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Straightening Hair Brush Walmart the subject, but also received a bit ahead of the wind Chapter 527 Pirates of the game A blink of an eye, the day will be black down. Yang Yan s letter as scheduled, Wu Chi this lazy from the other hospital came out. An appointment is straightening hair brush walmart in the back door of the auction, it is good to find. Such as Wu Chi to the door has been to the seven or eight people, and all are the strength of broken stars, and each bearing extraordinary, obviously I am afraid are also directed at the core of the palace of the examination of the genius of the disciples. Slightly looked at one, Wu Chi can not help but Ya. ng Yan gave birth to a bit admire meaning. Wu Gongzi, sent you See Wu Chi, Yang Yan suddenly greeted up, and then went to the crowd in front of Wu Chi, Yang Yan said people to the Qi, I am not much nonsense, and that This underground auction, although the participation Of the people less, but things are absolutely fine, all the auction, all the requirements are knot, not arrears Who is casually outcry, bad rules, villain can not pocket. Said Yang Yan arch toward the crowd arch hand Road. Well, do not dawdle Who is so bad that the star stone is not Yang Yan from a recent middle aged impatient snapped Road. Come, please come with the villain. Slightly Baoquan, Yang Yan immediately lead the straightening hairbrush competitor way from the back door, toward the auction to go. Turn a few bends, and soon went to a small auction room, but it is already already waiting for this. Know everything, for an hour of time, you lust a little, do not give me what the tail. The auction room in a steward Chen Sheng opening Road. From the clothing to see, obviously it is the stalls of the auction, the use of their duties, to Yang Yan opened a back door, by auction place, open auction. Yang Yan is clearly cooked way, and easily put a storage bag stuffed in the hands of the steward, Do not worry, we are not the first deal, and I do not worry you do It s a lot of things, that s the way, I m gone. Here turned around at the same time, there are a few people from the outside came in, very strong atmosphere, obviously are master, responsible for maintaining order. So a get, but let everyone more and more assured a bit. Between the moment, immediately someone came out fro.or later encountered and no difference. Once again set foot on the Jianfeng, Wu Chi quickly saw his first opponent. See the other side, Wu Chi can not help but smile up, I do not know is that their luck is good, or bad. The other name is Han Shuang, is a woman and still very beautiful woman, whether it is appearance or reputation, are absolutely not lost with the cloud, can play with such beauty, naturally is a feast for the eyes. However, Wu Chi has been learned through the cloud, the woman s strength is strong, although perhaps not as good as Jianjun pro disciples, but in other pro disciples are definitely the top people. Far to see the Han Shuang, Wu Chi from the other side of the body feel a trace of cold, people as its name, frosty Qiao Lian comple. tely do not see any smile, it seems that the whole body are clearly engraved with four characters Do not near life Han Sister Slightly bowed, Wu Chi led the first ritual. Eyes fell on the body of Wu Chi, Han Shuang even did not answer, but a little faint point, be a return ceremony. Clever is a rejection of thousands of miles away from the posture. Touched the nose, see the other hair straightening brush wowcher did not Dali own meaning, Wu Chi is also good to go to touch the mold, the more honest on the fighting sword Taiwan. Eight groups of the test is separate, at the same time, so although this is the first, many disciples still need to choose from a field of view. Lucky or unfortunately, the choice to see this a test of people, turned out to be the most one. Which there is Wu Chi inside yesterday, a war of four amazing, can be more disciples, in fact, or look at the ice cream beauty of the ice cream. Just to Han Shuang s temper, and will not care about them is it. Do not look Wuchi yesterday to win the beautiful, but in fact, or how many people think Wu Chi can win. A big realm of the gap, it is insurmountable, and the strength of the Han cream itself is extremely strong, how to see, it seems that Wu Chi has no chance to win the slightest. The test has not yet begun, it is almost one side to the cry of the cry to Han cream, so that Wu Chi is more and more embarrassed a bit. Secretly turned his eyes, someone disdain in the hearts of despise superficial, you these superfic.

oor of life and death In this way, Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing how could break into the door of life and death Where do you need to stop yourself This seems to be everywhere weird and contradictory. The body was injected into the judge s breath, Wu Chi was really able to feel the horror of the judge pen It is no exaggeration to say that at the moment he straightening hair brush walmart is really confident, with the judge pen hit, or even kill the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan. By their own control of the judge pen, Shangqie so, if the death of life and death by hand, where there are night Shenxing their half way to live Can be biased, life and death will be able to put this trace of breath into their own body, so that their own judge to stop the pen, but also refused to personally shot, why is it Wu straightening hair brush walmart Chi at the moment there are too many doubts, but these can not just ask to export. Hesitated for a moment, Wu Chi immediately turned and left the hall again, the same toward the straightening hair brush walmart straightening hair brush walmart depths of life and death hall Depth of life and death A black and white was shrouded in the light of the light door, standing on the deepest in the hall, revealing a trace straightening hair brush walmart of awe inspiring pressure. Black gas means the power of death, while the white but it means life So reciprocating, but it is so that a light door revealed a straightening hair brush walmart mysterious atmosphere, it is difficult to grasp. The hall, guarding more than ten guards, each person s strength, it seems not before the guard under the command, but these guards seem to have some dull eyes, as if they have lost their sanity. Into the temple of the moment, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan to be aware of the exception here, more and more careful a bit. boom Almost between t. he moment, those guards suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a terrorist murderous, toward the two rolling from. Zheng Between the backhand, the night of the stars in the hands of the death of the sickle has been cut out, severely cut in one of the guards of the body. However, even strong as the night stars, this knife did not even beheaded each other, and even can not straightening hair brush walmart even hurt even hurt each other Death sickle only in that guards who left a knife white India, will be forced back straightening hair brush walmart a few steps, then once again toward the night Shenxing.n the Su Wan side, waiting for Su Wan left, this flew to the prison station The To know, Su Wan is not the weak, in accordance with the normal thinking, so Wu Chi from the prison after the platform down, the only person who can trust is Su Wan, Su Wan help, to be a bit more vitality before. To this point, where Chiang Kai shek did not understand their own thoughts have been very likely to be Wu pool peep Which makes him a deep sense of frustration, the heart is more complex, can be described as mixed. Happily, Wu Chi is so smart, even in this situation, perhaps may not necessarily survive it. And since he did not come and the Su Wan start, then there is no contradiction between Wu Chi, the past is still in the situation. As long as Wu Chi can survive, the future is bound to benefit the Chiang family. Worry is because, now this situation, the Chiang family also fell into a deep crisis, failed to control the Su Wan, which means that there is no way to take Wu Chi, everything can only rely on their own. Of course, he is not never thought to let Jiang Wenfeng and Jiang Rui also temporarily avoided the prison community to go. However, Chiang Kai shek can be different with the Wu Chi, and not in the prison community in the Jiang family in this many, it is difficult to avoid together, more important face ah, as one of the four major families, if the collective escape from prison Triple the refuge, came out, what is the future based on what Moreover, Yang Xiuchuan for Jiang Jiazhi very deep, even these people left, and will be able to escape the Yang Xiuchuan s kill it See Wu Chi flew on the prison community, the empty monk eyes flashed a trace of Jingmang, after all, still with the up. Playing Su Wan idea, but not only Jiang Zhengyang one, he also kept the use of Su Wan s mind, Su Wan can be so unexpected to leave, but it is to let his calculations once again fell to the emp. ty place. But a moment, nine people have been all set foot on the prison community. Night Shenxing eyes once again fell to the body hair straightener brush black friday of Yang Xiuchuan, a faint opening You will be empty monk that a set of soul stone to give up Yang Xiuchuan did not expose before, because these are nothing to do with the night Star Star, and the pur.Looked at the eyes of Wu Chi, Su Wan softly said not just me, little words and purple you are not touch is not it Yes, ah, you said, that time we get a grand wedding, I also marry you back together good Holding Su Wan, Wu Chi grinned and said At that time, we were big Sleep with that, how happy it is. Wu Chi said this is very no section exercise, according to reason, Su Wan should be hard to clean up his meal to go. But listening to Wu Chi, Su Wan is not the slightest angrily, but tightly bite the lips, you are afraid of their own life that day Mind was Su Wan broken, Wu Chi also will be silent down. Whether it is Zhou Bo Yan, or Yuan purple, or Su Wan, although he has a thin, but always refused to really account for their body. Not that they refused or no chance, not because Wu Chi straightening hair brush walmart is the kind of reckless gentleman. Just because his heart is always uneasy. Although he always said his life hard, not so easy to die, but in fact, this way came, how can he really safe when Even just with Su Wan said here to live a thousand years, in fact, not the same is just a fantasy it Wu Chi is better than anyone else, he can not straightening hair brush walmart stay here for thousands of years. Not he did not want, but simply can not have this opportunity. Whether it is empty monk, or Yang Xiuchuan are not so easy to stop, once the prison community to open, even if he took the soul of the stone to the night stars, the same will not be safe down. Here is the dark prison community, there is no peace at all, even their own lives can not guarantee, how to give them a guarantee Su Wan Wu Chi, I am not Zhou Zeyan, nor Yuan purple Looked at Wu Chi s eyes, Su Wan said softly I do not need what the so called forever, whether we can live a thousand years, ten thousand years Ye Hao, one year A month or so, I am willing to accompany you. I do not need you to assure me that if you die, I will not live alone So I do not wait until what day of the wedding Now, to me, even if it is really dead in the prison, No regrets Su Wan Reach out to cover the mouth of Wu Chi, let straightening hair brush walmart him go on, Su Wan clenched his lips will be the body of the clothes to remove, Wu Chi s palm again to his body, tightly leaning on the past. Su Wan s body slightly trembling, but not the slig.

Straightening Hair Brush Walmart ors are not predecessors, my name Zhou Xu, you call me soon as the exorcism is. Although only a casual sentence, but Wu Chi is still still from the other side of the body felt a trace of contempt. Mind turn, Wu straightening hair brush for men Chi was not the slightest turn of the meaning, but sadly flattery said Xuye, I first arrived, but also a lot of attention to you ah. Wu Chi even see the eyes did not blink, immediately changed the call, even if it straightening hair brush walmart is Zhou Xu can not help but slightly Yi Zheng. To know, to break into the prison community six heavy, almost every genius, who do not know the heart of arrogant generation In the severely hit these genius before, very few people will easily serve the soft. You just said you called Wu Chi Brow hair straightening brush amazon moved, Zhou Xu asked. Yes, yes Chicken feet like nodded, Wu Chi said with a smile Asahi, you told me Xiao Wu like. Wu Chi, hey, you are really shameless. Wu Chi for this soft style, Zhou Xu is also very disdain, casually opening Do not best hair brush straightener for short hair know how you are mixed here. Wu Yu, you do not know, ah, I was forced. Wu Chi crying and said You do not know, I was not a person came in, that two people are metamorphosis ah They forced me to break with them , I do not know how to die a few times. Heard Wu Chi directly to the three people came together, Zhou Xu is a bit surprised, they are what you are. related to what to force you in Evil, you do not know, we are the world, all from the golden world. They say a friend, can not see me so sink down, forcing me into the dark prison community, and forced me to step by step here You tell me, what hair straightening brush efmall is my own material, I do not know it Hard to let me eat so much bitter, take such a big danger, why bother to Mouth nonsense, Wu Chi heart for Zhou Xu is more vigilant a bit. Although not hands, but Wu Chi is still able to feel that Zhou Xu who kind of faint coercion, which is undoubtedly a very terrible master, and now even the prison sector six cases are not clear. Wu Chi the slightest do not want to conflict with each other. So, they are your friends is it Zhou Xu cold voice asked. Carefully glanced at Zhou Xu one, Wu Chi this whispered replied Xu Ye, I was a little man, what happened, you go to them and say, I can not know anything ah. See Wu Chi this pair of like.three times, many people follow the booing, can really come when Liu Changtong come forward, but absolutely no one dare to show up, three people, where is so bullying Liu Changtang now is now only revealed the momentum, it is absolutely far from the usual broken stars of the people dare to face. For a time, the audience a silence, no one answered. At hair straightening brush seen on tv this point, the crowd suddenly someone shouted I heard that someone just under the re injection to buy you lose, want to know who is mischief, a investigation will know Hear hair straightening brush melbourne this, Wu Chi s brow suddenly pick, suddenly understand the over The original is waiting for yourself A good move with a knife to kill Hey Good deep thought, good poison mind ah. Chapter 539 What, do you really dare to do not dare to be it Or must let Lumou trace you out Eyes some cold, Liu Changtong suddenly open again Road. Bet is my next, just, by the number of people, please give me the star stone knot it Mouth brought back a trace of sneer, Wu Chi stature slightly flash, immediately more and more out, a touch of open road. This opening, can not help but let everyone pour a cold air. In this case, stand up, and not only without any explanation, and up to directly hate to win the star stone, this is really contend with the three emboldened, or have been lost heart crazy, scared silly For a time, even three other disciples, now look to Wu Chi s eyes are cold terrible, as if to see the dead. Area of a broken star early only, where the courage to dare to provoke three However, the other people but did not notice, in the Wuchi appeared in the moment, Liu Changtong pupil suddenly a shrink, apparently did not exclaim the sound Wu Chi The Even if separated by a hundred brush straightener on natural hair 4c years, and now is not in the dark prison community, and how can Liu Changtong wrong people Just, just a hundred years time, how to actually enter the goods into the broken star, and even went to the fairy palace to the For a time, Liu Changtong s mind are some ignorant. How about this Star stone, but also want to refuse to do Eyes a ramp, Wu Chi once again ridicule Road. Although the discerning eye can see, now bet on how much star stone is simply not the key, but since Wu Chi empty when shouting out, naturally can no.

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