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Straightening Hair Brushes believe you You lie to me, must be lying to me The empty monk ferocious ferocious roar Wu Chi. the soul of the stone to pay out, or do not desperately curiosity, and poor monks have to kill you. Between the words, the empty hands of the hands of a bunch of black rosary, eyebrows full of vicious between the color. Behind the emergence of, and is not the golden Buddha, but the black evil spirits. Bad luck Just glanced at, Wu pool to understand that the empty monk is to use the evil relics, and even the law is changing for the evil spirits, and not the Buddha. Master, you are killing me, I really did not set the soul of the stone ah Back two steps, Wu Chi carefully looked at the empty monk, once again open the road. Lie to me, you are lying to me I kill you Eyes reveal a touch of crazy color, a moment, the empty monk suddenly rushed toward the Wu Chi, the hands of black rosary flying at the same time, into thirteen evil ghost at the same time bite from the bite. Om Suddenly, the shadow sword suddenly start, Wu Chi step out, Qinglian Jianqi suddenly bloom If you step into the prison before the four, Wu Chi is certainly unable to deal with the full shot of the empty monk, but now after nearly three years of practice, Wu Chi in the Kendo has long ago. Qinglian blooming moment, they abruptly Wu Chi s body to protect up, let straightening hair brushes the evil spirits how to attack can not break the Qinglian defense. Of course, this is also a large part of the reason is because the ban infuriating. In the case of infuriating can not be used, this grips, rely on the power itself is entirely on the application of the road But will Wuchi strength of the largest short board erased. This way, even if the empty monk full shot, but also can not have nothing to the Wu Chi. On the contrary, in the fight between Wu Chi but aware of a trace of strange The empty monk of the sub Yin, do not make this no brain and the conflict of things, if really want to start, will find a chance to fight a fatal fishes But now the empty monk, but like a person for the same. Mind turn, Wu Chi s mind straightening hair brushes flashed an idea, vaguely guess the empty monk situation Evil read back The empty monk is practicing the good and evil Avenue, before he was made from the white S.ly gave birth to a trace of Ming Wu. Each stone contains the road are not the same, really want to thoroughly understand every stone in the things that are simply impossible things, so in the Senate time, it is not really completely to understand all, but through Over the rules of these roads, only to constantly improve their own way. As for the so called supernatural powers, it is not hidden in the stone within the law of the door, but constantly improve their own way, naturally enlightened For the perception of the road to a certain extent, the natural will realize the supernatural powers to. In the final analysis, the strength of the supernatural powers, or to see straightening hair brushes their own understanding of the road how deep. And constantly reference to the stone, is a process of accumulation, the accumulation of more, the final outbreak of the moment, the more terror. Time slowly, Wu Chi went through a piece of stone, every day seems to enhance the atmosphere If we say that the beginning of straightening hair brushes Li Fenan do not care about his strength, then now, Li Fernan s heart also gave birth to a hint of fear Ten years, six hundred thirty seven stone This figure is simply enough to suffocate, the most frightening is that Wu Chi Shen see the stone speed, until now, did not reduce, in other words, even if the perception has been more than six hundred seats, Wu Chi s potential is still not completely Was forced out. Yang Xiu chuan and the night of the speed of the Sen sheng, although the speed of some slower than Wu Chi, but now also Cham Cham almost reached nearly five hundred This is also a metamorphosis of the speed. Even if you do not want to admit, Li Fernan mind is also clear that this time into the prison community six of the three people, and both are hardships evincible genius In contrast, he hair straightener brush teal and Zhou Xu that point of talent, simply even more than no law hair straightening brush demo than. This makes Li Fannan some jealousy, but more but still excited. O. riginally he let the night Shen Xing to see the stone, but is holding the lucky thing, but now it seems that it is likely to leave the prison six of the only chance. Now he has seen the talent of the three, so the urgent need is a commitment. Taking advantage of now can suppress the three, he must.

have prison mark, this thing for them, it is also a great risk. Can be how their own angry, but also can not erase the prison mark, but also not clear the relationship between them. Do not be afraid of anyone At that time, as long as the seat is not dead, no one would dare to your shot. Middle age again open Road, speech is full of Proudly. Just this, can be somewhat credible, it may be very difficult to say. At least, Wu Chi is not how to believe. The said, this seat have been told you So, now. you should have expressed it Eyes once again revealed a touch of cool, middle aged light opening Road. Between the words, who once again revealed a hint of faint murderous. Things have been explained clearly, in this case, if Wu Chi also refused, then he will not hesitate to be cut off the Wu Chi and this. From the moment he saw him, Wu Chi no longer have any chance of rejection. Chapter 433 Tian Jun Xi Jun should be Do not promise Wry smile a bit, Wu hair straightening brush heated Chi also ignored what Li Yunpeng, from the hand to open the frame in his neck knife, snappily replied. Li Yunpeng jumped and jumped, but after all, no action. Since Wu Chi promised, he naturally did not shot the reason. In addition to best electric hair straightening brush the two of us, no one else can help Pick up the sword from the ground, Wu Chi asked again. The face of the upper bound of those people, people are fine, and not more. Slightly shaking his head, middle aged indifferent, said The real master of the upper bound, do not risk into the dark prison community, as usual opponents to you The strength, enough to cope with. Seems to think of what, Wu Chi once again asked Now prison community seven heavy, how many people In addition to just come with you who two people, no one else. This time without middle aged answer, Li Yunpeng will be explained by path. They are two of my friends, but the strength is really some This kind of thing, simply can not help any busy, or let them first left. Wu pool shook his head. Prison community seven, is already the darkest prison community the most central position, and now the seat has been sealed, naturally can not control However, as long as you can help open the seal, they naturally can leave. Middle aged casually said. Swear it Do not care about t.lower bound soaring, Wu Chi is certainly not no experience in the rookie, but did not expect, in the Kendo even have such a terrible attainments. It is no exaggeration to say that this sword alone, Xu Zi an is very clear that his accomplishments in the Kendo, far less than Wu Chi. However, since he dared to come here, naturally has long been prepared to do enough. Moment, the eyebrows lifelike suddenly lit, cross sword in the straightening hair brushes chest, the body of the stars of the fierce force burst open. What is your sword, Xu Zi an is made up his mind, is to use the absolute strength of rolling, whether lit the star, the gap is too big, or even simply not any other means can make up. Xu Zian in the core disciples, in fact, is not the strongest, but after all, thanks to the door for many years, has long been lit a life star In his view, alone with this, he can be invincible. After all, Wu Chi has just started a month only Even rumors in the star door, has been perfect refining star power, completed the refining star If you want to light the star, even in the genius, but also a few years time Do not say anything, at least in the past few years, he can bully Wu Chi. As for how the future, this matter is Ji Yifeng inspired, he was not the slightest psychological burden. Calculate the good, but unfortunately, to his talent, but how can not think of, in fact, Wu Chi has been in this short period of time lit a life star. boom Eyes reveal a touch of cold, Wu pool who star force uspicy hair straightening brush also soared, there is no meaning to avoid, head on to meet each straightening hair brushes other s attack. Rolling Wu pool eyebrow heart star up the moment, this battle has no suspense. Between the twinkling of an eye, Xu Zian suddenly Qinglian Jian Qi enveloped, emitting a blood, the whole person as a broken kite flying in general, heavy smashed in the tens of meters outside the ground. The battle starts fast and ends faster And even other people have not react to what is going on, Xu Zian has been fainted in the past. For a time, including the blue wave, everyone can not help but suddenly pale. Life star Eyes fell into the Wu Chimei that a sword shaped life on top of a few people even have some can not believe their own eyes. How can this be The A month Even kill the swo.up at the night Shenxing a glance. Unfortunately, the night Shen Xing is still a pair of indifferent look, it seems that nothing has nothing to do with him. Thought, Wu Chi took Su Wan slowly toward the location of Chiang Zhengyang. Zhengyang ancestors. Slightly over hand, Wu Chi quietly open Road. You also see it Down the voice, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Now fear is also only the foreplay, until the prison after the end of the prison, is the real most dangerous time. Nodded his head Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. Nine make Fu, which means that nine top of the master, these people whether or not straightening hair brushes to get the soul of the soul, I m afraid are not safe. how do you want to do it Looked at Wu Chi, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Silence for a moment, Wu Chi chuckle a bit, shook his head and said My things, naturally by my own solution, however, Su Wan will take care of his ancestors. Once on the prison community, may be scruples less straightening hair brushes than the other, when the situation is changing, who do not know what will happen And Su Wan is undoubtedly Wu Chi now most worried about. Nodded, Jiang Zhengyang promised This is what you can rest assured, as long as I am the old straightening hair brush for african american hair bones s. till, they will not let anyone hurt Su girl. Thank you Once again thanks, Wu Chi then staggered a few steps, turned to Su Wan whispered. Once you have opened the prison, you will leave the prison community at once. So that Su Wan can not help but some stunned, just Wu Chi is not also let Jiang Zhengyang help take care of her How do you let her first leave the prison community triple Chiang Ching yang this old fox, it may not be reliable. Wu Chi softly explained I always feel that he has things without me, only you leave, I can let go with their hands and feet. You said Jiang Zhengyang also collusion with Yang Xiuchuan Su Wan incredible asked. There is no connection with Yang Xiuchuan, but he will not protect you, this old fox promised too happy. Mouth overflow a trace of sneer, Wu Chi explained Yang Xiuchuan once started cleaning other people, even if he has reached the limit May not let him continue to stay in the prison community triple This time, he Chiang self care, where there is spare capacity to take care of you You mean Chiang Zheng.

Straightening Hair Brushes o do, big deal pat only leave, these disciples even if there is a big grievances and how can it But he is not the same ah He had to stay in the Xiushui peak, if really these disciples to death offend, can only be a bad reputation, into a greater trouble. He did not want to have anything to do with straightening hair brushes other people involved, and even do not care to be ignored, to do a stealth, but can not want to be done by all the loner ah. At least straightening hair brushes not now The brain flashed these thoughts, Li Yunpeng took a deep breath, this opening said This bet on this nothing to do with me, only to be an ordinary test only Wu brothers since that this stone has a stone So that the rest of the stars will not have to be mentioned again. Away from the rest of the star stone, which is the only way, even if Li Yunpeng some distressed, it did not have to choose. I heard Li Yunpeng say that other disciples can not help but breathe a sigh of relief Who do not want to flat so much back to the stars of the debt ah, they can not bargain with Wu Chi, Li Yunpeng said, naturally no problem. Thank you very much Thank you, Yunpeng Young For a time, these disciples have to thank, at least on the surface, it is a regiment and gas. Hey, Li Shidi, you really heart is too soft You are so bad for them, I know, in fact, you are reluctant, you worry, I have, they dare not rely on debt Wu Chi face Righteously said. Li Yunpeng did not snapped Wu Chi a glance, simply wait for strangling this bastard, hair straightener brush at walmart but can not say anything on the mouth, only a faint answer, Wu brothers joke, Yun Peng is also Xiushui Feng disciples, how can the difficult door Lee Young, you are so bad What is the most important thing A look of iron into a steel, Wu Chi frowned and said Speak things, should be sincere Caixing Wu brothers, is it you can not bear these stars stone If you straightening hair brushes really can not bear, you have straightening hair brushes to go is to, and give me the words, do not have to mention. Heard Wu Chi is still nonsense, Li Yunpeng can not help some Angry, anti one army. Just where the Wu Chi Ken on this, has fallen a lot of benefits, why should trouble themselves, anyway, is not their own disadvantage. Well, ok, according to you is Do not care about the waved, Wu Chi suddenly once again convergence of t.he beginning of the decision on the attribution, it will become more simple. Satisfied nodded his head, that young man showing a smile on his face, we rest assured review turbo hair straightener brush that as long as we can succeed, I will not ill treat everyone, within a thousand years, is bound to let everyone into the fairy palace. Can overwhelm other people, by the natural strength, but in addition, the corresponding benefits naturally to give, otherwise, even if the mouth agreed, it may not be possible. Got this guarantee, everyone enthusiasm suddenly increased Everyone is what level we all know, Sin Temple core disciples is too far away, is simply a fantasy, on the contrary, in the other side of the support, thanks to the temples of the temptation, but greater. go Suddenly waved his wrist, young people immediately took the lead in thinking that Xi Jun should be imprisoned position to fly down. Not far away, watching the disappearance of these people figure, Wu Chi this slowly appear to be out of the body, mouth revealed a trace of ridiculous color, eyes, full of mockery. Before the sword with the sword, Wu Chi stealth in the side, but these people did not notice the existence of Wu Chi, which is certainly a mysterious law inside the supernatural powers cut the rules of the rules Can each other s strength, straightening hair brushes and not too strong, but it is also an indisputable fact. Just by these people, want to beheaded Jun Jun should be simply a joke. However, they said the words, it touches on the Wu Chi raised a trace of interest. The so called f. airy palace, so many people rush, I m afraid must be extraordinary, in the future into the upper bound, it touches to be careful. A little hesitated, Wu Chou finally chase it. Although Wu Chi is sure that these people simply can not have the slightest chance of success, but by these people s shot, to see what exactly should Xi Jun what is the hair straightener brush vs flat iron card is also good Master respect Bend a prayer, Li Yunpeng softly said Some people have come in, and disciples have already launched a matrix method hindered, but I am afraid that can not stop how long. Dark some cold, Xi Jun should straightening hair brush tesco be deeply looked at Li Yunpeng one, faint asked You do not want me to die thump Hearing this, Li Yunpeng suddenly scared out a col.

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