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Uspicy Hair Straightener Brush the sleeves of fifty thousand stars handed the past, softly said This is a little bit of meaning, but also please help out. Along the location of Zhang Fengyang, glanced at, Zhou Yiqun immediately noticed Wu Chi, drilling a look, you can feel, indeed some extraordinary Moreover, now Wu Chi seems to have been hair straightening brush does it work with what people, obviously not unusual look like a lively look. Chapter 538 Borrowing the Battle Eyes slowly recovered from the Wu Chi body, Zhou Yiqun and glanced at the storage bag, see inside a full five thousand stone, can not help but resist. Nothing more than just swap the order of playing it, simply not a great thing After all, for the fairy palace, the establishment of this challenge, that is, to establish the majesty of the fairy temple, to prohibit others to challenge the success only. If he deliberately lose, he is not dare, but just ahead of some of the other side to challenge the stage, but no big deal. As Zhang Fengyang said, but it is a smooth people only. As for Wu Chi and what is between the three cases of resentment, he is not the only thing he needs to worry about. Think of this, Zhou Yiqun suddenly received a star stone, light replied I know Followed by the wretched little man behind, Wu Chi heart but can not help but burst of doubts. This period of time, the other side is always in the various open gambling Handicap rotation, did not have any action, naturally they can not see the slightest exception to. The results, so that Wu Chi can not help but some accidents, do not, this time they even judged wrong Wu Chi in the hearts of hesitation whe. n the small seven finally wait until the letter of Zhang Fengyang. See the letter content instantly, the small seven finally breathed a sigh of relief, do not want to, directly to the Wu Chi that fifty thousand star stone to pay the immortal disciples to win. There is no false link, that is, in the name of Wu Chi, freshly under the re injection. A fifty star stone, which is not a small number, and responsible for the gambling of the people glanced at the small seven one, although the bet, but in the first time the news will be up. Between the moment, Handicap odds suddenly adjusted down, it will be the normal odds. In the distan.Star Star Empty monk suddenly play such a hand, obviously some of the unexpected Wu Chi, but also to the scene will be more chaotic up. Honestly, Wu Chi is not without heart, after all, can let the empty monk made his own oath, but also do not have to fear him to go back. However, Wu Chi has long been hair straightener brush on curly hair written to the night Shen Xing that indifferent expression. Although uspicy hair straightener brush only with the night Shenxing only met one side, but Wu Chi for the night Shenxing is extremely afraid of the kind of dangerous for the intuitive response to tell him, rashly off the night Shen Xing is definitely not a wise thing. Anyway, the empty monk they have jumped out, Wu Chi did not mind more than wait to see. Of course, if it is really night stars and Yang Xiuchuan defeated, Wu Chi this swaying guy, and certainly no good fruit to eat However, Wu Chi is to say nothing to believe that the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan will be so easy to fail. Wind Between the moment, nine purple mountain from the prison station lasing out, but also means that the fight for the official began. Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan still still did not move, and even more to see those who do not have a good interest. The hearts of countless thoughts flashed, Wu Chi at the foot of a little bit, but it is the first to keep a character to catch. Now the character, although flying out, but in fact, a time but no one hands to grab, Wu Chi this shot has become the first to win the character of the people. Did not you hear what I said Looked up and glanced at the Wu Chi one night night star immediately let the eyes fell to the immortal soul and Lu Shaochuan body, calmly open Road. Just a word, let everyone heart sank. Night Shen Xing, do not pretend to get the devil, we who win the character is our thing, you can not get into the group Lu Shaochuan heart of a cross, Chen Sheng open Road. Slightly shaking his head, night Shenxing indifferent said I think you made me wrong I am not discussing with you, so you do not refuse to qualify Step by step, death sickle suddenly start, night Shenxing eyes reveal a touch of faint murderous, Since you do not want this opportunity, then I wi. ll personally send you on the road Voice down the moment, the death of th.

m atmosphere, people touch through. Of course, in addition to them, the news on the Wu Chi has also once again reached the ear of a quarter of the peak. Once again sat in front of Chen elders, quarter a best electric hair straightening brush peak opened the second time. Silence for a quarter of an hour of time, Chen Changguo still shook his head after all, No, not I do not help you, it is this matter is too big, and once out of trouble, whether I still can not run you What does Chen Changzhi think you are doing Ji Yifeng faint asked. Wu Chi is not a fool, even if the beginning does not understand the rules of the jailbreak, so many years, but also from others that heard This hatred, Chen brush straightener argos Chan. g long already with him forged, and if he sat down as he left, the future kill sword Jun back, Chen elders from where Hearing this, Chen elders can not help but look big change. Some things, do the first time no longer clear. Moment, Chen elders look to Ji Yifeng s eyes full of chill, you threaten me Do not care about each other s attitude, quarter a peak faint said Chen Chang long multi hearted, and I just help you consider it Now Wu Chi s situation, you should be better than me After a hundred years later is the case, then let him Practicing, go to the time, the monk big potential is bound to shine.At that time, I am not too good, but what are the benefits of Chen Changli you Voice down colleagues, Ji Yifeng slowly removed from the body of a space ring placed in front of Chen Chang old table, This is a little mind, after the matter, hair straightening brush in sri lanka the other gift gift. There is a threat to the natural temptation And is definitely enough to make Chen Chang heart of the interests of the heart, in fact, said Chen Chen often intervene, is given a big enough temptation. This road, set foot on, it is difficult to look back. Looking complex, Chen Chang old but after all, still slowly sat down. Pondered for a moment, this once again spoke and said directly against the Wu Chi is impossible, the rules of the jail brush straightener review singapore is not I can destroy, and want to intervene, we must find ways to make him wrong Brow uspicy hair straightener brush slightly a pick, Ji Yifeng did not answer, quietly waiting for Chen Changlao explained. I can think of ways to intervene, but this matter, you have to cooperate with mind e.he other Dongfu occupy the strong, although do not know, or even seen the other shot, but Wu Chi still hair straightening brush magictec can feel that among these people, the weakest Is still still uspicy hair straightener brush their own. In the Wu Chi Dong Zhang Wangwang at the same time, dressed in white night Star Star walk from the void came, suddenly appeared in front of everyone. I believe we all know, this time the prison community to open my purpose is only set the soul of stone, so, unlike in the past Only have the opportunity to get the soul of the stone, in order to get the character on the prison Eyes swept from the crowd, the night Shenxing slowly stretched out hair straightening brush on fine hair reviews three fingers, I will specify three, directly get the uspicy hair straightener brush character. Lu Shaochuan, immortal ancestors and Wu Chi Followed by the name of the three, the night Shenxing indifferent said. Hear the name of their own and immortal ancestors, Wu Chi Daoshi no accident, this is more than a year ago that war has been set down, but this is w. hat Lu Shaochuan, actually night stars Determined to have the opportunity to win the soul of the stone Night boy, I am not interested in the soul of the soul, this time the prison community, I do not want to. Brow uspicy hair straightener brush picked pick, Lu Shaochuan suddenly said. He opened his mouth, Wu Chi is considered to be who is Lu Shaochuan, a bit with a bookish middle aged, holding a book in hand, at first glance, it seems that there are some Carpenter. Eyes fell on the hands of Lu Shaochuan book, Wu Chi s pupil can not help but a slight shrink to his eyes now look natural, it is definitely not furnishings, but Lu Shaochuan s own life treasure. This guy, I am afraid not like the surface looked so simple. The eyes reveal a trace of chill, night Shenxing indifferent opening I said, this is my decision Any person did not question the power, if you insist on refusing, I will let your body imprisonment. Night Shen Xing hair straightening brush apalus s voice is very light, but one of the meaning of overbearing, but can not help but let people hair straightener brush for wet hair get cold. I did not grasp the soul of stone. Lu Shaochuan once again said Even if it is no use. You have to be sure, said Shen Shen, quietly, if you do not get the soul stone, you do not have to come down from the prison community This uspicy hair straightener brush time, even Lu Shaochuan also feel the night.the first to the crime. But this is no way things, Wu Chi identity, after all, in uspicy hair straightener brush the ratio of performance, related to the distribution of resources Jianfeng. Of course, to Luo Ying Wu Chi s uspicy hair straightener brush attitude, even if the Wu Chi in the big fool, will not be deprived of the identity of the disciples, but if Wu Chi really lost in the core uspicy hair straightener brush disciples of the challenge, is bound to affect the sword peak Acquired resource allocation. For Jianfeng s disciples, this is the most vital interests. Wu Chi is no annoying, after all, only from the words to see, I am afraid it is difficult to have any people will be optimistic about his strength. Just heard Yao Long words, Wu Chi is some puzzled Is not it true that the disciples can not refuse the challenge of each other This is the words of the cloud said, Wu Chi naturally remember. Challenge naturally can not be rejected, but it can be postponed. Nodded his head, Yao Long immediately explained If someone to challenge Wu brothers, Wu brothers can ask him to me first, if win, naturally can Continue to challenge, if lost, they will naturally lose the qualification of the challenge. Hear this, Wu Chi finally understand this come over. If the other side is defeated, is it that you challenge me Wu Chi is not stupid, a little thought to understand the reason, that is to let himself push to him, but also is polite look, in fact, no matter how their own decision, Yao Long can take things over. The reason is that he is also the same to challenge themselves. This way, it is equivalent to Yao Long will be all the trouble to pick up the past. From this sentence, Wu Chi is also able to feel the arrogance of Yao Long who is almost equal to that in the core disciples, he is better tha. n everyone else ah. Wu brothers assured, to do so, just to block those misconduct outsiders only, after I win, naturally not with the hands of Wu brothers. Yao Long once again explained. Help Wu pool to block all the challenges, and then in the face of Wu Chi, and then throw in the towel, which is naturally the best way. However, this way, will naturally fall the population is real, ridicule Wu Chi even the core disciples are afraid to accept the challenge. A turn to read, Wu Chi will understand the.

Uspicy Hair Straightener Brush , what is the meaning Asahi grunted and said. Now in this enlightenment Forest of Stone Tablets, there is a trapped with me as nearly as thousands of years of metamorphosis, this person named Li Fernan, mind vicious, strength and even still above me, cruel mad Now fear is already in Torture you another friend. Hear this, Yang Xiuchuan and Wu Chi at the same time pale They are similar to the strength of the night stars, the two together is not Zhou Xu s opponent, so that the fraud, it was lucky to stop each other, the night Shen Xing alone, how can stand the other side of the attack Speaking of which, in fact, Wu Chi mind has been the words of Zhou Xu. Heart of the electric transfer, Wu Chi immediately said Xuye, said open, we actually have nothing to resolve the hatred Otherwise, you play a fatal statement, to ensure that we absolutely no longer start, we between the grudges This expose Paused, Wu Chi continued Do not tell you that I have just mentioned the supernatural powers, very interested in You stay here for nearly ten thousand years, and that what can be considered our predecessors, with your guidance, we But also can not adapt quickly This is the condition. Hear this, Zhou Xu heart is can not help but suddenly a loose. Now, he is not afraid of Wu Chi Ti conditions, more harsh conditions can talk about But if Wu Chi is not unreasonable, a direct sword cut him, would not death is unclear Of course, after their death, Li Fannan will naturally be alert, Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan also live. but what is the point Give him revenge As long as you live, everything will have a chance. Moreover, uspicy hair straightener brush even if they do not shot how Nearly ten thousand years of getting along, Zhou Xu is very clear Li Fu Nan s temper, absolutely will not tolerate Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan such genius exists As long as the news spread to Li Fernan ear, regardless of what they agreed to the conditions are okay. The dead do not have any meaning. A thought so far, Zhou Xu which still have the slightest hesitation, immediately played his own vows. Oh, this is right Asahi, from now on, we are good friends Well. Smiling openings, Wu Chi is still still no plan to receive the sword. Since it is a friend, you do not let me up Zhou Xu h.let us Pielepiezui, Zhou Xu softly said until he realized the supernatural powers, you think, With our strength, in his hands, there is room to fight back This asked, can not help but let Li Fannan some nervous, want to leave, we can only use his power, not to mention even now want to go back, afraid too late Wu Chi sentimental stone has broken through the two thousand Once feel his hostility, to give up the opportunity to continue to see the knowledge, direct understanding of supernatural powers, to the time, not uspicy hair straightener brush only can not kill Wu Chi, but also forged revenge. Chapter 424 of the contrary Watching Wu pool constantly breaking, Li Fannan and Zhou Xu s mood is more and more complex, there are joy and fortune, but also fear and worry. In the two of these worries, a hundred years in a flash that is over. Although the speed of enlightenment has fallen a lot, at the end of a hundred years, Wu Chi, after all, bro. ke through the three uspicy hair straightener brush thousand points Three thousand stone was penetrating that moment, Wu Chi body of the atmosphere almost caused a transformation. At that moment, even if the hearts of Li Fannan and Zhou Xu is also difficult to control the emergence of a trace of fear of meaning. As if now, even if there is no supernatural powers, they may not be Wu Chi s opponent, and Wu Chi whole body who are revealing a touch of light rhyme rhyme. It is from this moment, Li Fannan and Zhou Xu is very clear that he was finally able to leave this prison as a general prison six heavy, and that moment of excitement and joy, so that the two sky shouts. However, Wu Chi s reference is not the end of this. Breaking the three thousand stone mark, Wu Chi can clearly feel that he seems to touch some of the most real rules of heaven and earth, as if to open a door, to see a brand new world. See the speed of stone, not only did not decline, but once uspicy hair straightener brush again skyrocketed. This change, not only soon Zhou Xu and Li Fernan found, beat it is Yang Xiuchuan and night stars are also aware of the same. A hundred years time, the two reference to the stone has also reached Zhan Zhan nearly two thousand of the point. If there is no Wu pool, which is undoubtedly a very good result, but once the contrast Wu Chi is bound to let peo.

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