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Wet Hair Straightening Brush miserable voice. Bai Ju Shi, you live for evil, and evil thoughts do not change, is to be poor monks refining evil for relics, day and night suffer.This is the consequences, poor monk impure, is the evil read back, almost died here, also Report His hands together, the empty monk once again said Today, poor wet hair straightening brush monks enlightenment, all kinds of past, such as the clouds, together, and then send you a way Voice down the moment, the Buddha skyrocketed, but it is abruptly Bi Xiu Luo s souls thoroughly radicalized. The demise of the demon, evil reminiscent naturally will collapse, no trace of trace. See this, Wu Chi really understand it, the empty monk turned out to be really between life and death, under their own excitement in the stimulation The ruin of the wickedness is not to be done without any doubt. A read into a magic, a thought into a Buddha The empty monk in the walk between the two, evil read anti bite let him almost into the magic, but happens to be Wu Chi calculations, all count down countless, so that he really life and death of the edge, out of the evil read, But also an insight, a thought into a Buddha. The result, but it is Wu Chi said nothing. Wu Ju Shi, good fruit that is cause and effect Housewife kindness, own Buddha margin, this good fruit for the lay, it may not be a bad thing. Once again turned to Wu Chi, empty monk pointing out. Suddenly, Wu Ching heart of the mark suddenly bloom, wet hair straightening brush a holy flowers bloom from the heart, it is involuntary to give birth to a beautiful feeling. However, for Wu Chi, the more important is that the stock has always plagued the power of his good fruit, even at this moment completely released, not even simply passed, but into wet hair straightening brush a warm, slowly Into the Wu Chi s body. Good fruit is the cause and effect, which contains not only the power, but also contains the empty monk for the good sense of consciousness. At the moment without a malicious, empty monk hand to the Dharma to resolve, but it has become a force of the essence, enough to help repair the Wu Chi to complete a promo. tion And even let Wu Chi faint to capture a trace of causal road fur. Into the Buddha into a Buddha, a thought straightening hair brush seen on tv between For Wu Chi, good or bad seems to be only in a thought between. Feel.hi this words can be described as the word punish heart, If you dare to live and die I have avenged, so many days have passed, how can you not see me in the cold mountain I am to the Han Shan, but pretend to be such a tough fear of death to look like you are sure in this Han Shan, Han Shan Shang sure Will not you watch you die Moment, Song Lufei was scared out of a cold sweat This is the words, can be described as every word that his heart Before continue to provoke, excited other Han Shan disciples with wet hair straightening brush his shot, it is not really think it will be able to Nai Wu Wu, but want to let Wu pool killer. If the injury here Han Shan disciples, even for the face, Han Shan Shang is bound to Wu Chi shot, when he was hope to take the hands of Han Shan people revenge. The most bad, in this Han Shan can have any danger Do wet hair straightening brush not mention what disciples return, then from the Wu Chi into the cold mountain that moment, Han Shan Shangren is bound to have been disturbed If Wu Chi dare to kill the next, Han Shan Master will be shot to stop It is this disciple, so he dare to come up with such a desperate posture to. After all, the murder of revenge is the fact that no matter how he trouble, but also said in the past, and will not provoke Han Shan. I did not expect that this mind, even by Wu Chi word point broken. Nonsense, dog thief You off to slander me, I do not wear with you well Nodded slightl. y, Wu Chi calmly open the Road, Since the days do not wear days, then I will send you father and son reunion Indulge in Song Tianque, you will be blamed. For a moment, kill the machine now Song Lufei did not expect more than just Wu pool to see through his mind this point To now this state, Wu Chi is not necessary to say what the threat of empty words, say the words, each word is absolutely count. Even in the cold mountain and how Even if it is Han Shan Master is likely to stop shot how Since you want to die, I will send you to die To refer to the sword, Wu Chi stature slightly flash, fingertips from the Song Road fly toward the eyebrows point to go. This shot, but it is really the song Lu Fei scared the soul of wits Do not look at him before jumping Huan, it seems a pair of defended not afraid of death look, but in fact, he.

than a year ago that war, in fact, already able to see Of the clear. As long as Wu Chi stood on the empty monk side, it is likely to make Chiang Zhengyang come forward to Jiang Zhengyang strength and identity, once the position, is bound to let more people stand on the side of the empty monk. In this way, even if strong as Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, it may not be able to do so threatened him. In this prison three, there is no eternal enemy, only the eternal interests Before the interests of the empty monk can please the night to kill the lake to kill Wu Chi, now also for the benefit, he can also draw the same Wu pool to deal with the night stars. It seems from what point of view, Wu Chi also did not refuse the reason. And even Jiang Zhengyang will also fell to the eyes of Wu Chi s body, seems to ask Wu Chi s decision. And Su Wan is gently holding the hands of Wu Chi, although did not speak, but it is obviously very moving, after all, as long as Wu Chi can solve the problem of good fruit, you can not rush adventure The prison community is four. For security sake, it seems that the empty monk is also the best choice. Chapter hair straightening brush wet hair 363 broke the knife Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi s face suddenly showing a touch of bright smile, the empty master, before we have no resentment, and now with the common hatred, that is a matter of course I have been admiring the master of the people, to join hands with the master, it is Do not. Smiling openings, but then said half, Wu Chi is the subject suddenly a turn, just, the empty master ah I was a little comfortable, ah, you look at, is not good fruit out of any problem You give me the trouble to lift the good fruit I wet hair straightening brush promise. as long as the solution to this hidden danger, and the hair straightening brush electric pro master must be concentric The empty monk mind slightly angry, patience explained Wu Ju Shi, to resolve the good fruit is not an easy thing, and now the current foreign enemies, it is inconvenient Pinseng can make a vow, After the pain must be settled to solve the good fruit. Oh His face showing a trace of exaggerated look, Wu Chi Yaotouhuangnao sighed Master of the words, I naturally believe that, do not have any instincts But I suddenly some uncomfortable, it seems that good fruit att., Wu Chi s brow can not help but pick the pick, Antan a pity. This monk, actually escaped unharmed If you can hold the wet hair straightening brush prison in the four crises of the crisis, the future must be extremely difficult Wu Chi, quickly set the soul of the stone used to give me a is And law enforcement officers entangled for so long, Yang Xiuchuan has long been impatient, and empty monk that a set of soul stone is already promised him, naturally know that they can not fall into the hands. However, Wu Chi hand that one, but may not live on the insurance Just just verbal promised Wu Chi only, and now as long as he rushed to Wu Chi side, to kill Wu Chi is nothing but the thing between the hands of it, when the time with Wu Chi himself that one, he was able to Won two sets of soul stone. Night Shen Xing Yang Xiuchuan brush straightener singapore know very deep, naturally guess the minds of Yang Xiuchuan, at the same time quickly rushed toward the Wu Chi Wu Chi s life and death he is not on the heart, but it had to prevent Yang Xiuchuan all the soul together with the soul stone away. The eyes revealed a wet hair straightening brush touch of Jingmang, Wu Chi stature suddenly retreated, mouth whispered Yang Xiuchuan. you stop, I put the soul stone thrown to you is If you close, I put all the souls of the stone are all given Night star. Chapter 371 Shamelessness below Wu Chi this opening, suddenly let Yang Xiuchuan s stature as a lag. Naturally understand that his mind has been seen through the Wu pool, the heart can not help but cursed a cunning. Law enforcement officers are still behind the pursuit of night Shenxing also in the next, really want to urgently Wu pool, all the souls of stone will be thrown to the night Shen Xing, maybe the stars will really carry all the soul of the soul of stone Four in prison Even when he killed Wu Chi is also useless. Just, this way, he can only get a set of soul stone, a bit pity. However, for Yang Xiuchuan, the more to take some of the souls of stone, but only just in case it can have two set of soul stone, he has also been a great grasp of the prison through the four circles. Is to hear the wet hair straightening brush words of Wu Chi, immediately stopped the stature, Yes, you throw it. Get such a small chance of breathing, Wu Chi s stature is not only did not stop, but., Zhou Xu and Li Fernan heart suddenly jump, burst of scalp tingling, if not afraid of the threat of Wu Chi, I m afraid long ran away. We are what people, you can not control Bite his teeth, Zhou Xu raised his head, his face disdain opening You hit you, we just take the opportunity to hair straightener brush tns pick up something. you wanna die Murder Dasheng, led by the two people do not say anything, pull the sword turned to wet hair straightening brush Zhou Xu killed in the past. Only, his footsteps have just taken a step, then abruptly received back, not because of a sudden change of mind, but because, in the hands of Zhou Xu, there was a golden sword character Although the sword has not yet launched, but that horrible atmosphere, but it is enough to be prohibitive. Chapter 446 on the bound world Tianjiao Jin Ling swordsman Pupil suddenly a shrink, the man immediately recognized the origin of the golden swordsman, the heart can not help but suddenly Yi Chan. In any case, he did not think, even in this situation, see Jin Ling swordsman, but hair straightening brush femjolie also by Jin Ling swordsman abruptly forced back. You know like. Zhou Xu Ang head, disdain of ridicule Road. Who is you Staring at the hands of Zhou Ling Jin Ling swordsman, the man looked ugly Chen Sheng asked. This is my brother lend us, we do not want to get involved, so you better do not force me to shoot. Zhou Xu Lengheng a cry, continue to say. Since there is Jin Ling swordsman in hand, do not want to go to kill Jun Jun should, but do this under the things. that are not afraid of losing the gold Ling Jianjun face it Able to Recognize the gold Ling swordsman, the other party will naturally be able to guess the origin of youth, could not help but rhetoric. Unfortunately, he did not do it in the past. If it is that young, naturally can not do this kind of things do not lose this person But Wu Chi did not this troubled ah, this slut is simply not afraid of shame, not to mention, and vice versa is not his people. And now even the wet hair straightening brush surface is not exposed, then what can be concerned about As for Zhou Xu, it is even more clear how the matter. All this is nothing but in accordance with Wu Chi s command to do it, even the words, are Wu Chi told the root, no matter what you say, he just plan to do it is. Raised his he.

Wet Hair Straightening Brush n out of the breath of seven or eight steps. If the other person, even if the enemy, but also may have a chance to respond, you can face Li Yunpeng, since the shot, where will give him the opportunity to return to God. Sword fast and sword, sword hard to swords No fancy, every sword is severely cut off, the pressure of the hook hook nose breath. Li Yunpeng looked at the shot, Wu Chi can not help but slightly eyebrows. Li Yunpeng s sword strokes too fierce, it seems a little less swords that change, on the real master, of hair straightener brush philippines course, is flawed, can face the hook hook nose of this person, flaw also can not be called a flaw. Moreover, this is actually not the problem of Li Yunpeng strength, but because he went to the sword, but is a pretext, bones, with or still knife move Even so, Wu Chi still can not forget Li Yunpeng that a knife such as ink Over the years in the million hair straightener brush remington swords, Li Yunpeng never moved the knife, but it does not mean that he put down the knife path. Perhaps, it is precisely because of this reason, Li Yunpeng is still only Xiushui Jianjun s disciples only. Breath fast break, just a few times the time, Li Yunpeng will be out of hundreds of swords. Despite the strength of a certain gap, but it has also been Li Yunpen. g abruptly make up for the hair straightening brush on short hair back. Bang Continuous attack, the hook hook nose finally overwhelmed by Li Yunpeng sword hit fly out. This is because in the show on the water peak, Li Yunpeng is not moving murder, in the last moment, change cut for the beat, otherwise, this sword I am afraid that the hook hook has been cut into two. Quiet Moment, the field of a dead No one can think of this war will be like this to the stars in the middle of the strength, hard to shake the stars peak, even can play such a violent, wins so simple. Think of Li Yunpeng just that fierce sword, all hearts can not help but burst of heart palpitations. Lazy stretched a lazy waist, but also the first to break the deadlock Wu Chi. I am so embarrassed, it seems that I won it Your brothers, please pay it. This sentence, suddenly awakened all the people, but also let them instantly come over, this war is also closely related with them Eagle hook nose this defeat, not only his own face lost the problem, really do not care about these. Although it seems just a little thing, but she still still brought some shock. Now she became a true disciple, but still still live in Wu Chi here, after the news came out, is bound to cause great criticism, which she guessed, but not put the next, the heart has been a lot of pressure, Can not ignore the views of others. Time goes slowly. Zongmen big ratio has finally officially started. In the million swords have a special on the Jianfeng, the mountain is relatively slow, but the place is much larger, you can easily accommodate tens of thousands of disciples watch the war. For the disciples of disciples, each door is better than the best chance of fame, if the performance is good, they have the opportunity to fame and fortune, this way, naturally pay special attention. wet hair straightening brush Of course, for Wu Chi them, the first of these days simply nothing, as long as sitting on the view of the sword on the peak is it. Wu Chi itself is not interested in wet hair straightening brush these, naturally look a little lazy, as if simply do not care about it all. But this scene fell into the eyes of others, it is more dazzling. A few days later, the core disciples of the test is nearing the end. To this point, the core of the disciples in the real genius, it gradually appeared in the sight of all of them. Which is the largest dark horse, is undoubtedly Li Yunpeng Who did not think that this is only the middle of the disciples of the stars, even by virtue of the extreme fierce sword of the sword, abruptly broke into the core of the top ten disciples Before the membership also unknown Li Yunpeng, became the eyes of all the evildoer. In addition to Li Yunpeng, there are three or four people to Wu Chi more attention a bit. Which impressively there Yao Long. To this point, the background of the peaks will be revealed. The top ten, there are seven hair straightener brush kaymu people from the four Jianjun under the door, the real membership by nameless fight out of the ordinary disciples, only three people only. Among them, Jianfeng only only one person Yao Long. Just from the current situation, Yao Long is really the most promising to win the first genius. The top ten of the core disciples, each have a chance to challenge the truth to the disci. ples.

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