bitterly in the Lin little face bite, under the pain, Lin Shao suddenly woke up, which has just the slightes.

Straightening Hair Brush South Africa hing to do with him. Han Shan, even if he showed some goodwill, but these goodwill can not let Wu Chi no reason to take the risk to help him. So, Han Shan Master hair straightener brush damage hair since the request, it must be sure to be able to open to Wu Chi can not refuse the conditions to. At the moment, Wu Chi faint can feel, this condition is probably related to the dark prison community. His face straightening hair brush babyliss showing a trace of a smile, it is clear that Wu Chi this reaction, but also to Han Shan on him more confidence. You enter the dark prison for years, but you know, what is the dark prison community This question, but it is to Wu Chi can not help but silence down. Into the dark prison community, itself is the result of false hit, if not black Jiao, he could not even find the way into the dark prison community. Even even step by step through the prison community five, he had little understanding of the dark prison community Dark. prison community and many small world has a channel, which over the years, to break into the prison community, I do not know how many people. Actually, who really knows the dark prison community Do not say Wu Chi, now in the dark prison community, there is a count, and who really understand the dark prison community This question, in fact, Hanshan Nobody did not intend to let Wu Chi answer. I forbidding Han Shan disciples into the dark prison community, that is, do not want to contaminate the slightest cause of the dark prison community, which insider, I am inconvenient, in the future if you can enter the prison community seven, since will understand. Slowly raised his hand, once again to the tea cup down to the tea, Han Shan Master this continued. It s easy to see you if you are willing to come back here and take me back to the upper bound. Mind electric transfer, at the moment Wu Chi is actually very difficult to really interpret, Han Shan Shang this statement of credibility. Who would like to talk to me, that s not just that Smiled, Han Shan shook his head, from the body out of a dark blue road character, opening This is called the opening days of this symbol, I have left the mark on the mark, no matter where, as long as you To stimulate this crest, will help you tear the space, and instantly return to been chaos into a heart. Although she was angry, but also did not think that the situation will fall to this point, in the depths of Mangshan, whether it is Wu Chi or Li Yunpeng are clearly not much survival of the capital A person to leave, Wu Chi self deprecating like a slight sun, whispered to himself. Originally, there is no relationship between people, why bother trouble Seemingly go free and easy, but in fact, when the cloud sword sword sword that moment, Wu Chi heart and how pain straightening hair brush south africa Originally he thought that perhaps the cloud will become his first friend in the Sword, but the fact that straightening hair brush canada he is still too overestimate their own in the hearts of each other s importance. As for that, the Luo Yingzhen disciples of this identity planted to Bai Rong this matter, Wu Chi, there is no psychological burden. He did not know with Bai Rong, life and death, can take advantage of why not use More importantly, this series of dangers, this is Bai Rong attracted, not to mention, Wu Chi faint heart of a guess, perhaps, all this is simply not a coincidence Before the crisis, can only survive, can not attend to think too much, but now calm down, you can find that there are too many doubt. First of all, Mangshan periphery, simply can not encounter the demon will be this terrible existence, Bai Rong was the other side to catch Mangshan periphery, itself is very strange, not to mention, really so clever, just met himself Moreover, before the mountains, Bai Rong desperate fight, is indeed able to hold the demon that, since so, why Baorong not back early, must wait until after entering the depths of Mangshan, only with the forest to Wu Chi they get out Finally, Mangshan really great, as previously said, Mangshan really powerful demons after all, but also only a few. Just hid in the straightening hair brush south africa mountains, a blink of an eye, you can meet the wolf demon this terrible demon, if it really just coincidence, that luck is how bad Wu Chi did not understand Bai Rong, naturally they simply can not talk about any trust, so it can easily jump out of the impact of identity to the most objective point of view to analyze, even with malicious thoughts, to guess people. And then contact this time, this is someone deliberately cited themselves t.

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