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Straightening Hairbrush Israel if Wu Chi want to explain, it is difficult to explain with him clearly, it would be better not to say. With the prison community seven heavy Night owl pondered a moment, asked again. Before he is aware of Wu Chi into the prison community six heavy, bold guess, it is not difficult to guess the reason. After all, the prison community seven in what exactly, has always been a legend, no one clearly. If you can, can cause the black prison community now big change, naturally only the prison community seven heavy. Nodded slightly, Wu Chi acquiescence of the night owl, but still did not specifically explain. I have to go back to the prison, and you have to be careful. And did not continue to stop the meaning of Wu Chi Chen Sheng told If the dark prison community and then what changes, remember, as long as the opportunity to immediately leave, do not have the slightest hesitation. The dark prison community is simply not a trial of the land, but imprisoned the land, this war, whether it is Xi Jun should win, or Han Shan Master calculation success, the dark prison community will inevitably have a big change. For the night owl them, stay here is clearly not the slightest ben. efit. Wu Ye, prison community has been completely closed ah. Night owl carefully reminded. It may be difficult to come out from the inside, but want to go in, but it is not difficult. Slightly shook his head, Wu Chi said softly. Strength to this realm, the rules of the prison community, for Wu Chi, almost equal to useless In addition to the core of the prison community seven, the other for Wu Chi, it is difficult to form any obstacles Prison community triple. Li Yunpeng slowly from the other side of the body out of the knife, his face full of indifferent color, I said, do not try to play with me a little smart I want to do things, not you are eligible to block. Around the crowd has also been Li Yunpeng such a ruthless means to live. Li Yunpeng has just been beheaded the people, is the peak of the strength of the road, occupy a Dong Fu, even in this prison three triple, but also ranked in the first few masters. However, even so strong strength, in front of Li Yunpeng, but also did not have the slightest fight back, weak as a child in g.tep by step from the knife into the mountains, set foot on the high platform. The same was banned infuriating, empty monk but to Buddha light body, abruptly stepped on this hundred miles knife mountain. Within a month, the empty monk only died less than fifty times, they set foot on the high platform. High on top of the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan is already already, and the body can not see the slightest look of embarrassment, apparently has been to a long time. Two lay good means, poor monk admire. Smile with the ceremony, the empty monk quietly open Road. Glanced at the empty monk, the night Shen Xing still did not speak the meaning. It touches Yang Xiuchuan smiled, Master is not slow ah. Hands together, once again a ceremony, straightening hairbrush israel the empty monk s eyes are followed by a high above the inscription on top of a high. Berry knife mountain, sealed infuriating The top of the inscription impressively engraved with the eight words, and in the bottom is filled with countless small prints. Minato had a closer look, the empty monk found that these small words even recorded from the seven prison community established to the present, all through the name of the Baili Daoshan, as well as the time and the number of deaths. Yan North Chen, which lasted three hours, death zero times, ranked first Hit the name of the first to see straightening hairbrush israel the name of the empty heart can not help but su. ddenly jump, almost hard to believe their eyes. Three hours of time, and did not die once, it is easy to break through the Baili Daoshan, which is how the strength of terror The brain constantly thinking, but still remember not Yan Beichen the name, so projections, the Yanbei Chen is probably at least tens of thousands of years ago, talented people, and now fear is already already soaring on the bounds. Hastily swept the rest of the name, and soon the empty monk in thirty seven to see the name of the night stars. Night Shen Xing, which lasted seventeen days, seven times the death, ranking thirty seven If Yan Beichen what the distance is too far away, then the night Shenxing s tough will straightening hairbrush israel let the empty monk really aware of each other s gap with their own This night the stars are indeed eligible to crush the prison community triple all.

e seen in Zhou Xu. , it is simply a demon smile. In the prison community six years, Zhou Xu always thought he had enough metamorphosis, more evil, even if compared to Li Futan, but also no less, can now happens in front of Wu Chi, but it is difficult to suppress the birth of a A sense of powerlessness. I have vowed, I have already played, if you still do not believe me, then I have no way, you simply kill me. Close your eyes, Zhou Xu heart hair straightener brush as seen on tv of a cross, Chen Sheng replied. This time, than is the patience As he was afraid of death, he also believe that Wu Chi is also bound to be afraid of death. We also do not want to die, why their own concessions again and again Anyway, has come to this point, and Zhou Xu also do not care Wu pool in his body to add a few holes, nothing more than to eat some bitterness, he also tolerate live. Have to say that this is indeed an excellent idea. If he really can die, Wu pool to take him really did not have any way, after all, can not really kill him. Unfortunately, Zhou Xu is clearly underestimated someone s shameless. Almost when he closed his eyes, ready to stiff, but suddenly felt a cool crotch. This surprise is nothing, almost Zhou Xu straightening hairbrush israel scared to jump up, in fact, if not pointed by the sword, he is bound to have jumped up. Mouth reminded of a touch of ridicule of the color, Wu Chi leisurely said I remember, exorcist you just as if we are also interested in our show Master Master Although you taste a little heavy, but I have always been very respect for others Of the special hobby. Jianfeng slowly down, almost close to the lower body of Zhou Xu, Wu Chi this slowly said I do not know, no this stuff, Xuye you will not have so good interest Of course, in fact, maybe you like to be made by men This is really really scared 2 in 1 hair brush straightener to Zhou Xu. He likes men right, but they like to get someone else, rather than being someone else. Wu Chi direct threat to cut his following things, let him change eunuchs, how can let him go back to the next It is nothing more terrible than death. Of course, you are heroes and heroes Big deal, do not worry, you are not difficult for you, you want to die, as long as the head to my sword on a hit, crisp Not afraid of death Wu Chi heart burst of sneer.mouth. Wu Chi himself was originally out of his jail from the prison, sentiment to the million sword return, and now the jail prison Wu Chi completely no binding, naturally not to mention punishment. Then punish him back to Jianfeng closed mind thinking Again bad, broken his month to show discipline is also the. Xiushui Jianjun said again. Ling water Jianjun sneer Wu Chi is really a disciple, is Bai Rong is not really a disciple Kill people, if so gently let go, would not tell Other disciples, what are the scores of the test, you can take the opportunity to kill the revenge Reason Cold Star Jianjun nodded. Wu Chi, after all, Luo is the disciples of the disciples, I do femjolie hair straightener brush not like to put aside for the time being, such as Luo Shidi come back, and then disposed of as well. Ling Tianjian Jun and cold Star Jianjun two are this attitude, Xiushui Jianjun naturally not good Besides, had to delay the road. This is the day, let him know, no matter who the disciples, hair straightening brush watson committed so wrong, must also be punished by the door, there is no luck to speak at all. Ling Tianjian cold voice opening, unusually tough attitude. Slightly hesitant, hair straightener brush by chi cold star Jianjun opening Ling days brothers, so punishment, fear is some heavy. weight Ling Tian Jianjun Chen Sheng said In the case of more than just kill the door, ignoring the door regulation, the true disciples under the hot hands, if not heavy fines, why the service of the public Suddenly stood up, Ling days Jianjun sneered and said You dare not bear this relationship, I came to it Luo Shidi back, if dissatisfied, let him come to me is For a moment, Ling Tianjian eyes revealed a chill chill, snapped, said Come, straightening hairbrush israel give me the waste of Wu Chi repair, expelled from the door Lingtian Jianjun itself in the case of very strong, and now he insisted, is the cold star Jianjun and Xiushui Jianjun is not good to block. After all, Ling Tianjian Jun, then, after all, accounted for a few divisions Moment between, then suddenly there is the elders towar. d the Wu Chi went over. What hair straightening brush temperature about Chapter 515 For a time, the audience an uproar Even before they guess Wu Chi forced to fight under the sword stage, beheaded Bai straightening hairbrush israel Rong, is bound to be heavy penalties, but no one expected, the punishment eve.tic voice from behind, and instantly a. ttracted all the attention of the past. who The young straightening hairbrush israel man s face is ugly and tightly staring at the man. Lazy walk and line, Wu Chi face full of haughty color, If the sword master master pro, I also frightened a few points, but by virtue of you, but not qualified to know my name. His words can not help but change, Do you know my brother The face is the same, Wu Chi disdained and said If you do not want to provoke that crazy, you think you can live now Step by step, Qinglian Jianqi silent bloom, revealing a terrible sword Italy, fiercely toward the youth pressure in the past. Perfect Kendo Moments, together with the young people, all face can not help but change, followed by several steps to exit, the eyes full of horror of the color. Even in the upper bound, the perfect Kendo, is also almost a legend. Only those top talented genius, it is possible to achieve this point, and only this figure, in the upper bound, repair to be suppressed in the case, to play the most terrible power to. Just, this kind of evildoer genius, how can adventure appear in the lower bound Look at your brother s sake, Rao you die Not speed off Glanced at the youth one, Wu Chi indifferent opening. Just a Li Yunpeng, has let him fear, and now Wu Chi is clearly more terrible, the moment to dispel the idea of young people continue hair straightening brush black hair to hold on, but so scared away, really some shame, young people bit his teeth and asked What is your honor, and that I go back to my brother. How do you want your brother to find you back face Sneer a cry, Wu Chi indifferent replied have the ability to let him come, Sin Palace, Mo Yan Sin Palace Heard the name of the fairy palace, young hearts can not help but slightly Yi Chan, deeply remember the name of Mo Yan, the hands of the sword back, turned away. Lost to the palace of the disciples, not shame Moreover, just remember each other s name, want to find each other is not difficult. Although his own no strength, but the brother is definitely the top of the Tianjiao, this matter, there will always be a confession. However, no matter how young people are expected, in his moment of turn, a touch of Qinglian suddenly bloom puff Attack In the moment he put away straightening hairbrush israel the.

Straightening straightening hairbrush israel Hairbrush Israel will be the door of the elders to find, do not need his hand shot. I went back with Shishu, and now this state, stay in this, can be no use. Wu Chi wryly pointed to his body said Yes, Yunpeng Young told us to go away, please also please Shishu together back to the door it. Slightly nodded, Xiushui Jianjun said Yunpeng is my famous disciples, naturally go back with me. Although not mentioned, but in fact, Xiushui Jianjun has long been aware of the location of Li Yunpeng, looking for the past is just a moment between. You Xiushui Jianjun eyes once again fell to Bai Rong s body asked. Disciples are willing to return with the sword king. Heard Xiushui Jianjun words, Bai Rong quickly said. Slow Before the cloud has not yet Guai Gui rong, now see Bai Rong to follow along with the case, suddenly could not help but open Jianjun Ming Kam, Bai Rong brothers deliberately repeatedly set to kill the Council, the intention to Wu brothers and death The rest of a division brothers, are also killed by him, also asked Jianjun also a fair. Smile on the face slowly convergence, Xiushui Jianjun looked faintly a cloud load, then turned to Wu Chi asked Wu Chi, what do you want to say Obviously is the words of the song, but at the moment Xiushui Jianjun did not ask her meaning, but asked Wu Chi, which means that it may be very interesting. For a time, Bai Rong and cloud of the eyes also fell on the Wu Chi s body. Bowed a prayer, Wu Chi calmly replied disciples no evidence, so nothing to say. This is a very interesting answer Because there is no evidence, so nothing to say. Bai Rong to survive, and along with Xiushui Jianjun appeared together, Wu Chi can naturally guess, Bai Rong must have another set of rhetoric. Xiushui Jianjun did not straightening hairbrush israel mention, but it does not mean that nothing happened. In fact, from the Xiushui Jianjun with Bai Rong arrived at the time, Wu Chi has guessed the meaning of Xiushui Jianjun. He did not mention the previous thing, that is, do not want to get to know So, obviously almost died in the hands of Bairong, Wu Chi did not mention, but deliberately with Xiushui Jianjun speak sets of almost, that is, told Bai Rong, himself and Xiushui Jianjun also very close, do not care what he said The Clouds af.their own hair straightening brush with flat iron directly to the disciples, but. gradually let Wu Chi clear the idea. Deeply looked at Wu Chi one, middle aged silent for straightening hairbrush israel a moment, can not help but laugh, interesting It straightening hair brush men touches the seat look down on you. Wu Chi did not answer, still standing in place. Under the seat of this seat, the seat can pass your top practice of the door, you can pass your most powerful supernatural powers, even into the upper bound, you are enough to become the top genius. Look at Wu Chi, Middle age proudly said to this point, you should understand that soaring is not the end, or even the opposite, into the upper bound, but only just the beginning. These may not be false, as long as their promised, Wu Chi did not doubt that the other party can complete all this commitment. Can the problem be this world for no reason love it Or straightening hairbrush israel that sentence, dare to ask the Lord of the prison, I need to pay what Wu Chi asked again. Dark prison world of the test, no doubt cited countless talent to come, to step by step now, standing in front of the prison community, experienced numerous tests So, what about the purpose of these trials Is it really just to pick a suitable descendant No matter than the letter does not believe, at least Wu Chi is unbelieving. If this is true, Han Shan Shangren why the black prison community cause straightening hairbrush israel and effect involved very deep, repeatedly remind yourself, do not fly in the dark prison community on the upper bound. If this is true, anxious should be their own, rather than the main prison community Why should he be anxious to get himself into the jail seven, even let people directly lead to their own I only need you hair straightener brush ebay to promise me one thing. Pointing Li Yunpeng, prison the main body slowly said I want you in this prison seven of the soaring, and take him into the upper bound. Brow can not help but suddenly jumped, Wu Chi mind is more and more doubts up. Han Shan people let themselves in the golden world soaring, and bring him back to the upper bound. Now the king of the prison and let himself in the prison community seven of the soaring, and to bring his disciples together. It all seems too coincidental. Wu Chi some reason is not clear which one of the clue, mind electric transfer, slightly Baoquan sa.

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