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Straightening Hair Brush Uk man, and not so stingy Right Chen He smiled and said. Steps have been given, Wu Chi finally no longer stalemate, I m sorry, white brothers, I did not want to harm you, but then the kind of situation Heard Wu Chi explained, Bai Rong face showing a trace of a smile, waved his hand and said Well, I understand Just a little trivial only, as long as you are safe. Paused, Bai Rong continued You may not know, and now Mangshan these demons go to war, has been annoying Xiushui Shishu, the door of the elders have been on the road, and calculate the time, almost wait Half a day, it is up. Look a slight move, Wu Chi surprised to ask femjolie hair straightener brush india has been disturbed Xiushui Jianjun it Yes Nodded his head, Bai Rong lightly laughed These demons, Luo Shishu hate the bones, but did not dare to find Luo Shishu trouble, and now know that you Luo Shishu s true disciples to the Mangshan, naturally is to Take care of you at all costs. Speaking of this white glory revealed a trace of disdain of the color, but some fools only, even if Luo Shishu not, do they think that I have nothing to swords Hear this, Wu Chi seems to be finally calm down. Seems to suddenly remembered what, his face can not help but a slight change, Yunpeng Young Heard Wu Chi these words, a few people can not help but slightly Yi Zheng, then his face showing a trace of embarrassment of the color, Lee Young after you left, but also left, we only look for you, there is no news of Lee Young. Blame me His face showing a trace of chagrin the color, Wu Chi Meng stamped the stomp, Yun Peng he did not even literate, how to survive here, how to do We hurry to find him. I am afraid too late. Shook his head, Bai Rong sighed Li Shidi is too weak, and now has more than one day in the past, fear is already too fierce and less Ji Ji now dangerous situation, we rushed again, I am afraid Wi. ll fall into danger. Paused, Bai Rong continued For the time being, wait until the door of the elders to one, to repel these demon. We will find again Seems to understand the danger now, Wu Chi hesitated, after all, or nodded his head. We converge the atmosphere, let s try not hair straightening brush wet to dry to go away, as long as the halfway through the time, it s all right. Looked around, Bai Rong pointed not far from a t.osen to retreat, there are so many people willing to stand up, the kind of moving naturally beyond words. Purple girl Happy Lord Zhou girl Looked at a few people out, the magic of all the chaos of the bowed salute, apparently the kind of respect is not false, but really born out of heart. Pupil suddenly a shrink, this moment, even if the hearts of Lin Qiuyu can not help but Yi Chan, resulting in the idea of retreat. To this point, he naturally see that these people are not pretended to straightening hair brush uk take a pasture, but really desperate heart, as long as he dare to hands, or even no exaggeration to say that before these people are dead, He did not want to step into the government half step. This scene for the moment the presence of everyone, is a huge shock. Wu Chi was in the time, in the prison community to kill everyone terrified, and even playing the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan a, with four souls of the soul into the prison community four Now Wu Chi is dead, but still still have such a strong appeal, so that these people at the birth and death to protect. What is this strong charisma Cold eyes swept all the people, Su Wan uttered openly said You all thought Wu Chi died However, as long as one day best hair straightening brush iron did not see his body, no on. e would be sure he really died. Lin Qiuyu, you want to find me straightening hair brush uk revenge, I am waiting for you However, this account I will give you remember, straightening hair brush uk if Wu Chi is not dead, that time, the dead man is bound to you Su Wan s voice is very light, but the power of the discourse is really chilling At this moment, everyone can not help but suddenly gave birth to a creek idea. Yes ah, now they come to the door, because rumors Wu Chi died Can, rumors, after all, only rumors ah The news is from the Yang came a good, but also who is no one heard Yang hair straightener brush shaver shop Xiuchuan said Wu Chi is dead, right If Wu Chi really did not die At that time, the date straightening hair brush uk of return, is it the time of liquidation Of course, perhaps Wu Chi can not return to the prison community to three, but, as long as Wu pool return, a word, straightening hair brush uk willing to shot for his people, will be less Think hair straightening brush reviews uk of this, these people suddenly gave birth to a trace of fear of meaning, and instantly do birds and animals scattered. Even Lin Qiuyu, my heart can not help straightening hair brush uk but e.

ure that some people will kill Han Shan, vowed to only make every effort to kill it. If Xi Jun should really forced Wu Chi they guarantee to kill Han Shan Shang, I m straightening hair brush uk afraid Wu Chi Ning can turn over with Xi Jun should desperately will not agree. Chapter 455 to kill Things smashed, and Han Shan is no courage to return to the upper bound. Pondered, Ma Shijie said Do not say that the dark star of the accountability, even if we will not let him three. Before the Han Shan want to attack the three together, itself is some adventure, if the success of the natural may, can fail, it must bear the consequences of the three core disciples, who is not qualified to move. It is no exaggeration to say that before the Hanshan Master can be said that in the desperate gamble Of course, this also means that the Han Shan s self esteem, in fact, if not Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing accidental intrusion, Hanshan Master has been successful. Unfortunately, if only if Golden world Yang Xiuchuan Chen Sheng said Now the night Shen and Wu Chi have been crossing the straightening hair brush uk robbery, can not return to the small world, as long as he can escape the golden world, temporarily safe. To determine the whereabouts of the Han Shan, things become more simple. Back to the golden world of the channel is only one, as long as rushed to the channel before blocking Hanshan on the line. Xi Jun should not be able to tell him, but to Xi Jun should now control the dark prison community, delay the speed of his escape is easy, so, it is not difficult to catch up with him The Look some tired, Hanshan people looking at the front not far from the golden light back to the world of the channel, the hearts of the restless. but not the slightest reduction, but there is a unspeakable sense of crisis. Through the entire dark prison community to put pressure on their own, abruptly slow down their own three percent, all this clearly told him, Xi Jun should have broken the seal. Now even though it can not completely break the shackles of the dark prison community, but it is already just a matter of time. At that time the vertical and horizontal world of heaven Jun Jun should be surprised to have come back As he is familiar with Xi Jun should be the same, Xi.lso has a strong confidence, simply disdain shot attack. Mouth micro Yang, Wu Chi aware of the eyes of the cloud that a trace of mercy eyes, the heart can not help but give birth to a bit joking meaning, opening Yun He Shimei, I do not hesitate to fight with you, if really can survive, You can not be considered, really to accompany sleep you wanna die Heard Wu Chi this shameless funny, ranging from cloud to answer, Li Dongsheng then could not help, pull the sword out. Between the twinkling of an eye, the horror of the stars suddenly filled the sky, almost all of this mountain are lit up. Sword like a round, sealed empty, Xinghua shrouded the land, is the place of death Supernatural powers This sword, like the blue sky among the stars, said to be a sword, but the sword is like a sword in general, sealed the void, to avoid the inevitable, block unstoppable Under the sword wheel, enough to instantly crashed together with the stars in the void. Sword star round The presence of all, when you see the sword of the time, can not help but praise. This supernatural powers, in the swordsman itself is extremely famous, although not as good as the top of the several supernatural powers, but the round of attack power, but it is undoubtedly the top of the. This supernatural power is extremely difficult to practice, to master this supernatural powers, it means that Li Dongsheng has been half foot into the broken stars Alone this sword, Li Dongsheng really have a challenge to the true disciples of the qualifications. Of course, this really disciples, referring to the Wu Chi is not just this entry parallel imports. Although a bit more crazy, but Li Dongsheng has indeed this insolent capital. This sword resorted, let alone Wu Chi, and even if the cloud load, also did not grasp then down. It can be said that in the eyes of all, from the resort to the beginning. of the sword, this one test is over. Even if the Wu Chi and then talent, it is absolutely impossible to block such a terrorist sword In fact, Wu Chi really can not stop. Even when the sword from the hands of the time, Wu Chi clearly felt the threat of death, with his strength now, in the face of the sword, simply even the idea can not even rise. However, he.asonable, but unfortunately she is not unreasonable, so naturally did not promise to bet with me Chou old three this turned his eyes. Who in the end is not unreasonable Yes, you have straightening hair brush uk been to the sword of the mound it Seems to think of what, Wu Chi again asked. How could. Shook his head, hatred of the old three explained Only the true disciples will have the opportunity to enter the sword of the mound, but before I was the core disciples, where the qualification into the sword hillock. I heard that there must be a strong strength in order to get the sword from the sword Who are you listening to Qiong old three look surprised and asked in the sword to hair straightening brush hot tools the sword to get what the sword is to see the opportunity, nothing to do with the strength This time turn Wu Chi rolled his eyes. And cheated Pity him before the innocence that really have a strong enough strength to enter the sword of the grave, and now listen to the old three so that only understand that the feelings of the disciples are eligible to enter the sword clan election. sword, Luo Ying wrote The hand is almost no use. Qiu old three do not know Wu Chi these thoughts, continue to explain Jianzu possession of countless swords, it is said that the real Kendo genius hair straightener brush 4c hair into the sword hills, as long as the release of the sword, there will be fit sword Fly out of the Lord. If there are a lot of swords flying together, can all take it Wu Chi is a financial fans asked. How could it. Shook his head, hatred of the old side of a look of contempt, said Only the sword is very fit will have a sword to fly out of their own, this situation is rare, more people are with the sword To test, there can be moved, in order to pull out the sword. Is not that, some people will not get any sword Wu Chi asked curiously. Paused, the old three of this nodded his head, very little, but it did have. Jianzhong, the test is the sword, is the disciples of the Kendo talent, so from this point of view, only To allow the true disciples into the right is right If even become a true disciples of the qualifications are not, why get the sword Justified. Nodded his head, Wu Chi is stupid and said like my genius, into the sword of the graves, naturally there will be a sword to fly ou.

Straightening Hair Brush Uk of anger, Wu Chi can not help out of the quality asked. sit His face did not change, Han hair straightener brush for afro hair Shan people whispered The old lady did not expect, and ultimately break the people, even if you perfect Kendo, so talent, even in the upper bound, but also in the dragon and phoenix ah. Hear Hanyan Shangren is still pulling these useless nonsense, Wu Chi immediately annoyed, Hanshan Master, what do you want to do The old lady wants to do nothing is not important. Slightly shaking his head, Han Shan Shang, softly said The point is, what do you want to do In a word, but suddenly Wu Chi once again calm down. Yes, what is important today straightening hair brush uk is not what the purpose of Han Shan Shang, but how to do their own. This matter is too much involved, and even to the Wu Chi even to the present, have not really come to the clue. There is no doubt that in front of the Hanshan Master, is just able to help him sort out the clue of the people. Think of this, Wu Chi finally sat down at the stone table, put a cup of drink out. Slightly shaking his head, Hanshan laughed You look like this, is not the way of tea ah. Life is still almost impossible to keep, but also what kind of tea Pielepiezui, Wu pool snappily retorted. Once again for the Wu C. hi s straightening hair brush uk cup in the tea, Han Shan Master this continued You are not safe to come back Master, had to return from the upper bound, it should be for the dark prison, right Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Wu Chi Chen Sheng asked. Is, nor is hair straightening brush with tourmaline it Slightly shaking his head, Hanshan people indifferent said trapped in the dark prison community, called Xi Jun should be the upper bound Tianjun, repair for the unfathomable, but later anti Angered the Emperor, this only sent the dark star Jun personally shot, imprisoned with the dark prison community Unfortunately, the dark star Jun also underestimated the strength of Xi Jun should be under the effect of being Jun hair straightening brush damages hair Jun should seize the opportunity to display supernatural powers, with the dark prison community fell into the lower bound. Everyone will send people to the next, tracing the news. Put down the teapot, Hanshan gentleman calmly said The old lady, is sent to the next few straightening hair brush uk people. But the old lady is lucky, even really found the clues of the dark is very stiff If we were born, we may not be able to win. Nodded his head, night straightening hair brush uk Shenxing Chen Sheng said. Just a battle that is very fast, but the danger is far from playing a so simple. Once the failure, was killed by each other, perhaps be knocked off the magic bridge, I m afraid fate are extremely miserable. Especially Wu Chi, just half of the body have fallen out of the heart of the bridge, if not with the sword into the ground, abruptly stabil. ize the stature, I m afraid now has been falling into the darkness of the void. This war is no doubt to the three severely sounded a warning bell Prison community five heavy, has never been what you let you through the treasure, but everywhere murderous, called the life and death of the Jedi. Although several of these attackers were killed, but no doubt, and then continue to go, this attack will undoubtedly more and more As long as there is a big effect, it must be dead without burial place. And even very likely to become a member of these attackers, such a result, as long as you think can make people over and over again cold. Do not think Almost at the same time, Wu Chimei Jianmang suddenly flash, the hearts of a burst of horror, while shouting loudly. This sentence suddenly export, but also at the same time awakened the two people. Demons ah The danger here is not just these attackers, because the attacks of these attackers, resulting in fear of the mood, the hearts of breeding ideas, it is likely to make the demons unknowingly broke out again. As before the night Shen Xing said, the magic from the heart Emotions, can become a demon Here, once the confusion, it is undoubtedly pushed himself into the bottomless abyss. In fact, if not Wu Chi in front of the face of the demons of the time, so that Kenshinongming, I am afraid he will be the first person to reproduce the demons Just in the first generation of distractions, it is also his. Just in the breeding of the moment, Jian soul trembling, abruptly woke him up. Chapter 398 crazy and parted ways Step by step kill machine ah This terrible environment, it is easy to give birth to a desperate state of mind, to know, here, but there is no way to retreat. Not a breakthrough, that is death. From ente.

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