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What Is A Hair Straightening Brush have prison mark, this thing for them, it is also a great risk. Can be how their own angry, but also can not erase the prison mark, but also not clear the relationship between them. Do not be afraid of anyone At that time, as long as the seat is not dead, no one would dare to your shot. Middle age again open Road, speech is full of Proudly. Just this, can be somewhat credible, it may be very difficult to say. At least, Wu Chi is not how to believe. The said, this seat have been told you So, now. you should have expressed it Eyes once again revealed a touch of cool, middle aged light opening Road. Between the words, who once again revealed a hint of faint murderous. Things have been explained clearly, in this case, if Wu Chi also refused, then he will not hesitate to be cut off the Wu Chi and this. From the moment he saw him, Wu Chi no longer have any chance of rejection. Chapter 433 Tian Jun Xi Jun should be Do not promise Wry smile a bit, Wu Chi also ignored what Li Yunpeng, from the hand to open the frame in his neck knife, snappily replied. Li Yunpeng jumped and jumped, but after all, no action. Since Wu Chi promised, he naturally did not shot the reason. In addition to the two of us, no one else can help Pick up the sword from the ground, Wu Chi asked again. The face of the upper bound of those people, people are fine, and not more. Slightly shaking his head, middle aged indifferent, said The real master of the upper bound, do not risk into the dark prison community, as usual opponents to you The strength, enough to cope with. Seems to think of what, Wu Chi once again asked Now prison community seven heavy, how many people In addition to just come with you who two people, no one else. This time without middle aged answer, Li Yunpeng will be explained by path. They are two of my friends, but the strength is really some This kind of thing, simply can not help any busy, or let them first left. Wu pool shook his head. Prison community seven, is already the darkest prison community the most central position, and now the seat has been sealed, naturally can not control However, as long as you can help open the seal, they naturally can leave. Middle aged casually said. Swear it Do not care about t.eople, Li Yunpeng, but can easily feel from the Wu Chi who share the pressure, a hundred years gone, now Wu Chi, let him take the heart gave birth to a difficult to overcome the pressure. But now no one noticed these details. what is a hair straightening brush I am sorry, I just. come to see a lively. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi said with a chuckle Just hear this, Well, this brother you speak is not fair, it can not help but laugh. What is your man That hooked nose looked at the middle of the Wu Chi for a while, suddenly aware of the Wu Chi is also the pinnacle of the strength of the stars, but it was born, is definitely not Xiushui Feng s disciples, Is to ask again. I am a person is not important. Shook his head, Wu Chi leisurely said I am the person is love to look lively The brothers talk, I think it is very reasonable, but since the gambling, then The two sides are the next chip is. Pointing to Li Yunpeng and that hook hook nose middle aged, Wu pool shook his head and said The Lee Young if lost, the natural places will give you a senior you, if you lose your brother Only one apology, Too sincerity. Paused, Wu Chi continued Well, so be it I heard you just said, as long as Li Shidi promised, immediately sent three hundred star stone, it would be like this three hundred stone for the bet, If you are lost, you lose to Li Shidi three hundred Lingshi. Brow picked pick, that hook hook nose middle aged also some are not allowed to Wu Chi s meaning, and the words inside the meaning, seems to have provoked him with Li Yunpeng pound meaning. As to let him under the three star stone bet, that is nothing, after all, compared to the large number of places to participate in the three hundred star stone is nothing, not to mention, Li Yunpeng is only the middle of the stars only, he naturally confident The But also did not wait for him to answer, Wu Chi will continue to shout up, you brothers, we just look more lively and more boring, it is better, I come to sit a village, let s bet on how Do you have any good bet Do you dare to press Li Yunpeng to win Then someone disciples scoffed. Hey, these words say gambling, pay attention to is a small stroke, buy Li Shidi win odds naturally higher, so that we have a compensable three how Wu Chi loo.

I will not break before you dream Although you have seen the extraordinary Wu Chi, but according to the meaning of Wu Chi, turned out to be in a hundred years time, breaking the broken star, cloud and how will the letter Do you want us to play a bet Wu Chi said maliciously If I break through the broken stars than you, you sleep Wu pool Huo Ran got up, cloud load again runaway. Oh, I was with you to discuss what Well, you do not agree do not hit people ah. Aware brush straightener hair of the intention of the cloud, Wu Chi quickly shrink the body, said Besides, not you say I dream , Since you are so sure I can not do, what terrible Bang Wu Chi has repeatedly provoked, Yun He finally could not help but start with. Although the shot is not really heavy, but also to Wu Chi beat the Ziyalie grinned. Injury is not complex, but also in the Dongfu within this small space, Wu Chi simply can not run even run away. Oh, stop, you do not stop, I am back to the hand Eyelids doubled, cloud Dutch cold channel I promised to serve you right, can not promise to be your thin, no promise not to beat you If you are not satisfied, you can catch me, I promise no longer disturb you Wu said that speechless words, this is simply looking for it Well. Hit it to fight it, anyway, I am now a patient, you have to bully the patient, hair straightening brush verimark then you bully good. Feeling wrong, Wu Chi suddenly began to lie, directly on the ground lying, put a dead pig is not afraid Open the water of the posture. This set of other people, naturally useless, can be on the cloud, but it is no doubt very effective. So many years in the case, she has never seen such as Wu Chi rogue guy, really so lying on the ground shameless, where she also under the hands. You up, I do not hit you His face slightly red, cloud slightly slightly embarrassed to say. Can not you, if you lie to me Wu Chi a look of doubt glanced at the cloud load, said firmly. When you are as shameless as you are Oh, sarcasting, he explained, as long as you are no longer nonsense, I will not hit you. You bully the patient. more shameless hair straightening brush citraco than me, saying that can not believe. Wu Chi bitter, continue to lie to head out of a black line, cloud more and more angry, you can not get up Keenly aware of the what is a hair straightening brush tone of the poor ton.I now hold your thighs also have time Looking back, Wu Chi smiling again open the road. Look like that, as if completely forgotten before he pit two soul things like the same thing, but also the kind, I forgot, you must forget the shameless look. Do you kill me twice again Om Suddenly, the death of the sickle suddenly pierced the space, suddenly pressed, fell to the Wu pool head less than three inches position It is too late to hold the thighs, but it is also possible to choose a dead law Night Shen Xing staring at Wu Chi, indifferent opening, speech is full of murderous. I was dead, is not the previous grudge on a what is a hair straightening brush write off Shrugged his shoulders, did not mean the slightest fear, Wu what is a hair straightening brush Chi even did not wrinkle brow, letter mouth asked. What does that mean Night Shen Xing also did not react, Chen Sheng asked. puff For a moment, blood splash Wu Chi even eyes did not blink, hit a dead above the sickle, and instantly die However, almost at the same time a black mist slowly rising, Wu pool once again resurrected over his face with a trace of brilliant smile, I died, so, before the grievances on a write off the oh Moment, including Yang Xiuchuan and empty monks, the three head at the same time emitting a black line, as if there is a breath in the chest, almost choked to death. This is the root of a rogue Oh, do not black face ah, is not what is a hair straightening brush out of the gas Or else, you kill me twice Wu Chi look innocent and said I have two souls, what is a hair straightening brush can die three hundred times It s okay for you Watching Wu pool actually really hold a set of soul stone in hand, a frankly to death posture, suddenly let the night star and Yang what is a hair straightening brush Xiuchuan completely crazy. Prison world is different from other places, as long as the power of the soul here is not exhausted, you can continue to resurrection, kill Wu Chi simply do not have any meaning. As for that, really kill him three hundred times Open any joke, Wu Chi even with them a gap, but just step by step lotus from the Kendo, it is definitely not so good to kill, kill a few times he does not care, if you want to kill, What It hair straightener brush malta is not the time, this cargo jump, directly into the flames to go, how can you take him Wait, you just said, you have only two souls Suddenly aware of what, Yang Xiuchuan.natural time, it is very casual, and even prohibit the requirements of rumors are not, as if this is the usual supernatural powers in general. Do not say anything, just this mind and trust, and let the hearts of Wu Chi raised a warmth. At the same time, the cloud has finally come to react, incredibly asked Do Jianjun did not give you to explain these His face showing a smile, Wu Chi does not matter shrugged his shoulders, Do you want to learn Simple four words, but even if the cloud is the fixed force, at the moment can not help but breathe some haste up. Faced with such a top supernatural powers, no one can not be tempted. Just then listen to the cloud over the over, a look of vigilant looked at Wu Chi asked What do you want to do If you become my woman, then I naturally do not have to hide from you, this supernatural will naturally pass to you. said Wu Chi said, Yes. roll Even if it has long been guessed that this bastard mouth will not have a good word, cloud load or gas was almost runaway. This kind of good thing, but the name of the lanterns are hard to find, you believe it or not, as long as the words spread out, I promise, do not know how many women are willing to cry crying ask me Wu Chi said disdain. Then you find those women to go. Yun Helan what is a hair straightening brush grunted and said. Although she also admitted Wu Chi s words right, but it does not mean that she will be hearted. Wu brothers, I come to take care of you, is the sword of the command, the clouds do not dare to violate the natural However, you do not have any non bisects. If you want to find the kind of the kind of woman, then the most It s a lot of women who are willing to sacrifice for your interests, but it s not me. Looked at Wu Chi, Yun He said seriously. Deeply looked at the cloud for a while, Wu Chi can not help but some accidents. In fact, before again, he really did not have any interest in the cloud, even if the opening funny, but also just habitual frivolous only, is not really what the idea. In fact, if not Li Dongsheng such a what is a hair straightening brush trouble, maybe, he put this matter to push the matter. However, now with the contact with the cloud, it touches really let Wu Chi looked at her glance. The face of the shrink into the inch of this top supernatural.

What Is A Hair Straightening Brush w even stripped off people like to wear their own wear, in this Song married within, it is too much, right So shameless acts, see the hearts of everyone can not help but a pumping, not to mention Song Tianque and Song friends and relatives, and this is hair straightener brush canada simply a naked slap in the face of ah. Like to wear some trouble, Wu Chi toss for a long time did not put on. Watching Wu Chi to the suit like to set the way, Su Wan finally could not help but laugh out, walked into the Wu Chi side around, like a gentle wife in general, helped Wu Chi will wear dress neatly. This scene, with the previous contrast is simply a world of difference. This moment of Su Wan, is the real beauty to the extreme, people speechless. His face livid, but even if it was stripped off the dress of the song at. the straightening hair brush on curly hair moment where the dare to say a word Congratulations to Wu Xiong, congratulations Su girl Slightly Yizheng after using hair straightening brush Yang Xiuchuan could not help but laugh up, big step came to congratulate Road. Yang Xiuchuan this opening, Yang people suddenly hair straightening brush harvey norman followed by laughter and congratulated, before this atmosphere suddenly changed. In this song among the people, everything seems to have changed, the wedding continues, the only difference, just for the groom. Mouth floating a trace of ridicule meaning, Yang Xiuchuan turned to the ancestors of the Soviet Union said ancestors, hair brush straightener seen tv wedding continues, right This series of mutiny has long been scared of the ancestors of the Soviet Union, where dare to say a word, hurry to nod. Eyes suddenly fell to Jiang Zhengyang s body, and even did not say a word, Jiang Zhengyang who is a burst of cold, mouth bitter incomparable, but after all, or slowly said. A heaven and earth Do not seem to care about the attitude of other people, Wu Chi holding Su Wan s hand, homeopathic worship down. Two worship high hall Originally in the high position of the Church, sitting on the ancestors of the ancestors of the Song and Su ancestors, but now Song ancestors where dare to stay in that by Wu Chi a prayer And even even the ancestors of the Soviet Union at the moment also some frightened, but the heart is early bowel regret blue. If you know today, he said nothing will Jiang Jiangyang compromise ah Now he is almost the.voice suddenly changed, incredible to ask. Yes Wu Chi nodded his head, of course, replied. You died three hundred times. The empty monk can not help but change, stunned watching Wu Chi asked. Remember, probably Scratched his head, Wu Chi looked innocent and said. Hand on the stone, there will be your ranking. A black face, night stars pointed to the stone said. Think of this bastard even in the hundred miles of the mountain to waste the two set of soul stone, night stars Xing gas can not wait to what is a hair straightening brush strangle him, if the two souls still in his hands, at the moment what is the calm According to the palm of your hand on the stone above, Wu Chi brain suddenly appeared in a line of words. Wu Chi, which lasted thirty one days, died three hundred and four times, ranking one thousand seven four four This name Wu Chi is not surprising, the time may not be too long, what is a hair straightening brush but died more than three hundred times it is too exaggerated, if not the hands of four souls as many stone, Wu Chi did not dare so Recklessly. Of course, the strength of Wu Chi, if not so many soul stone, then, I am afraid he has died in the Baili Daoguang among the, and no such followers. Three hundred and four times, no, not right Three hundred and thirty times, just that time was you kill. Wu Chi Pielepiezui, very no festivals, said If less dead, maybe ranking to It s a pity Even the empty monk at the moment there what is a hair straightening brush is a desire to vomit blood impulse. Dead three hundred and four times, with three hundred and thirty times, the difference is great The Consumption of the two set of soul stone, but let you Kendo further, it is also a very cost effective trading. Staring at Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan suddenly faint opening Road. Yang Xiuchuan such an opening, the empty monk suddenly what is a hair straightening brush reacted over. Before they see Wu Chi set foot on the high platform, the sword vertical and horizontal, step by step lotus, that the ability to wait for the strolling, but not hair straightening brush superdrug installed In other words, Wu Chi may be really in the hundred miles knife mountain dead three hundred times, but it also proved the fear of Wu Chi talent If now again to go once again Baili Daoshan, I am afraid that the number of Wu Chi will never die more than ten times. Mouth slightly up, Wu pool natur.

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