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The Best Hair Straightener Brush e, he pointed to hair straightener brush heated the Yao Long, Yao had agreed to do so, otherwise let Wu Chi said hype, no use. Yao Long himself is Jianfeng disciples, Wu Chi took over the test, this is a very natural thing. In fact, that elders are just in accordance with the. rules, just a question. But do not want to get a very different answer. Bend a prayer, Yao Long softly replied disciples do not want to The four words of an export, and instantly make the field for a static, everyone can not help but for the discoloration, incredible look to Yao Long. Even if the Wu pool, the heart can not help but slightly dengkou soon, eyes suddenly a condensate Do not care about other people s eyes, Yao Long continued I Jianfeng disciples, in order to Jianfeng s reputation and fight nothing can be nothing wrong, can Wuchi brothers as Jianfeng only true disciples, the total should do, Own strength Look a little indifferent, Yao Long Chen Sheng said Wu brothers have not yet entered the broken star, naturally can not compete with other really spread the brothers, if now even the core disciples of the challenge, have others shot, it is not provoking ridicule I Jianfeng unmanned Wu Chi and Yao Long has made people laughing Jianfeng no one, but the meaning of which is very different. Wu Chi is not qualified to challenge each other directly to their own, and Yao Long is accused of Wu Chi is not eligible to become a true fan of the sword. This is the words to say, it is a moment caused a huge shock. Jianfeng infighting In this door when the big time, Wu Chi confidence to launch Yao Long to do when the shield, but do not want Yao Long not as he did not want to, but jump out fiercely in Wu Chi who stabbed a knife. Such a defection of a blow, to really too suddenly, for a time, all to see the eyes of Wu Chi, has revealed a bit of mercy of the color. One hand wishful thinking played well, but do not want at this time, but became a slap in the face. Can even say, suddenly pushed Wu Chi into the abyss of the bottom If there is no such, Wu Chi even lost to each other, but also some of the shame it, to Luo Ying s favor, he would not lose the identity of the true disciples. Yao Long can now be so a downtown, but no doubt tantamount to being question.

ly time, Bai Rong is the most worship of the clouds of the brothers, in the door of those disciples of the mouth, Bai Rong is always the most perfect brothers, no matter what trouble, only to the white dragon head, He seems to have never refused. Even now, obviously Wu Chi Hang into the danger, had to ask for help, not the same regardless of the safety of looking for Wu Chi In contrast, it seems that people should be the most admirable it Seems to have not perceived the eyes of the cloud load, but also did not put the words of Chen He heart, Bai Rong helplessly shook his head, Well, do not say that these useless, and we continue to find, the strength of Wu Yidi Too weak, even deliberately avoided, sooner or later will always be we catch up As Bai the best hair straightener brush Rong said, the strength of the gap placed in that, even if the Wu Chi has exhausted all the way, after more than a day in the hide, after all, they are still catch up with Bai Rong. What time do you want to hide Far to see Wu Chi, Bai Rong will be some angry, could not help but snapped snapped Road. Footsteps slightly delayed, Wu Chi had to stop the footsteps, to this point, he naturally clear, avoid is not open. Heart flashed countless thoughts, a moment, Wu Chi heart has been a decision, until the time to come back, his face has brought a trace of stubborn color. What is where I go to my own thing and what do you have to do with you Nonsense Eyes are even more angry, Bai Rong cold snapped You are the disciples, is Luo Shishu only disciple, is my white wing of the Young, how can we have nothing to do with us Obviously Wu Ch. i was asked this sentence, but still still stubborn the best hair straightener brush do not face to face, and did not speak. Bai Rong s face to ease a bit, went on to say Whether it is me, or with the cloud of the Shimei, are very worried about you, do not nonsense, even to be angry, at least have to return to the door, safe down to say. hair straightener brush dafni The eyes of the light sweep a cloud load, Wu Chi still did not speak. Brother Wu, before I was too impulsive, sorry See Wu Chi Wang to their own, Yun He said the best hair straightener brush softly. Yes ah, Wu brothers, that up, our lives, before you are still you save it You and the cloud of the best hair straightener brush the Sister also just a little misunderstanding only, why so pique Big.tly staring at Wu Chi, it seems that as long as a different, will be hands to come to die no evidence. Zhang Fengyang itself is the culmination of the strong stars, surrounded by seven or eight guard dress people, obviously not the weak, really if the joint blow to Wu Chi this has just broken the strength of the stars, really may not stand. Om Suddenly, the shadow sword suddenly start, at the same time Wu Chi body star burst at the same time open, the eyes are revealed a touch of mockery of the color, You are hair straightener brush at walmart a pig Xiao Ye if it is broken early, have the courage to stay Are you stolen with you Three thousand Zhang Xinghai, although Wu Chi really just broken star early, can be Xinghai breath as long as some of the leakage may be too misleading, who is afraid to doubt their own judgm. ent. Moreover, Wu Chi at the moment to show the boldness and vision, it is not like the beginning of the broken star, to participate in the fairy palace assessment of people can have. Mouth revealed a touch of ridiculous color, Wu Chi continued It seems Xiao Ye really overestimate you, but only a young child Bale, you think that only you will act it Moment, Zhang Fengyang and Yang Yan heart suddenly Yi Chan, suddenly believed Wu Chi s words. Pooh ah, which is his mother fat sheep ah, is simply fellow people, made up his mind to fish in troubled waters. This is right, or else if it is really to participate in the fairy palace assessment of the people, where the body will only bring the best hair straightener brush tens of thousands of stars to the auction to come from the beginning to the end of a thing did not shoot This goods is rooted in the same people, so dare lions big mouth, so hard, it is clear that is to eat them ah What shit to participate in Xian Gong assessment, all false You look at those who really come to the fairy palace to participate in the assessment is what people look like, as long as I heard that may be canceled assessment of qualifications, what benefits have to endure ah Where there is courage in this naughty Not split, so spoils This is obviously the peer to do send ah. The more you want to make sense, Zhang Fengyang and Yang Yan heart this fear. They are not afraid of those who come to participate in the Xian Gong assessmen.those real Tianjiao, in the refining of the stars to achieve the perfect situation, will lead the stars, showing the sky like Such a genius, even through the history of the entire Sword, the number of occurrences, it is almost a handful of. More importantly, now Wu Chi just just soaring, the first through the star of the door of the refining, they directly perfect refining stars, and even sparked the sky, it sounds like, just like the day to dream. If not personally see, I am afraid that no one can believe that this scene If the previous Luo Ying Wu Chi in the future have great hope to become the upper bound Tianjiao, then, this time the stunning days of the sky, is clearly told him, no need for the future, now Wu Chi is already Tianjiao. The sky to maintain a time about a tea, only slowly dispersed. And this time just a the best hair straightener brush cup of tea, the news has been crazy to return to the main door, almost spread throughout the sky stars. Wu Chi and even have not been from the stars in the liquid to clean up, it has been moving the Quartet. What is your name A flash of the body, Luo Ying has appeared in front of Wu Chi, Chen Sheng asked. Until now, Wu Chi has just recovered, looked suddenly appeared in front of their own Luo Ying, can not help but some stunned, not Xi Jun should bring their own to this Heart surprised, but Wu Chi s reaction is very fast, bowed salute Wu Chi meet predecessors, dare to ask, here is the upper bound Wu Chi, Wu Chi, haha Well, Wu Chi, you may wish to worship me million swords Heard Wu Chi this slightly ridiculous question, Luo Ying is unable to stop laughing. Uh, that million swords This is the upper bound Wu Chi some embarrassed smile, once again asked. This question, there are some deliberate ingredients. Followed by Xi J. un should be here, Wu Chi naturally can not do not know that this is the upper bound, but also even to ask, one is foolishly filled with fool, and then it is the first time to learn from the other side of the hands here The situation. Obviously should be brought by Xi Jun, but now a blink of an eye, Xi Jun should have disappeared, which makes Wu Chi urgently want to know, what is going on, or that Xi Jun should actually want to do. But the upper bound is bigge.

The Best Hair Straightener Brush any who can not stop, is bound to become the sky star Star Lord As long as Wu Chi nodded, will be able to become the master of. the pro disciples, access to incomparable distinguished identity, this opportunity in front, who can refuse it Seems to be afraid of Wu Chi did not understand what happened, Xiushui Jianjun once again said Wu Chi, sword Zu femjolie hair straightener brush price want to use your refining the stars of the heart, now has been defeated by the dragon escape the sky, This opportunity is in front of you, you do not thank Tian Jun it Xiushui Jianjun said the words themselves have a certain misleading, he said only Wanjian were owned by Jun Jun should, but did not mention Luo Ying refused. However, at the moment, even Luo Ying, also did not speak to explain. Although Wu Chi to do so much, even straightening hair brush electric at life and death, but in exchange for Wu Chibu chance of life, but Luo Ying also understand their gap with Xi Jun should be. Now, in the the best hair straightener brush face of Xi Jun Wu Chi to solicit, he also chose the silence. Eyelids slightly jumped, Wu Chi did not immediately answer, but will turn to the eyes of Luo Ying s body. Do you still go down Did not ask any details, there is no meaning in the identity of Jun Jun, Wu Chi recovered the first sentence, is still asked to Luo Ying, this alone is enough, it is enough to be ashamed of the. Hear the words of Wu Chi, the best hair straightener brush Luo Ying heart can not help but a warm In such circumstances, Wu Chi has not been confused by the interests, but the first thought of him, really let him a burst of comfort, such a disciple, really hair straightening brush thick hair did not let him down. The teacher by the sword ancestral hair straightening brush sela preaching, how can the rebellion Slightly shaking his head, Luo Ying replied Xi Jun should be refining the stars of the heart soon, will soon become the Lord, if you worship him as a teacher, Good thing Wu Chi, you do not have to worry about me Although the hearts of some dismay, but in this case, apparently follow the Jun Jun should be the best choice, Wu Chi can think of him in the first time, rather than immediately agreed to have let Luo Ying very pleased, and now natural Will not stop Wu Chi Road. Luo Ying these words, it is tantamount to the default has agreed to Wu Chi another teacher, and who can not tell Wu Chi what is not to comeht Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan s overbearing almost desperate, and at the moment, the emergence of law enforcement, but finally let his heart gave birth to a glimmer of hope. Faced with such a strong law enforcement, everyone thought dasky hair straightening brush that Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing also had to give in when the time, Yang Xiuchuan has made a move that all people are unexpected The hands of the rifle suddenly flick, like a stone break in general, abruptly locked the the best hair straightener brush rifle chain broken broken a length, one hand suddenly throw, rifle out, like a black lightning, brazenly through the bamboo Yaoyang Heart, will only just from the danger of bamboo Yaoyang hard life and death in the ground. To death, bamboo Yaoyou eyes are still staring round, it seems how can not believe, in such circumstances, Yang Xiuchuan even dare to kill. Did not care about the meaning of bamboo Yaoyang, Yang Xiuchuan s mouth revealed a touch of sneer, order Dark prison community where there have been order Carrying a few broken chain, you really want to be the leader of the prison community is not a master I Yang Xiuchuan want to kill people, you can not save it overbearing It is difficult to use words to describe the overbearing, the moment suddenly the field hair straightener brush in india once again into a dead among them. And even even law enforcement who did not expect, Yang Xiuchuan even so bold. presumptuous Mouth issued a burst drink, seven chains at the same time moved up, just by Yang Xiuchuan broken broken a length of the chain is also restored between the twinkling of an eye, like seven black snakes hair straightening brush on sale in general, the best hair straightener brush crazy the best hair straightener brush toward Yang Xiuchuan hit. It s you Dressed in white, night Shenxing step by the best hair straightener brush step, in the hands of death sickle play, while the best hair straightener brush floating around the black two color, into a surprise to take law enforcement away Whether it is the night or star Yang Xiuchuan, which one is good to take the pinch Law Enforters may be able to scare others, but in their eyes it is nothing to be great. Want to stop them, you must come up with enough strength to come. Obviously, by law enforcement officers now show the strength, but also far enough to make two fear. Life and death domain. to start, night Shen Xing full shot under the death of the sickle revealed a touch of ter.

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